Mother Of Baby Twins Found Dead In Tub Charged

EAST TROY, Wis. (AP) — The mother of twin babies who drowned in a bathtub at an East Troy apartment has been charged with felony child neglect.

A criminal complaint filed in Walworth County says 26-year-old Melody Butt ran a bath for the 11-month-old twins then fell asleep in her bedroom on Sept. 22. The complaint says she woke up when a roommate came home and found the twins in an overflowing bath.

Autopsies confirmed the babies drowned. The Janesville Gazette says court records show living conditions in the two-bedroom apartment where seven people lived were “extremely filthy.”

Butt is charged with two counts of child neglect resulting in death and other misdemeanor charges.

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  • just sayin

    7 people live in an apartment??? In a 2 bedroom??

    Filthy and disgusting…. where was the father!?

  • willie

    just sayin
    made that point loud n clear…
    another thing it hard times now. will see that living conditions more. oh well better than being homeless or be on street at this time.. some times makes poor choices to make ends meet.

    • just sayin

      Hard times?

      To have 7 people in a 2 bedroom apt?
      She is 26, do you think this is her family she is living with? I sincerely doubt it.

    • @Willie

      Living 7 in the apartment is 1 thing, living in filthy conditions is a choice, you understand.

  • Bill

    Very poorly written headliine. Makes it sound like it was the mother, not the twins, who was found dead in a tub. How about, “Mother Charged in Death of Twins”?

  • Richard Rabe

    Headline poorly written.It implied the mother who was found dead..Very confusing!!

  • j speedbag 64g

    who puts babies in the tub and takes a nap…jeezuz what a lazy beast she is

  • j speedbag 64g

    who puts babies in the tub and takes a nap…jeezuz what a lazy beast she is

    • gdog

      She couldn’t help it, she was tired. What’s more important, your childrens safety or you getting plenty of rest. I think the answer is obvious and clearly so did she.

  • Nicole

    Why would she even have a chance to go to her room and fall asleep. Those babies were 11 months old! Children that young should not be unattended in a tub, ever. There is no excuse. If you are that tired, your kids can survive until tomorrow to take their bath. Better to have kids who are dirty than kids who are dead.

  • peach7269

    cant belive this frekin lady , life in prison unbelievable she felt asleep

  • bluefaery

    yes all the people (except the roommate) were family … twins, a 2-year-old, a 6-year-old, mother, father and roommate … father was at work and the 6 year old said that she often is the one to give the baths, change the diapers and feed the younger three …

    • Rex Remes

      Why was this young lady continually popping out babies? Seems she could barely take care of herself.

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