MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Adrian Peterson powered in for three first-quarter touchdowns to build a lead large enough even Minnesota couldn’t lose it, and the Vikings finally earned their first victory Sunday by beating the bumbling Arizona Cardinals 34-10.

Peterson rushed 29 times for 122 yards and Donovan McNabb jogged in for a score, too, as the Vikings (1-4) made it 28-0 less than 12 1/2 minutes into the game. Kevin Kolb had three turnovers for the Cardinals (1-4) and finished 21 for 42 for 232 yards and one touchdown pass, a performance so shaky the Vikings were able to confidently run down the clock after stumbling through the second and third quarters.

This wasn’t a productive afternoon for either former Philadelphia quarterback, from McNabb’s bounced passes to Kolb’s errant throws.

McNabb had only one completion from the pocket in the first half. McNabb’s final numbers against what had been a leaky Arizona secondary were 10 completions, 21 attempts, 169 yards and a bunch of boos.

The “We want Ponder!” chants began in the first quarter, but the lead grew so big so quickly the fans stopped clamoring for rookie Christian Ponder. Despite the 25-point lead as the half ended, the Vikings were still booed off the field after a mismanaged possession.

But McNabb has at least protected the ball, unlike predecessor Brett Favre and unlike the struggling Kolb.

The Cardinals had six possessions in the first quarter, only once crossing their own 30-yard line, and punting four times — including one wobbler by Ben Graham that Marcus Sherels returned to the Arizona 18.

Kolb’s batted pass was intercepted by cornerback Asher Allen, and Brian Robison knocked the ball out in the pocket to end another series before it started, when Jared Allen fell on the ball at the Arizona 25.

Two of Peterson’s three touchdowns were highlight-worthy, as rookie cornerback Patrick Peterson found out. He was blown over at the goal line on both of those when the perennial Pro Bowl running back lowered his shoulder to finish the run.

The Vikings lost their first four games by a combined 19 points, including two devastating defeats here last month when Tampa Bay (17-0) and Detroit (20-0) came back from big halftime deficits.

The Cardinals could’ve easily finished the first quarter of the season undefeated, too, losing by a total of eight points to Washington, Seattle and the New York Giants. In the modern NFL, however, it’s usually those seemingly innocent inconsistencies and the inability to finish games strong that suggest real problems.

The Vikings gave the Cardinals their chance to get back in this one, too, when Visanthe Shiancoe’s false-start penalty just across midfield early in the third quarter was followed by a fumble lost by Michael Jenkins.

Kolb was under heavy pressure on the next drive, but he finally found Larry Fitzgerald for a critical back-shoulder completion near the goal line, and Beanie Wells rumbled in on the next play to cut the lead to 28-10. An eerie silence came over the crowd, as if everyone in the stadium started to dread another collapse.

But on the ensuing possession, McNabb found Devin Aromashodu, who took over Bernard Berrian’s role as the deep-route wide receiver, on a crossing pattern that netted 60 yards. That drive at least ate up some time and ended with a 26-yard field goal by Ryan Longwell, the first score by the Vikings in more than 29 minutes.

Wells was tripped up on fourth-and-1 on Arizona’s next drive at his own 47 by Asher Allen — playing for absent stalwart Antoine Winfield, out with a neck injury — and the Vikings took over in Cardinals territory.

Right tackle Jeremy Bridges, who had a rough afternoon, was flagged for illegal hands to the face that wiped out what would’ve been a touchdown pass by Kolb to Early Doucet on the Cardinals’ next possession, and they went on to turn the ball over on downs.

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Comments (18)
  1. Bunch of losers says:

    Big deal, Thats like beating a highschool football team

    1. dah-der-dolt says:

      So which HS team did the cardinals beat prior to this game? They had a win coming in, you people that come here and talk smack, your lives are worth 7cents no1 likes any of you, your death would help peoples lives……

  2. Ditto says:

    I am shocked, really shocked. Then again, it was the Cardinals so, yeah, big deal – almost in the same category as beating a grade school team.

  3. MrB says:

    The vikings played today??????

  4. Hate football says:

    The Wild are the team to watch. They were hot last night. Loved every minute.

    1. @dumbo says:

      You hate football yet u came here 2 comment? I’d rather work than watch hockey what a terribly boring sport!

  5. ez says:

    I like how the headline says ” a lead large enough even Minnesota couldn’t lose it”

  6. just me says:

    Tthe booing heard was directed at No Completion McNabb…not at the team. The fans were just informing him that he’s the weakest link on the team. I still say Ponder should be our man. Otherwise, awesome game guys!

  7. Move them out says:

    Next up for the vikings is the all girls no pads football team

  8. beerman55448 says:

    Now if they can just win all of the rest of their games, they might stand a chance at a wild card spot

    1. MrB says:

      What the heck are you smoking, win the rest of their games, wild card???? You need to have a few more beer’s beerman!

  9. Jake says:

    They were pretty anemic in the second half, AGAIN. At least the defense toughened up. Only two field goals in the second half, against THIS TEAM?? Yeah, McFlabb was throwing pretty bad, espcially in the second half. Is he having problems with his throwing arm?

  10. j speedbag 64 says:

    mcnabb wouldn’t even be in the nfl right now if it wasn’t for frazier’s love for him,pretty sure he wouldn’t even be a backup these days,if they were gonna go get a washed up vet might as well signed ”pep”…..give joe webb a legit shot,mcnabb looks too much like ”steve dils”

  11. Have another beer buddy says:

    I drove by the stadium at 7:30 a.m. yesterday and the beer-guzzlers were already at it with their tail-gating. And for those of you who don’t already know this, these people are the crowd of vocal (I should say “loud-mouthed”) supporters who want the rest of us to support their revelry with tax hike to pay for their new “tail-gating lot.”

    Such role models! Go away Zygi, go far, far away!

  12. Hate Football says:

    @Dumbo, I like to read how everyone rips on the Vikings. That is why I went to the comments. Its a good laugh.

  13. Dwight says:

    Yes Vikings Win? But again Vikings lose the second half. Score 7 to 6 and have a QB that can’t throw a ball 5 yards without hitting the ground. We got rid of TJ for this.

  14. Johnny Rain Cloud says:

    I have to admit I was just fine with the vikings bringing in McNabb as the qb. But he has definately not lived up to the expectations I had. I really think they should give ponder a chance to come into games and show what he can do. I am pretty sure he can hit receivers in the hands rather than throw at their feet! Anyway a win is a win no matter who it’s against!

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