By John Lauritsen

ROCHESTER, Minn. (WCCO) — A school in Rochester has been rocked by a hazing incident that has resulted in the suspension of 18 students.

John Marshall High School is not releasing many details of exactly what kind of hazing occurred, but it did say the students will be suspended for two to three days.

What exactly happened last week has been the talk of students at John Marshall High School — the rumors are rampant and the hazing may have actually happened off school property.

Senior Tim Kramer said he heard the hazing basically left students in the middle of nowhere.

“That they blindfold them and tell them to take it off in 30 seconds and in that time, they drive away and leave the kid wherever,” he said.

Senior Zach Beste said he heard another story.

“Food was thrown at them and they had to stand in trash bins or something like that. I never saw any of it happen but that’s all I’ve heard,” he said.

The school district won’t release many details about the case, citing data privacy. But they said all the students involved are seniors.

Students say the kids involved were part of a mentor club. The alleged victims were freshmen and sophomores and part of that same club. Hazing is not allowed at Rochester Public Schools.

Jennifer Pozanc, school district spokesperson, said “we are sorting through the discipline process. Suspension is a possibility.”

“I guess it doesn’t sound serious to me but if students are having problems with it, it should be stopped,” Kramer said.

Beste agreed.

“They probably should’ve been punished because it’s obviously not right. But I don’t know how to punish them for just doing what was done to them,” he said.

Beste said it sounds like some of the alleged hazers were once hazed themselves.

While not confirmed by school officials, students say some of the alleged hazers were student athletes.

Comments (3)
  1. oNiSaC says:

    Hazing is childish and possibly dangerous at all levels. It shouldn’t be up to the students or members to except or deny new members in or out. They are not qualified officials. I understand most of it is in good sport. But where do we draw the line? I say if it can’t be done in public it’s probably illegal.

  2. g8bbgg says:

    Mentor Club ????????????????????????

  3. conform plebe says:

    Hazing is bizarre. Break them down and convert them into mindless conformers just to achieve a sense of belonging to a group. Humans are some pretty strange animals sometimes.

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