MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – There is new insight today into the mind Katherine Marie Gordon, the woman shot and killed by a Golden Valley Police officer on Interstate 394 last week.

Gordon was shot and killed during a traffic stop last Thursday at I-394 and Hopkins Crossroad. She reportedly pulled a gun after Officer Rob Zarett pulled her over.

Many questions remain about what happened that day. We now know that almost two months before she was killed, Gordon asked Edina police for help.

A brief report reveals that Gordon went to Edina police on July 26 saying she needed to be locked up because she was suicidal, and was a threat not only to herself but to others.

The report said Gordon told police the spirit of the devil or Satan was inside of her and that she needed to be locked up.The report also said Edina police took Gordon to Fairview Southdale Hospital. Hospital officials did not have any comment on her treatment.

Here is Gordon’s police report from when she turned herself into Edina Police.

Police Report 394 Shooting Victim Katherine Gordon

We showed the report to Charmaine Schodde, who roomed with Gordon for about a year in 2010.

“Because of divorce, financial issues and not being able to find a job she was down, depressed,” said Schodde.

The police report detailing a woman hearing voices and saying she needed to be locked up is not the Katherine she knew, Schodde said.

“I don’t want people to go and think that Katherine was this psycho crazy woman who had lots of mental issues. She was really a normal person,” Schodde said.

The references to Satan in the police report also do not add up for Schodde.

“She was a strong Christian woman. She read her Bible every day,” said Schodde.

Schodde said Gordon had wanted to move to Minnesota but hadn’t been able to find a job and couldn’t get medical insurance.

“She couldn’t get sufficient psychological health care here in Minnesota,” said Schodde.

Schodde thought Gordon had moved back to California in early July, and that was the last time she heard from Gordon until the shocking news of the shooting.

Golden Valley Police have identified the officer who shot Gordon as Rob Zarett.

In 2005, officer Zarrett was the subject of a federal civil rights lawsuit after he tasered and handcuffed a Plymouth woman during a traffic stop. That woman won a $200,000 settlement as a result of that lawsuit.

Zarrett remains on paid administrative leave in the aftermath of Gordon’s shooting death, something that is considered routine procedure.

Comments (29)
  1. Rasputin says:

    Suicide by COP…. How selfish to make another person do the job for you… Sad, sounds like the doctors in Edina messed up…

    1. Scott Alan says:

      If only YOU were there to read her mind.

    2. marcamada says:

      Hey Rasputin Nobody cares of your opinions. We can think for ourselves. You need to grow a heart, pal.

  2. Jeff from Burnsville says:

    Fire Zarrett!!

    1. somemomsshouldhaveswallowed says:

      Your an idiot!!!

    2. justsayiin says:

      @jefff from burnsville;
      are you mentally incapable of think right? your dumb. why should he be fired?

    3. justsayiin says:

      @jefff from burnsville;
      are you mentally incapable of thinking right? your dumb. why should he be fired?

  3. zee the reporter says:

    In 2005, officer Zarrett was the subject of a federal civil rights lawsuit after he tasered and handcuffed a Plymouth woman during a traffic stop!!
    he is going to jail!

    1. brian says:

      @zee-you and jeff from burnsville must be brothers…from the shallow end of the gene pool. Village idiots

    2. Agreed says:

      Sounds like a cop on a power trip to me!!!

  4. question to wcco says:

    Question to wcco. What does past civil lidigation with this officer have to do with this shooting? KARE 11 mentions his many awards, why did you not do that? The man had a gun pointed at him, which forced him to take a life. Why put more pressure on him? For ratings Why is no other news source mentioning his old civil lidigation cases? Do you look up people’s past civil history on every story you do?

    1. Katie says:

      I believe its critical to know that the officer has lost a prior lawsuit. How do we know she pointed a gun at him? Because he said so? There are many different aspects of this situation to be looked upon, so getting on WCCO for telling us the facts is nonsense….isn’t that what we watch the news for in the first place?

