OSHKOSH, Wis. (AP) — A Winnebago County judge has ordered a third competency evaluation for a teen accused of starving his dog to death.

Nineteen-year-old Bryan I. Hutcherson has already undergone two evaluations. Doctors came to conflicting conclusions on whether he’s competent to stand trial on a felony charge of animal mistreatment.

Oshkosh police in March received a report of a dead dog on a sidewalk. A necropsy determined that malnutrition and dehydration contributed to its death.

Police later received a tip that Hutcherson and his girlfriend had been keeping a pit bull matching the dog’s description in a cage at their home.

The criminal complaint quotes Hutcherson as telling investigators he stopped feeding the dog in part because of the expense.

An Oshkosh Northwestern report says the girlfriend has also been charged.

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Comments (19)
  1. Rico says:

    The young man obviously has issues. But a felony?? What about cops who abuse people? Or politicians who start wars that kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people (Iraq)? Weird world…

    1. Milorad Paunovic says:

      We voted for those politicians, so we are on trial. And the “boy” should be in jail for a long time, girlfriend also.

    2. Mike says:

      The world is full of weird people Rico and your one of them. Killing a dog by starvation is despicable and anyone who does it should be charged with a felony and do a few years in jail.

      1. Dog says:

        My dogs have a trust fund in the event of my death. Hence, hang this dude high and charge the girlfriend. I like dogs more than people…..I really do.

      2. Annette G says:

        I agree but while in their jail cel given NO FOOD whats good for the goose etc.etc.

    3. Uncle Rico, the Real Rico says:

      Nice reach wacko. This POS deserves this punishment at the least and should being doing time.

    4. Russ says:

      What are you talking about? What have ANY of those things to do with what this person did to a living animal? Obviously he is either evil or sick, and neither has anything to do with politicians starting wars or ‘cops who abuse people’.

      You are a complete idiot.

    5. ciara500 says:

      You are off topic.He and the girl should get jail time for this… they knew what they were doing was wrong. It’s past time that when people abuse animals, that all they get is a slap on the wrist, and a small fine.

    6. Jimmy Paschall says:

      Grow up. The world is what it is. Keep your nose clean and you won’t have problemswith the police. Wars are inevitable, just make sure you’re fighting for the right side. Hell isn’t hot enough for anybody who would mistreat and kill an animal like that. . You’re not in Kansas anymore kid. Welcome to the bigs.

  2. kitteninamitten says:

    If he’s competent enough to feed himself whens he’s hungry, he’s competent enough to feed a dog. Starvation and being kept in a cage is a long lonely horrible death. His girlfriend and anyone that knew about this situation should be charged as well. How did the dog get on the sidewalk? Did they just dispose of him like trash?? This is horribly sad and could have been prevented. I agree with jml… Lock the owner and girfriend up and starve them.

  3. kitteninamitten says:

    Ooops meant rml.

    Rico, you can’t compare punishments to different crimes. Animal abuse and neglect are a felony and should apply in this situation. The fact that other crimes are not punished is an entirely different issue. Its not like he’ll have a life sentence.

  4. jan says:

    If he didn’t have money to feed his animal, he should have turned it over to the Humane Society, I hope he ges to serve some time in the poky

  5. truckerkris says:

    he should got a sign and stood on the corner with the dog.

  6. riley says:

    How can you not feed a dog? I mean omg! My dogs stare at me and whine when they are hungry even though its not quite time to eat again.. silly dogs… but anyways, there should be more jail time and fines added to people who neglect and abuse animals!

  7. Jeffrey Dahmer the 2nd in the making says:

    Get ready for more stories about this freak in the future. I see a Jeffrey Dahmer look alike in the making…

  8. Citizen says:

    I would starve to death before my animals would. Whatever food I had would be shared with my faithful dogs. This is heinous. I suppose the tap water cost too much also? And why the cage….because it was DELIBERATE cruelty. I’m sure these two watched the dog suffer and die and enjoyed it. When you can’t afford an animal, there are humane societies, and I’m sure Eau Claire has one.

    1. Russ says:

      Exactly. The both of them watched this poor dog locked in a cage as it went without food or water and ended up dead. Both of them are despicable and evil to do such a thing. What would they do to a child? May the two of them burn in hell.

      (Funny though, we were told that Terri Schiavo was dying peacefully and without pain or suffering when she was left to die of hunger and thirst…..)

  9. Rico says:

    Folks, this has been an interesting exercise in public discourse, and I depart with a valuable lesson about our capacity for thoughtful and meaninful dialogue, and our humanity in general.

  10. just sayin says:

    If he can’t care for a dog, how do you think he could even take care of a child if he had one?

    makes ya think.

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