Intoxicated Man Refuses To Be Rescued From Wis. River

FOND DU LAC, Wis. (AP) — Emergency workers from four agencies spent more than an hour early trying to pull from the Fond du Lac River an intoxicated man who didn’t want to be rescued.

Police Lt. Jason Laridaen tells The Reporter of Fond du Lac the 34-year-old North Fond du Lac man is expected to face criminal charges.

Police say that about 1 a.m. a Fond du Lac police officer passed the man, who got off his bicycle and ran along the river before diving in. Temperatures outside were in the 40s.

The police report says the man swam across the river, but refused to get out or grab a life ring or get in a boat from sheriff’s department. Eventually, officers hooked the man’s clothing and hauled him to shore.

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  • jan

    That poor man must have been really disturbed and what he doesn’t need now are criminal charges. He needs all the help he can get and I hope he gets it


    I agree Jan..

  • Jeff Jensen

    You two have to be about the dumbest broads ever……..poor man? flippin’ drunk and not needed in the gene pool…..

    • me

      Why are you assuming they’re female? And nice that you used a sexist insult.

      The help the guys needs is substance abuse treatment.

      • Taxpayer $ was spent on that drunk fool

        Just because he was drunk and needs substance abuse treatment doesn’t take away from the fact that he did something illegal and tied up the time of law enforcement and other emergency services!

        • Richard in Minneapolis

          Excuse me. What did he do that was illegal? Swim in a public river? Tied up the time of law enforement? And prevented them from doing what? Law enforcment and emergency services are salaried and get paid the same whether they are trying to rescue someone who wants to be left alone or are sitting in Starbucks drinking coffee.

  • mel

    He probably doesn’t remember any of it.

  • Ben

    2 Letters: AA

  • Give him a break

    Well with the cold water he sobered up

  • KIller Teeth

    Maybe he had a cheese hat on as a PFD and thought he would be fine.

  • truth hurts

    must be a GOP that hates government services…we don’t need help if we are risking our lives.

    Ron Paul would say let he die…

  • Sensible up North

    and the Texan would give him the death penalty.
    But swimming in cold water is a poor way to end things. All it did was turtle things up. He should be happy, the Packers won.

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