MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police investigating an apparent attempted abduction in North Minneapolis say the girl managed to stab her attacker and escape.

According to police, the abduction attempt happened at about 4 p.m. Tuesday when a man in a truck tried to grab a 16-year-old girl and force her into his vehicle.

The incident happened near 35th Avenue and 3rd Street North, police said.

Police reported the girl managed to grab a pocket knife in the truck and stab the man several times. She escaped without harm.

Authorities didn’t release a description of either the truck or the suspect.

Comments (23)
  1. Jean says:

    You go girl!!! Let him have it! Don’t mess with girls! I’m glad you are safe!

  2. Sam I am says:

    Great courage for this young lady. She did everything absolutely right.

    I am glad she is safe.

    I wonder if its the same one that attempted on Monday.

  3. just sayin says:

    Good for her! Kick his ass seabass!

  4. Whirly says:

    Something sounds a little suspicious on this one. Didn’t release a description? Why not? If this is all true, great job by her, hopefully she stabbed him somewhere good. My guess is some facts may be made up.

    1. Debbie says:

      I think the same thing whirly! why no description? There has been several cases in the past where teenage girls have made something like this up, but like you said if it is true then good for her!

      1. Dave says:

        How about they are just simply trying to be ‘politically correct”!

        1. debbie says:

          No i think if they knew for a fact that there was someone out there trying to abduct kids that there would have been a description of the guy and /or the vehicle, so there must be some doubt somewhere right now

  5. s ks stand says:

    Every female on the face of this planet now over run with deviants, should carry mace and a ball remover.

  6. Joey Olson says:

    There was a 14 yr old girl that was grabbed but got away also yesterday in mpls. Very good idea to have mase if your a teenage girl. Weird dudes

  7. nice one says:

    Hope she stabbed him in the ball sack. Good job 16 year old girl.

  8. markH says:

    Jesus tells us to “turn the other cheek” and that “vengeance is mine, says the Lord.” I’m certainly happy she got away, but I don’t see any way this girl could be a true Christian. Peace.

    1. Ben Dover says:

      Mark you are sofa king stupid. Wow

    2. really.... says:

      really…. you say that? THIS GIRL COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED!!! I am Christian and If i was put into her situation, either DIE or STAB HIM TO GET AWAY, i’d pick the latter.

    3. HopeMarkHGetsAbducted says:


    4. Ang says:

      Mark, why does your God allow creeps like this to roam around harming people?

  9. Swamphonkey says:

    Sounds like maybe MarkH is maybe looking for an easy victim? Better luck next time asshat….

  10. Crazies says:

    @ markH, Turn the other cheek and let the predator have his way with you because the “Lord” will take vengeance?!?!

    That is absurd!! What an awful thing to say!

  11. Jon Salle says:

    Good for her! She is extremely lucky though!..

  12. TL the alligator says:

    Yo Mark H…….Because you are a spineless coward you hide behind your mythical religion and god as they afford a logical way for you to justify your cowardice and lack of fortitude…..with all due respect, in the world of manhood sir you would be considered a B***h……..i’d bet your ot even man enough to mow your own lawn.

  13. DeeDee says:

    TL… I’m a Chrisitan so for me, God is not mythical.. however you are welcome to have your own opinions. Mark.. what on earth are you thinking? I lived in St. Paul for 8 years and other than church I carried a knife everywhere I went. And yes I’m a Christian. Somebody come up on me trying to be stupid and if talking wasn’t working and if I was forced to, you can bet I’d stab them quick. Jesus said to be good to people and let God exact vengence but no where in the good book did He tell us to be stupid. And while i’m on the subject, what does our faith have to do with this story?? You may want to go back and read the Word and then think about the nonsense you have just written.

  14. A real Christian says:

    MarkH is a fool – This young girl did the right thing.. She defended her self from a predator. Good Job young lady!

  15. mel says:

    Mark H, in my opinion, is making fun of Christians and their beliefs. I think he being sarcastic.

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