Minn. Political Map Case To Be Argued Jan. 4

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A special court panel has scheduled a hearing in January for a politically charged case over boundaries for Minnesota legislative and congressional districts.

The court released a schedule Thursday that requires most documents and proposed maps to be filed this fall. A court hearing is set for Jan. 4, although a final ruling isn’t anticipated until late February.

It’s part of a once-a-decade process for remaking the state’s political maps to conform with population shifts detected by the census. The courts are expected to play the dominant role in deciding what the maps look like because a divided state government seems far from agreement.

The goal is to make all districts roughly equal in population size, but the process can affect which party has the upper hand in future elections.

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  • Otto

    It really should be an unbiased body that is deciding the boundaries. The legislature should have nothing to say in this matter.

    • Brian

      Yep I agree. But you know they like to get their sticky little fingers into everything. My only hope is that my region will no longer be included in the 6th Congressional District. I’m sick of being lumped in with idiotic voters who think Michelle Bachmann is the way to go.

  • worryfree


    • Jake

      Leave religion out of this.

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