MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Authorities are investigating after a 57-year-old woman was found dead in a residential fire pit.

According to the Eden Valley Fire Department, Bonita Louise Schwandt, of Eden Valley, was found dead around 1:21 a.m. Monday at a residence on the 500 block of Stearns Avenue West.

Police say Schwandt was sitting alone by a backyard fire pit at her residence and wasn’t found until her boyfriend went out to check on her, only to find that she had apparently fallen in the fire.

Emergency crews responded but Schwandt was pronounced dead at the scene.

Her body was transported to the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office, where an autopsy will be performed.

Initial findings and a preliminary investigation revealed that alcohol was most likely a factor in her death.

Comments (17)
  1. Sam I am says:

    That sounds really odd. How do you fall into a firepit and not get out. They aren’t 10 feet deep.

    1. ez says:

      I thoughts exactly. Either she was stone drunk or there is some foul play involved.

  2. unreal says:

    or stone drunk and foul play
    years ago I dropped into one but even as drunk as I was I still yanked myself out. some scars to prove it
    and sober every day since

  3. frogkopf says:

    Haven’t you ever heard of “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”?

    1. ok-I will play says:

      Or “Help”?

      I need somebody, help, not just anybody……..

      maybe a medic at the time ????

  4. Indeed says:

    ” I fell into a burning ring of fire…
    I went down down down ……”

  5. goooodness says:

    Burnt out
    I am too. Will avoid a toast to myself tho.
    Light my fire, light my fire

  6. Amy Malloy Whitcomb says:

    I dunno. Maybe she passed out and fell in? Still seems a little weird.

  7. Realist says:

    I’m guessing their is a foul play, it kind smells fishy. her boyfriend was with her and found her fall in the fire?
    I would start considering this as a murder.

  8. Fed Up says:

    She probably hit her head on a rock when she fell. There’s been a number of deaths over the last few years where someone fell, hit their head and froze to death in the cold weather. The same could have easily happened here.

  9. homer says:

    Ok, all you conspiracy nutbags. How about this? When I worked on the emergency squad for the Gunflint Trail, in two summers we had 4 cabins burn down when their occupants fell onto stoves or into fireplaces. In the cases that they could do an autopsy, they were found to have had heart attacks.

    Simple explanations are usually the correct ones.

  10. Retired Cop says:

    Come on baby light my fire, come on baby light my fire. Foul play, but the Eden Valley Police Department is probably not that well staffed. Drunk…sure, but so drunk that you can’t roll or crawl out of the fire…I don’t think so.

    1. Splattered says:

      I can believe it — either way.
      Health and heart – drunk and fall
      Or …. thunk with a rock to the side of the skull too
      One less drunk on the streets I guess

  11. THE TRUTH says:

    WHAT A WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Gretta507 says:

    The woman who died was a mother, a sister, a daughter and a friend. Drunk or not, a tragedy happened and she was loved and will be missed.

    1. bindil says:

      Thank you. She was the mother to four wonderful children and a grandmother, too. She WAS loved and she WILL be missed.

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