ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Three police officers are on administrative leave after a man in their custody collapsed and died in St. Paul.

The officers were called to the 300 block of Ramsey St. Thursday night on a report of a loud fight between a man and a woman. Officers said there were also indications of possible drug use.

Police found a 51-year-old man acting erratically in an alley.

He collapsed after being handcuffed and police called paramedics. The man was taken to Regions Hospital where he died.

The woman has been questioned as part of the investigation.

The officers are on administrative leave, which is part of the police department’s standard procedure.

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  1. Mike Hawk says:


  2. Nancy Aleshire says:

    More than likely, it was drugs–since there was no mention of him being restrained or tased due to police. My son died as a result of being restrained by staff at his workplace back in 2010 and there were absolutely no drugs or alcohol in his system..

    1. Nancy Aleshire says:

      This restraint did not have to occur had these staff persons had any intelligence. He was restrained over a sandwich–they told him he would have to wait to eat his lunch because the cafeteria was full. They could have just as well provided a spare room for him to eat his sandwich, knowing it would set him off. These dimwits had no business working with people with developmental disabilities. It is just as bad as having a lifeguard who can’t swim. It is not worth losing a life over and this was a DHS run workplace.

      1. @nancy says:

        Interestingly enough, your son had (by your own admission) a history of assault and other aggressive behaviors. Should he just be given whatever he wants because he’s schizophrenic with developmental disabilities? Or should the staff be teaching him boundaries and how to function in the real world? Apparently the DA and State agreed with the latter.

        I might feel more sorry for you if you weren’t out for a buck.

  3. me says:

    an autopsy will determine the cause….then will blame….

  4. Garcia004 says:

    You all are a bunch of inconsiderate people! this is complete slander! My cousin was not on any sort or drugs what so ever! He was mentally unstable and had a heart condition! The officers that were on the scene told my aunt and uncle a completely different story then what is being said in the media! With that being said I highly suspect foul play! On behalf of my family we do not appreciate the memory of our loved one being ran into the dirt.

    1. duh says:

      Criminal history with a felony, controlled substance, drugs, theft, escape. Slander? Check out the Minnesota Courts website.

  5. ckaiser says:

    For those who recognize his name, (and those who don’t…) Joe was the original Paradox lyricist who, along with John Eller created such early Paradox classics as Surrealist, War Of Balloons, Captain’s Log, and the anthem Wicked Rock & Roll. When we look back with fond memories of the glorious 80’s Twin Cities music scene, let us all keep a place in our heart for Joe. While the last several years of his life had been difficult at best, may he finally Rest In Peace…

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