DeBlog: Joe Soucheray’s Crazy Garage Logic

As you know, I’m a huge Twitter and Facebook user. I enjoy the interaction with friends and viewers, I enjoy all the knowledge being shared, and I enjoy the ability to make a sarcastic remark in 140 characters.

I realize that Twitter isn’t for everyone, and I certainly realize that Twitter isn’t for Joe Soucheray.

Joe hosts a radio show called “Garage Logic,” and he unleashed some of that ol’ fashioned logic in his Pioneer Press column this morning.

Joe got the logic started right from the headline: “If you’ve got nothing to say, Twitter is right for you.” It’s hard to even analyze that it’s so ridiculous. It’s like saying, “Television is garbage” or “Newspapers are good for wrapping fish.” Yeah, some TV is garbage, some newspapers are better suited for fish-wrapping, and some of Twitter is nonsense.

Sample pearl of wisdom, which Joe gleaned from a discussion in 2008: “Twitter, in other words, is a means by which people, mostly using their cellphones, send out the thoughts that just popped into their head, believing those thoughts to have weight by virtue of the technology used to disseminate them.”

I tweeted about Joe’s column this morning (because that’s what Twitter is REALLY for — mocking people who hate Twitter), and that led to Taylor Carik creating a hashtag “#FutureSoucherayColumns.” Taylor started with: “my new car’s XM Radio has too many stations #FutureSoucherayColumns”

Some of my other favorites:

@Brigie6 Brigitte Leininger “If you’re not home, you don’t deserve to watch the tv you missed. #futureSoucherayColumns”

@justacoolcat David: “I don’t understand the Internet, but I can say it’s worthless. #futureSoucherayColumns”

@MorningWXGuy Mike Augustyniak “Balloons that inflate on impact during a car crash? That’ll never work. #futureSoucherayColumns”

@panopticon13 Kevin Hoffman “Smart Phones: Refuge of the Stupid” #futureSoucherayColumns”

@_taylor_ “People aren’t having enough kids like they used to even tho I don’t like kids #futureSoucherayColumns”

@_taylor_ “streetlights are too bright and also too expensive #FutureSoucherayColumns”

It’ s a fun game to play at home.

Anyway, I’m fine with not liking Twitter (follow me at @DeRushaJ and @DeRushaEats), but the best thing to do about that is to not use Twitter. Just because you don’t get it — doesn’t mean it’s stupid. It just means that … well, it means you don’t get it.

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