MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Twitter was buzzing with the postseason plans of some of our favorite Twins players Tuesday.

Valencia is heading to the beach. Duensing is going to get his hunt on and Revere is dining on fast food to gain some weight.

Not much beats the life of a ball player during the offseason.

@dannyvalencia19 Danny Valencia
Bahama Bound…man the weathers so breezy…you know the rest

@BrianDuensing52 Brian Duensing
Cabelas trip. Weather for bucks is supposed to be ideal on Sunday. Can’t wait

@BenRevere9 Ben Revere
What should i do today on this beautiful KY day?

@BenRevere9 Ben Revere
Time to go get some kfc and put some fat on me need that.

Comments (5)
  1. How about says:

    work on fielding ground balls
    come up with an effective slider
    learn how to hit a breaking ball

    Just a thought

    1. Fed up fan. says:

      Agreed. They should all be forced to train and practice. Not on their own either, together as a team!! And not somewhere sunny and fun. How about daily 10 mile runs outside in MN December – March. Can you tell I’m a little ticked off at them! :o)

  2. Bp says:

    Seriously, are we supposed to be glad that the players are having a relaxing off season? After such a disappointing season, we don’t care to know about vacationing in the Bahamas! This isn’t even a story. It’s a waste of time for the “reporter” who “wrote” it by monitoring tweets! Very lame.

    1. Vanshay Murdock says:


  3. Vanshay Murdock says:

    twins are gonna do better this year!!! i know it!!!

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