All Charges Dropped Against Hit-And-Run Suspect’s Mom

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office has dropped all criminal charges against the mother of a hit-and-run suspect, accused of intentionally hitting a man who later died. The suspect’s mother was accused of helping her son cover up the crime.

According to a release, Diane Patricia Bakdash, 66, is completely exonerated of all criminal charges. Bakdash had been charged with a misdemeanor for obstructing the legal process, after police say she allegedly told her son to get rid of the damaged car involved in the incident and signed the title so he could sell it to a friend.

Bakdash was previously charged with a felony for aiding and abetting murder and a felony for being an accomplice after the fact to murder, but those charges were dropped in August.

Bakdash’s son, Timothy Bakdash, 29, of Roseville, is accused of using his car to hit Benjamin Van Handel, 23, of Appleton, Wis., on April 15. Van Handel later died from his injuries. Two women were also injured in the incident.

Prosecutors say Timothy Bakdash intentionally hit the man in an act of revenge, but Van Handel wasn’t his intended target. It appears to be an case of mistaken identity.

Still, investigators said Bakdash was just as liable whether he intended to kill Van Handel or someone else.

Ryan Garry, attorney for Diane Bakdash, said in a release that his client is “anxious to move on with her life and put this matter behind her.”

  • Slam the door

    This mom knew what she was doing and should be held responsible for her actions.

    • Reasonable

      What was she doing? The son was driving the car. The charges against her for being an accomplice were dropped.

      But hey, your opinion is all that matters right?

      • Slam the door

        After she found out the car was in an accident she told her son to get rid of the car by selling it.

        • Todd W. Olson

          Said a witness who later recanted his statement.

          • Slam the door

            She did sign the title over which seems strange. If it was my car you think a reasonable person would question what happened.

            • Todd W. Olson

              And do you think it’s possible, just possible that her drunken, loser son may have lied to her? And don’t you think perhaps, just perhaps, the police and the county attorney considered these facts? Come on. Or is it just that you enjoy kicking ’em when they’re down?

              • Slam the door

                Exactly! I love to kick when they are down. Even if her son is a drunk loser one would think that something is up when he asks to you sign away the car. Ignorance is no excuse.

                • Todd W. Olson

                  Actually, in this case, it is, at least in the eyes of the law.

  • life will never be the same

    Maybe someone should hit and run her…

    walk amongst the public – people will know you for what you did.

  • Big Richard

    The laws are there, and those prosecuting must prove that beyond a shadow of doubt. All you arm chair quarterback lawyers that think they should she should be hit and run better not be to strong in those words. What goes around comes around.

  • TL the alligator

    what complete BS….she is GUILTY of the charges and EVERYBODY knows it…..and that smiling MUGSHOT is still that……A MUGSHOT.

  • Jack Noff

    Well, let’s not forget, cops are insanely stupid people.

    • Slam the door

      Thats rude. I hope that you never need help from a cop and if you do they take their time getting there.

    • GH

      You’re an idiot!! You think the cops get to decide if she is guilty or not? REALLY!!! Learn a little bit about how the legal system works before you open your mouth!!

      • Slam the door

        I agree with you on that. Cops can make mistakes that get someone off but the ones deciding to drop charges are the ones that went to law school.

  • Ironic

    Doesn’t this nut job work in a Psych Clinic?

  • nojustice

    anyway the guy will be out in 6 to 8 years… wait and see…

  • Taylor J

    I wonder if the Sensor were planning on selling their mercedes as well. I saw an add on craiglist for a mercedes with slight damage and minor blood stains. Title in hand, cash only. It was going for cheap. (Just kidding)

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