Twin Cities ‘SlutWalk’ Protests Sexual Violence Against Women

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Organized walks are usually meant to promote a charity, but that’s not the plan for a walk this weekend in the Twin Cities.

In fact this walk has some controversy, which includes its name: “SlutWalk.”

“Our message is don’t blame the victim. Put it where it belongs on the perpetrator,” said Organizer Kimberia Sherva, who helped bring “SlutWalk” to Minnesota.

It’ll happen Saturday afternoon along the downtown Minneapolis riverfront and on the Stone Arch Bridge. The loop will run nearly two miles.

It’s one of dozens of “SlutWalk” events that have happened across the country and even around the world. From Seattle to Boston, the walks are pushing women’s safety. They’re billed as protest marches against blaming victims for sexual violence.

Call it a voice of encouragement, said organizers. Participants are also out to prove that there’s nothing wrong with how they dress.

“We have had enough, enough of being told we should be ashamed of ourselves, ashamed of our appearance,” said one participant at a rally in Toronto, Canada, back in April.

Participants said the word ‘slut’ becomes empowering.

“We are proud of our sexuality,” said another participant. “It is by no means an invitation to violence.”

The idea came out of Toronto, Canada, after a police officer told a group of college women that if they want to avoid being a victim to sexual violence, they shouldn’t dress like a slut.

More than 1,000 people are expected to participate in this weekend’s walk in the Twin Cities, but not everyone is happy about it.

Members of an organization called the “Black Women’s Blueprint,” which promotes equality, don’t like the name of the walk. They say self-identifying with the term slut won’t make women safer and sends the wrong message to young girls and men.

Even those negative voices aren’t stopping organizers from putting together a 100 more “SlutWalk” events across the globe.

“We’ll have another one,” said Sherva, expecting that it’ll be bigger next year in the Twin Cities.

Even before those first steps are taken this year, organizers know they’ve already hit the wrong note with some women.

  • Robert

    Utter stupidity. If women really want equality, this is not the way to go about it.

  • KG Larson

    No. Wrong name. Promotes the wrong message.

  • See BS

    Feminazis just want men to be automatically guilty in courtrooms, just like Sharai laws treat women unfairly and Jim Crow laws punished blacks harder for crimes against white people.

    It’s called “Fascism”

    • Saul

      and you are more than likely called a “wife beater”

      • Todd W. Olson

        Oh, it’s clear that BS/VD has an issue with women. My guess is that he’s a registered sex offender.

        • See BS

          False allegations and political repression? Is that like calling someone a pinko during the 50’s?

          • Todd W. Olson

            Kind of ironic, isn’t it? What’s sauce for the goose…

            • See BS

              So all this because 1 “individual” Canadian police officer insulted women in Canada?

              In the USA we have free speech and the 6th amendment, so you can blame anyone you want.

  • Bill

    Dress sexy, You’ll get hit on!, It’s a No Brainer!

  • Rebecca

    The point is, no matter what we wear, no matter how many times we have said yes…No means No! I encourage you to seek out all the info about what this walk stands for, not just judge by name alone.

    • act_mature_not_like_this

      while I fully understand no means no, this is utterly stupid. I’ll be sure to call all the “Women” I see there by what they apparently want to be called/known as.

    • Rico Suave

      If my dad had taken no for an answer I wouldn’t be hear. Sometimes no means “If I’m still here at last call then yes”.

  • Thewho

    Could have picked a different name! Although it does get your attention!

  • gdog

    So these women want to dress up in their “come get me” outfits and take no responsibility for how they act or dress. Maybe I should have a protest in the heart of a gang area and write racists slurs on my clothes and claim I have no responsiblity on how others react to that.

    • gdog

      BTW, I’m a native american woman.

    • Real Talk

      EXACTLY,,,,well said.

    • dan

      Well gdog, your example would be offensive to other people. How is a gal wearing a mini skirt offensive to you? I think the name is great, it got your attention didnt it? Or should they have called it women against bad things? I dont think the latter would get much attention.

      • Hurk!

        “How is a gal wearing a mini skirt offensive to you?” When she’s pushing 400lbs!

    • skyydogg

      Many of us will be wearing what we wore when we were assaulted. Jeans, jpajamas, Army fatigues, work clothes…

      • d

        Thongs mini skirts booty shorts

  • Lee

    This whole event is a fraud. It’s just another convienient excuse for attention seeking young women to dress skimppy and show off some skin, just like Halloween or zombie pub crawls. Except now they have a delusional idea that it’s for a greater good. This does nothing to advance women.

  • sortof

    Bunch of sl*ts. Not sure why you’d want to label yourself a sl*t but I will gladly call them sl*ts.

  • Good luck guys - you'll need it

    Too funny. Chicks with low self esteem parade around in a wardrobe and manor that screams “look at me”, then protest the attention they so desperately seek. But God forbid you don’t look at them. Is there anyone who doubts the truth in Bob Marley’s song, “No Woman, No Cry”? Here’s the message fellas, in case you missed it. She’s stacked, and so is the deck: You can’t win.

  • Kevin


    WCCO will not let me post this web site becasue it has the word slu* in it. But go to this site (just key slu* in the *** area) and you will see all the donors who support this walk……lets just say….if you go to the need not apply……and why can WCCO plant the word Slu*walk” everywhere….but I cant use the same phrase on here?

    • Todd W. Olson

      How’s that secret, white supremacist, shadow goverment coming along, Kevin?

      • Kevin

        Well Todd its doing great….thanks for asking…..oh and your wife says hi and could you be a darling and pick up some bread on your way home….she is alittle tied up at the moment and will be late getting home…….

  • stilletos

    The answer is the Burka, covers everything. How ’bout it ladies?

  • Sophia Bloodmoon

    I was there and proud to see all the good people walking to show support to the victims and survivors. It was well worth the time and realy fun to get out in the nice weather.

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