MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The University of Minnesota keeps making it easier for bikers on campus. On Thursday, it unveiled a new Campus Bike Center with covered parking and a retail store.

The new center is located in the Oak Street parking ramp on campus. The bike center has a secure bike parking lot, showers and changing rooms, repair service and a retail store, selling bike accessories.

It’s open to the public during business hours and “after hours only” members can use the parking lot and showers. It also houses a Nice Ride bike-sharing kiosk.

This new center could help clear up some of the traffic on campus.

“By providing services like this where people can bring their bike, they learn about biking on campus, they can get their bike repaired, and it’s a supportive environment,” said Campus Bicycle Coordinator Steve Sanders. “So the hope is that providing this will encourage more people to ride their bikes and the more people that ride their bikes and don’t drive their cars, that improves congestion.”

The bike center was funded through a transportation grant. The University of Minnesota is considering opening another center on the St. Paul campus.

Comments (3)
  1. Joey Olson says:

    Cool. Why is that bike like look 3″ thick. I guess you get a real workout hauling that thing around..

  2. Me says:

    Do many people bike on campus in the winter? Not being sarcastic or anything like that, just really curious on how they do so. I am not a biker at all but I want to start!

  3. Sheila Bell says:

    What a great idea! Thank you to the U and especially to Steve Sanders for all his work on this project.

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