      1. question to wcco says:

        Katie, do you work for wcco? Anyway, you failed to draw a nexus between prior civil lidigation, and an officer involved shooting years later. You say it’s critical that we know this information, and that “getting” on wcco for the facts is nonsense. The “facts” of an old civil case has nothing to do with this shooting. I will decide personaly if the shooting was proper or not based on the facts of what happened last week, not what happened years ago. Also, if the past civil lidigation was so important to this story, then why are 4 small sentences dedicated to it? It’s all done to create a sence of ill wonder.

      2. Idiots abound says:

        because you are a fricken moron and idiot I will answer this for you….because that is what she did. Witnesses saw the gun.
        Now go finish smoking the crack while you pick yer nose there runt

        1. question to wcco says:

          I assume that you are calling out Katie, and not me. My posts support the Officer, and question to why wcco would bring up civil lidigation from years ago that have nothing to do with what happened last week.

          1. Real Talk says:

            Mmmmm….a police officer’s prior conduct has no bearing on current events?? Is that really the arguemetn you are trying to make??

            You are partially correct in that this instance should and will be judged based on the merits of this case. HOWEVER…if it is close, or there ends up being doubts about whether she actually pointed a gun at the officer…his past offical police conduct WILL have SIGNIFICANT bearing in any future litigation.

            So before you get all high and mighty coming down on Katie…think a little bit about what you are saying.

    2. lifesburdens says:

      good point but that seems to be how journalism works these days. Without knowing all the facts it sounds like standard procedure and that he was within police policy to defend himself.

      This “friend” Charmaine Schodde was unaware she was still in the state so I would guess this friendship wasn’t. Schizophrenia (or bipolar) is unpredictable and a very normal person can change over night into an entirely different person, they resist taking medication which does help and need a lot of therapy to even come close to being normal.. WCCO how about checking out this end of things instead of attacking a more-than-likely under paid police officer. huh???

      1. Real Talk says:

        So….’WITHOUT knowing ALL the facts’…how bout you STFU.

        I think the cop was trigger happy and having a bad day….see i can make-up BS too….the ironic part is we both have the same amount of facts to back our case. I havent seen or heard from ANY witnesses that saw the lady point a gun at the cop.

    3. ptsnowcarver says:

      WCCO is not a news organization. It’s a public relations firm for the DFL.News and information is not what they do. Always read comment section for the real story.

  5. Lorilei Gleeson says:

    I’m still laughing at the above comment, “your an idiot.” I’m take no comments seriously here as most of them contain little to no grammatical accuracy. They do contain, however, a decent amount of evidence that our education system is totally fked.

    1. Killer Teeth says:

      “I’m take no comments seriously” Well I don’t take you seriously.

  6. Lorilei Gleeson says:

    I take… damn auto correct..

    1. KIller Teeth says:

      OK you may continue to comment now, LOL

  7. Mike Hunt says:

    We all await your words of grammatical correctness.

  8. wondering says:

    I also wonder what the motive or bias is when the victim is presented with a negative character defect and a defender and the police officer is painted only with the negative brush of a past lawsuit. Does WCCO not have the ability to look into this police officers entire record or does victim advocacy always mean you paint the police with a negative light?

  9. lib says:

    Police officers are the only group that needs a union. They are much too vulnerable to lawsuits. Wcco has a bias against police, so will only mention negatives. I do not believe that an officer, any officer would simply kill a woman in a normal trraffic stop, why would they want the grief. This poor woman was looking for a way out of her depression and as with most suicides, they are centering only on themselves and do not stop to think what happens tro others when they decide to commit suicide.

    1. Real Talk says:

      Ok…well I do not believe that an officer, any officer would simply taser the living bejeesus out of a woman in a normal traffic stop……guess we can all be wrong somtimes huh!?!

      You know nothing…so shut your mouth and the nurse will be around with your medication shortly.

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