CHASKA, Minn. (WCCO) — A woman had quite the surprise when she attempted to start her car and found a full-grown cat lodged next to the vehicle’s motor.

The woman said she heard an unusual noise after starting the engine and quickly shut the vehicle off. An inspection revealed a full-grown cat was wedged between the car’s motor and other parts of the vehicle.

Only a portion of the cat’s face was visible.

It is assumed the cat crawled under the vehicle and into the engine area after it was recently parked and turned off.

The woman and several neighbors tried unsuccessfully to get the cat out of the car before eventually calling police for help.

The officer arrived and saw the cat was OK but was stuck in the motor area. Officials tried to use tuna to entice the cat out but it couldn’t wiggle out.

Another officer arrived on the scene to help and together, the officers removed several parts from the vehicle and pulled the cat out to safety.

Around that time, a woman drove by and said she was caring for a family member’s cat that had gotten out of the house. She said she had been looking for it all night before giving up around 11:30 p.m.

The cat was returned and the officers put the woman’s car back together.

Comments (18)
  1. JackieM says:

    Just an ordinary day for the men in blue! 🙂

    1. Dan says:

      The two jokes of this article are as follows: A) this made news. B) this moron called 911 to get a cat out of her engine. When are police and fire departments going to start saying NO to these insane calls? Sorry lady, but I’m not paying taxes out the nose so the police can come and pick up the slack for your ineptitude and gross incompetence. They aren’t here to solve EVERY problem. Here’s a thought: SELF-RELIANCE.

      1. Me says:

        I doubt she called 911, you can call just police department. No one forced you to read this, and I for one, love hearing stories on the news that do not involve death, theft, or bad news! So Dan, take that stick out of your bum and enjoy life.

      2. Supertech says:

        Not everyone knows how to disassemble engine components to get a stuck cat out.

        1. Beeman says:

          Dan, Hope you never get stuck in anything because Karma comes around and goes around, and with your attitude, there might not be anyone willing to help you.

  2. Slipstream says:

    It’s called an “engine”.

  3. quentin says:

    The cat must share a brain with Shane Bauer.

    1. Mr. Always Right says:

      Hey!!!! Don’t reduce the intelligence of the cat by comparing him to Mr. Idiot Shane Bauer, you’ll hurt the cat’s feelings

    2. Jon Woll says:

      no different from your mom, that silly old window licker she is

  4. Lester D McDonald says:

    Slipstream I have to hand it to you. I did not check the and see what she was starting when she heard the noise. But motor are run by electric. Engines are powered by gas diesel ect.

  5. Darell Lange says:

    that cat is lucky my car has so much engine noise i probably wouldn’t have heard it

  6. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    That’s what happens when you put a tiger in your tank.

  7. dew says:

    Maybe Teachers Pete others don’t care about your opinion. You must think of yourself better then others. TAKE A PILL. Others saying its not news why did you bother reading it/? Then you complain of negative news.

  8. Elizabeth Troester says:

    Um, well, I actually liked the story. I also admire the officers for helping. Once my cat got it’s paw stuck under my dishwasher and I couldn’t get it out….thought it was going to break it’s leg trying to get loose. Called the police and fire department in the city where I lived, and they would not help nor could they suggest who I could call. Eventually the cat freed itself, but I sat by horrified watching, not knowing what to do until that happened.

  9. J.M. says:

    Hey, usually the outcome involves the fan, the fan belt and a poor dead mangled cat. 😦 They hardly ever come out alive. Unfortunately speaking from experience as we live on a farm. This is a great story!!!

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