PLYMOUTH, Minn. (WCCO) — A warning for parents who drop their kids off at day care: In the short time it takes to bring your child from the car to the building, thieves can steal the valuables from your vehicle.

In the past week, three different daycares in Plymouth have reported vehicle break-ins. Many times parents lock their car, but that’s not enough to keep yourself from being a victim.

“They smashed the window, jumped in back seat and out, within a minute,” said Shelby Aarseth, whose vehicle was broken into on Tuesday.

day care break ins pic 3 Parents Offer Warning After Car Break Ins At Day Cares

(credit: CBS)

When Aarseth picked up her van from the body shop Thursday afternoon, it no longer showed any sign of the Tuesday morning break-in. For her, the damage is now more emotional.

“It’s very disturbing. You’re always thinking someone’s watching you,” she said.

The theft happened at a place where she takes her child every day: A New Horizon day care center in Plymouth.

“They prey on parents at day cares,” she said.

Aarseth lost her purse and laptop. She’s now a victim of a trend in vehicle break-ins.

“He drove up, smash, gone,” said Aarseth.

As parents drop off or pick up their kids for the day, thieves know many times there are valuables in the vehicle.

“I left my purse in the car, because I was dropping her off, running in and my purse was gone,” said Katie Evenson, whose purse was stolen from her vehicle at KinderCare.

Evenson also fell victim to the false sense of security in her daughter’s day care parking lot.

“When I called police, they said this is the number one place people watch for people to leave their car,” said Evenson.

Prevention is an extra step for already busy parents.

“You take it in. Everywhere you go, take the purse. Take the laptop,” Evenson said. “It’s a huge inconvenience to someone who’s the innocent party in this.”

For Aarseth having a peace of mind is worth the inconvenience.

Both mothers said the day cares are very safe places to bring their children. They just want other parents to know about the risk for theft in the parking lot.

So far police have not made any arrests, but do have surveillance video that may help with the investigation.

Comments (7)
  1. Jean says:

    Where’s the photo of the criminal that is making our community not safe. I want to know who to look out for when I drop my son off at day care. I don’t want this man anywhere near us. Is he black? Mexican? White? Where’s the photo from the video???

  2. Sam I am says:

    The video is to watch the article. I do not believe there was any mention of suveillance video in this case.

    This is nothing new it happened to me in 2005 at Kindercare in Mounds View.

    1. Did you read the article says:

      The last sentence of the article says the Police have video surveillance.

  3. JMJ says:

    I don’t see how this has anything to do with daycare being targets. If you leave valuable items in clear site anywhere you park you are asking to get robbed these days.

  4. Jan says:

    This is nothing new, once you are old enough to drive a car you should know better than to leave anything valuable in their car, even when just popping in to pick up you kids or a quart of milk. This is not just for women, men leave their briefcases in cars, too.

    If you don’t want to carry you purse or laptop in, If you have a trunk, put it in the trunk BEFORE you get to daycare or the gym, etc.

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