LOS ANGELES (WCCO) — New research finds that taking dietary supplements like multivitamins does not make you live longer. In fact, they could shorten your life.

Watch Sandra Hughes’ report above.

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  1. frozenrunner says:

    If you look at health studies. The basic results tend to state the obvious: eat a balanced diet, get some exercise, do some stress release and only use drugs that are prescribed for a medical condition. Go to any spot where you can watch a diverse groups of people and you will see the studies have had little effect.

  2. Jimbo Jones says:

    Big Pharma has started a campaign to demonize vitamins and supplements and nutraceuticals. The trillions that we pay them with our hard earned cash is now under threat because the majority of patents are expiring and generics can be offered by other companies. They need more income and are targeting vitamins and supplements to be demonized. Why? because these things can help your health and if you become defficient you can get sick, then you go to the doctor and get “legal” drugs from big pharma. Also they tell you you don’t need to drink water – another part of their plan – all to make you sicker and buy more drugs with your hard earned money when you could just live a healthy lifestyle instead.

    270,000+ people die every year in the US alone from “legal” drug complications – more than die in all traffic accidents – bet you didn’t know that? So let’s look at the big picture, no one has ever died from taking vitamins and supplements, but 270,000 in the US per year die from prescriptions. Why do we see this article then and not one on the dangers of drugs? Why such a huge distortion in presented “facts”? That’s right, the same people who control media also control Big Pharma – see the connection?

    The only people who stand any chance to gain from an article like this, or the ones about drinking less water is Big Pharma – and their gain will be your loss – just the way they like it. Yet here we have unwitting pawns just promoting their propaganda without regard to reality – You’d think a magazine like “Men’s Health” would know better, but to be honest no one really cares about your health .. no one — they just want your money, period. … Keep the big picture in perspective.

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