CENTER CITY, Minn. (WCCO) — A 15-year-old boy was killed Thursday evening in an apparently accidental shooting in Chisago County.

According to the sheriff’s office, William Showers was handling a .22-caliber rifle at his home along 347th Street in Lindstrom, Minn. with a 16-year-old friend.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Steve Murphy Reports

Somehow, the 16-year-old fired the gun and the struck Showers in the neck.

The 16-year-old called 911. Authorities arrived to find Showers unresponsive and bleeding. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The 16-year-old friend, who was not identified, was questioned by police and then released to his parents.

“It’s a tragic event all around,” said Chisago County Sheriff Rick Duncan, “not only for the 15-year-old victim and their family but also the 16-year-old’s family.”

Duncan said there are tragic lessons to be learned.

“Parents aren’t home and kids are playing around with that gun,” he said.

The Chisago County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the incident. Charges are not anticipated.

Comments (15)
  1. anti bachmann says:

    there is no accidental shootings. If the stupid parents would leave the gun locked up i think the parents should be charged cause obviously they have no clue!

    1. gdog says:

      I agree, the parents are absolutly responsible. Now the other boy also has to live with thie memory for the rest of his life. Very sad.

    2. Real Talk says:

      Yeah well….blame the parents all you want…its BS. We live in a society that cherishes guns. Right or wrong…its a fact. Another fact is…gun related deaths are unpreventable. You can reduce them…but you CAN NOT eliminate gun related deaths. Maybe in a perfect world…but not the real world. Guns are meant to kill…PERIOD. That’s why they were invented and why many people still have them…to kill (animals).

      So while this is tradgic and my condolences to the family. If we as a society want guns…well, you play with fire, you are going to get burnt. Again, not debating right or wrong…just the facts!!!

    3. Alan McAllister says:

      Absolutely the parents should be held accountable. If you have firearms in the house, they best be under lock and key! no exceptions….

    4. Erin says:

      I KNOW THE FAMILY PERSONALLY I WAS THERE LAST NIGHT the guns were locked up and none of you really know what happened. This is absolutely none of your business and it’s completely disrespectful to be talking bad about this situation at all. It is a tragedy and the family hearing things like this is NOT going to help them get over it any faster. Precautions were taken and they failed, that’s all there is to it. They were 15 and 16 they should have been able to be trusted home alone. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN and you are ALL DISRESPECTFUL. Talking smack about a dead 15 year olds parents won’t do any good. Listen to what your parents SHOULD have taught you, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything nice at all.”

      1. Real Talk says:

        With all due respect….how is this none of our business? We are simply discussing a NEWS ARTICLE on a public media website.

        To add to your point however, this is tradgic and it is not the parents fault. It was an accident. Kids will do things no matter how well they were raised and parents cant be there 100% of the time. Anyone who thinks otherwise is gravely dillusional and proably needs meds.

        Again…gun related deaths are UNPREVENTABLE. You cannot close pandora’s doesnt work that way. In theory…sure…”in theory” every accident in the history of time is preventable….but we live in the real world.

        May the family finds some grace and hope in their dark hour. They are not alone.

  2. ron says:

    Bad Parents no biscuit

  3. MKIA says:

    Respect and knowledge go a long way. Everyone in our family grew up with loaded rifles. We were taught to check and unload/load safely.

  4. Doug T says:

    Thats an awfully large .22 round in the picture…. Looks more like a 30-06……

    but one should not expect journalists to understand anything about guns .. they are awful and scary….


  5. Phil Mcrackin says:

    Guns don’t kill people bullets do.

    1. Whitey Fjord says:

      People kill people. Whether it’s a knife, a baseball bat or a car. They’re all tools.

  6. Tracy says:

    First of all I am his AUNT, and I don’t appriecate you all taking smack about him or my family. This was an ACCIDENT, and there were precautions. SO if you don’t know what happened and you were’t there, then SHUT YOUR “BIG” MOUTHS. This is not helping my family and it is making it worse. If his mother were to read this she would be hysterical. More than she is know. MY family has been through HECK. Don’t trash my family if you don’t know SQUAT.

    1. Heather says:

      im soo sorry about your family’s loss…i was friends with him from school and its really hard to believe that he is gone. i remember the last time i saw him it was at school and he used to stand with me and my group of friends at school in the same place everyday and it’s just not the same without him there and it is really hard..i also know the 16 year old too and i know that this was just all an very hard to believe happened:(

  7. Grown up says:

    Tracy – I have compassion for you and your family. However, this is a public forum on a media website that encourages this type of comment and discussion. You don’t have to agree. You also don’t have to read it.

    There are some very valid points here…. when weapons are in the home, children should be taught to respect those weapons. That includes leaving them alone. If they belonged to the boy, even more of a tragedy.

    As many have said in the past, accidents can be prevented. As traumatic as this situation is, I hope some lessons are learned, too. (For everyone, not just the family.) We have friends who frequently will “show off” guns in the presence of me and my child. I am not always confident the guns aren’t loaded and I don’t have a clue about safeties to know if one is on or off. I either ask the homeowner to lock away the gun, or we leave. Are we 100% safe? No – because I only know what happens when I am there. If I’m not there watching my child, who knows what might happen. I hope I don’t find out like this family in the article.

  8. Bob says:

    I teach hunter education/safety. We ALWAYS stress to the kids never EVER show guns to your friends when your parents are not around. Whether these kids had hunter ed we have no way of knowing. Furthermore guna and ammo should be stored separately under lock and key. And still furthermore there is hardly ever an excuse to load a weapon inside a house or other building. Numerous iron clad rules were broken here. Guns are an invention made to kill human beings. They call for super extraordinary care. I feel very sorry for everyone involved.

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