GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. (WCCO) — It may be a normal Tuesday morning for most, but it’s prime time for a group of seniors who gather every week under the “golden arches” in Golden Valley, Minn.

Like clockwork, the fast food restaurant turns into the place to be for a certain demographic. That’s because the McDonald’s there turns into a bingo hall at 9 a.m. on the dot.

“I had to call my daughter because she wasn’t feeling very well,” said one player. “I said, ‘Come on, you’re going!'”

Though virtually none of the participants WCCO talked with are on Facebook or Twitter, they are still part of a thriving social network, and get their status updates in person.

“We like to catch up on old times,” said one participant, to which another responded, “Don’t point at me when you say ‘old times.'”

“I bet we know more than a lot of the young ones out there with the Facebook and Google and all of that,” said another bingo player.

They don’t need a Smartphone or long list of Twitter followers to feel young. For many, their social lives are right here, strengthening existing friendships and forging new ones.

“I used to sit over there by the windows until I got all these ladies to come,” said one woman.

Golden Valley isn’t the sole location for morning bingo. The McDonald’s in Robbinsdale also hosts the game on Tuesdays, as well as on Saturday nights at 6 p.m.

Comments (3)
  1. Jean Hehn says:

    Hell, I’d go to this if there was one in my area and I’m only 38!

  2. UckexSpeace Dave says:

    Check this out Winner Takes it all.

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