TOWN OF MARCELLON, Wis. (AP) — Four Amish children are seriously hurt after a collision between a buggy and a sport utility vehicle in south-central Wisconsin.

Columbia County sheriff’s authorities say the horse and buggy was leaving a country store when the crash happened Thursday morning in the Town of Marcellon.

The four children were thrown from the horse and buggy. Two of the children were flown by Medflight to UW Hospital in Madison with life-threatening injuries. The other two children were taken to Divine Savior Hospital in Portage with serious injuries.

The SUV driver was treated and released.

Names of the injured were not released. The investigation continues but the sheriff’s office says drugs or alcohol do not appear to be factors.

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Comments (6)
  1. Mr. Always Right says:

    SVU vs Buggy, SVU always wins. I hope the kids are alright!!!

  2. j speedbag 64 says:

    i can see living in the 18th centry but when it comes to the highway,a van is alot safer than a buggy for the sake of childern……i they are ok….

    1. I'm Just Sayin'... says:

      Who said anything about a highway?

  3. Jack Anderson says:

    i spend considerable time interacting, in a personal sense as well in a business sense, with people in the Amish community in our area. I respect them immensly — their values, their integrity, their beliefs, their honesty, and their willingness to work hard for whatever the future may hold — accepting what comes as God’s will and moving on with their lives. My experiences in the area tell me that too many people are unwilling to understand or respect them and, in instances like this, even willing to share the road with them. Time after time I see drivers exhibiting a “It’s my road and if you can’t use it my way, get the H off!” behavior towards the Amish buggies. These experiencies TROUBLE ME NO END!! What right do any of us have to not accept their unique differences and put those wonderful people at risk because of our impatience, lack of respect, inattentive driving, or whatever excuse we may want to use. I cringe every time I see a news report like this and I sincerely hope that all of those involved in this incident will be O.K. If nothing else, let the Amish teach us to slow down, watch out for each other,appreciate what we have, and accept the cards we are dealt.

  4. Hmm says:

    Flown to a hospital, I often encounter these buggies when im making deliveries in western wisconsin, i’m always carful, but seriously people Amish I mean c’mon it’s 2011.

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