ST. PAUL (WCCO) — President Barack Obama once again called on Congress to pass his $447 billion jobs package without delay. He also had some tough words for Republican presidential candidates who he says want to ‘roll back’ the Wall Street reforms, which include Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

Watch Pat Kessler’s report above.

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  1. sid says:

    Interesting Obama slams wall street for being reckless with your money and then defends his recklessness in Solyndra and all the other companys his adminstration has thrown money at.

    1. Mike says:

      I agree with 100%. Obama is being very typical by pointing fingers and blaming everyone else. He is completely incompetent in his “leadership”, so he resorts to (like a toddler) by whining, crying, and blaming others.

  2. The Crux of the Buscuit says:

    Reinstate glass-steagall. Put top marginal tax rates back where they were in 1958. Let the cry-babies commence whining…..

  3. nobama says:

    This nation is in a hugh mess who is worse crooks in wall street or obama 4 trillion in three years blown. Obama has no leg to stand on. Half of the people protesting wall street have no idea what they are even protesting one guy had a sign that said he hates gummy bears what kind of evil person hates gummy bears (“it truely is the end of the world!”)

  4. StraycatStrut says:

    Same old Obama Grandstanding….. blah, blah, blah…. for our 40% popular President with a huge inept record and failed Presidency. If he had something to show for his “work” I would listen.

  5. easyrider says:

    I’m glad ot see the “Occupy Wall Street” Protests starting up. It’s long overdue. It’s really been a replay of the ’80’s in terms of the greedy leading the greedy as if that really can support an economy. It fails every time. The mortgage debacle, one can only keep bad decisions and investments circulating for so long before gravity finally pulls them down. The CEO of BOA will get 10 million this year as BOA desparately tries to shed itself of failing divisions…ain’t that just wonderful? It’s time Main Street started saying something…

  6. Sick of stupid says:

    So we should pass a $447 BILLION bill wihtout reading it and having no idea what is in it, and we should be concerned about the Repubilcan candidates “rolling back” the Wall Street reforms (which obviously worked well???)

    I guess I shouldn’t be too critical, the improvements on I 94 between Maple Grove and Rodgers (between the stimulus signs, sorry, I can’t remeber exactly what they said – something about the American recovery act) did a great service in creating jobs. They spent months fixing cracks in the freeway, and this spring they painted more lines right next to and includeing what they replace last year, and it never got repaced. But they did a great job stopping traffic and wasting millions of gallons of fuel, not to mention the 2 to 4 state patrol cars idleing before and after the construction zone.

    And exactly what are these “occupiers” protesting and what do they hope to accompish? Most of them have no idea why they are there, most of us have to go to work in the morning. Maybe instead of occuping Wall Street they should be looking for a job.

    Thanks Obama for getting tough on Wall Street, guess all of the protesters gave you another 10 minutes of fame.

  7. easyrider says:

    It’s too bad some people just can’t pay attention to what has happened for more than a few years. It’s a noted medical problem with many americans. ADD. Instead they end up complaining about minor discomforts without noticing the ship of state was long ago steered in a bad direction. It’s a large ship and it does turn slowly, not overnight as some think it should. Keeping up with what’s going on in the country, and in the world, is paramount to understanding why things are happening. I’m amazed when people say they don’t understand what the protest is about…sad.

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