MINNETONKA, Minn. (WCCO) – A woman was arrested late Monday morning in Minnetonka after authorities said she pulled a gun on a UPS driver.

The woman became upset with the driver because her package was delivered late. She was so mad about the package being late that she flashed a gun and told the UPS driver that he couldn’t leave the residence, authorities said.

The incident happened on Lone Lake Ridge in Minnetonka. Authorities had to put the neighborhood on lockdown during the incident, telling neighbors to stay inside their homes.

The driver wasn’t hurt in the incident and police were able to arrest the woman.

Comments (13)
  1. Mr. Always Right says:

    GIVE ME MY PACKAGE OR ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lock the crazy lady up

  2. The Rodentman says:

    Gives us law-abiding permit holders a bad name.

    1. Raelly? says:

      You don’t need a permit to carry in your house. Your comment is meaningless.

  3. Shelly Michels says:

    90I believe expedited postage is extra. Not the driver’s fault.

  4. Angus says:

    Happened Monday morning and CCO just got around to reporting it??

  5. Jake says:

    What — NO NAME of the offender?? Hubby must be a powerful man in this town.

  6. Fire Walker says:


    1. Funny says:


      Great storey on Fox. She pulled her rifle she uses for shooting squirrels in her back yard? Last I checked that is illegal in Minnetonka and most cities!!!

      Here husband says he’ll get her off? Good luck, I wouldn’t want to try and get that chick off!!!

  7. Ron White says:

    You Can’t Fix Stupid !

  8. Jake says:

    OMG, I just saw the FULL STORY on foxnews9.com. Hold your breath before you see the mug shot. Unbelievable…. She walks around with a bolt-action .22 to shoot squirrels in Minnetonka. Now, I have no problem with shooting tree rats, but within the confines of a city of Minnetonka, I would imagine that the city would take issue with that. In addition, since this package was so VALUABLE (In MO, she deserves a lump of coal instead of any kind of precious jewel), you can TRACK your packages, so you know where it is and when you can expect it. I’m wondering….. could there be some illegal activity going on here, maybe trying to avoid TAXES???? Roh, Roh, better get a better LAWYER, cause you might NEED ONE. Alcohol on one’s breath doesn’t help the cause, either.

  9. tom says:

    Seen her picture of fox9, man that is one ugly looking “dude”

  10. just sayin says:

    OMG – If I was her, and I looked like that, I’d use the 22 on myself! Gross!
    She has the face of a catchers mitt!

  11. See BS says:

    she’ll just play the” Cooo cooo for cocoa puffs card”, and the Judge will let her give money to mental health people instead of prison or jail.

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