LA CROSSE, Wis. (AP) — A Minnesota woman is accused of punching a 5-year-old boy in the face after his father spilled a drink on her at Oktoberfest in La Crosse.

A complaint filed in La Crosse County charges 32-year-old Angela Tuchek, of Austin, Minn., with physical abuse of a child and disorderly conduct. The complaint says the boy’s father tried to apologize for the accident last Saturday, but Tuchek grew angry, ripped the hat from his head, then swung and hit his son in the face.

A witness told investigators Tuchek and the man shoved each other and that Tuchek hit the boy when he tried to intervene. The La Crosse Tribune says Tuchek told police she didn’t mean to hit the boy.

Tuchek is scheduled in court Monday.

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Comments (20)
  1. Mike Hunt says:

    Great place to bring the kids! Have another beer.

  2. A Cultural Celebration... says:

    … of people getting wasted and making bad decisions. Thanks Germans, for your fine contribution to our melting pot.

    1. Stupid Comment says:

      Your probably an Obese person who drinks 25 cans of diet pop a day.

      1. llp says:

        Now that was a Stupid Comment

      2. @ Stupid Comment says:

        @stupid comment > stop projecting! you’ve just described yourself to a T!

  3. bluefaery says:

    kid drew the short stick he was designated driver this time … he gets to drink next year

  4. Nancy Aleshire says:

    Every ethnic group has incidences of people behaviing badly due to alcohol. Germans have a lower rate of alcoholism. Highest rates occur amongst the American Indian, Irish, Russian and Scandinavian populations. I am of German, Polish and Russian descent and don’t touch the booze. The assault on this innocent child is disgusting.

  5. boo boo says:

    I love beer even more that jezzus

  6. Gloria says:

    I hope they throw the book at this woman! It sounds like she was drunk and out of control–completely over-reacted, especially since the spill was an accident and the man apologized.

    Poor little boy…

  7. Say what? says:

    news worthy ??? seriously – news worthy ??????
    Holy chit – we grew up in the 5-‘s and we got smacked all the time as kids by dang near everyone at one time or another if we near the drinking crowd. County Fairs, church picnics, neighborhood affairs. I am not saying it was right. I am not saying it should occur. I am saying it was not at all uncommon either.
    So this rates as a lead story huh????!!!! God help America is my only thought

    1. llp says:

      that was the 50’s

      1. at llp says:

        The ’50’s it was indeed
        hmmmmmm – the country was in great shape, Americans loved America, life was great for all ven if one got whacked once in a while.
        And you liberal pukes wonder what went wrong don’t ya…..swallow yer vomit and choke to death you weinies

    2. Paul says:

      If a stranger smacked my 5-year old, she’d me lucky if she didn’t end up in the hospital. Thank God I didn’t grow up in the “5”‘s, where apparently beating up 5-year olds was common practice.

  8. angryfist-clipart.jpg says:

    Sorry, not to belittle the fact that some drunk people got in a fight and a kid got hit, but what’s with the clip-art fist for this story? Is that stock footage or did someone in the news room take a picture of their arm? It is awkward enough that it is funny. You’d think a beer mug or pictures from the event might have worked better!

  9. Goldy G says:

    Just preparing this kid to be a student at UW-Madison.

    1. Live and survive w/o Mommy and Daddy people says:

      Good one – the kid will have a shot in life too vs hiding under momma’s skirt. Plus it stinks under there …. yuck

  10. G Dog says:

    Ah, yes- the Great LaCrosse Drunkfest. Perfect place to bring a 5 year old…

  11. Moni in the middle says:

    He probably started yappin off at the mouth after a few brewski… Serves him right!!

    Needs to learn how to hold his liquor!!

    (btw, this is a joke)

    1. Derek Hippen says:

      There is a time and place for jokes…. here not the time!

  12. PLeaseeeee says:

    Her arm looks like a mans arm …….


    is ‘cco just using clip art for news now??/

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