Minn. State Trooper Arrested For DWI

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minnesota state trooper is facing charges of drinking and driving.

Trooper Brian Bammert, 30, was arrested Saturday night in Shorewood, Minn.

According to the South Lake Minnetonka Police Department (SLMPD), a officer responded to a hit-and-run property damage call at around 11:38 p.m. in St. Bonifacious, Minn. The car reportedly last seen at the hit-and-run site took off going east on Highway 7. The SLMPD officer spotted the suspected car as it drove into Shorewood and pulled it over near the intersection of Highway 7 and Eureka Road, police said.

The officer identified the driver of the suspected car as Bammert. The officer also found what appeared to be recent damage on Bammert’s car, police said.

Bammert showed signs of drinking, and after performing sobriety tests, he was arrested, police said.

Bammert consented to a urine test at the SLMPD headquarters. The results of that test are pending, police said.

Bammert faces one count of third-degree driving while impaired and one count of operating a motor vehicle with an alcohol concentration at or above 0.08.
According to the Hennepin County Jail website, he had a blood alcohol level more than the legal limit for driving.

The website also shows that he posted bond and will head to court in November.
Now, Bammert is on desk duty until the completion of the internal investigation.

Bammert was also in the news in April of this year after he was hit twice by drivers along the highway. He was not seriously hurt in either case.

  • Mike Hawk

    It just goes to show, it can happen to nearly any one.

    • 'bout time

      Yep, anyone that is irresponsible as heck. I for one, take cabs when i booze. I’m just glad they didn’t give him a pass because he is ‘one of them’. Good to see there are good cops out there; those being the one(s) that held him accountable. I do agree it’s a stressful job, but he knows better.

      • DEB

        Oh please, did you not know what he meant, how petty

      • correcting

        Hey, I am just out to make sure the liberals realize how uneducated they are. :)


        • Joe

          How funny. It’s usually the conservatives who can’t spell worth a darn.

      • Jake

        I applaud your use of the word “nincompoop.” Totally underutilized by our society.

      • CLR

        The dictionary defines booze as ‘to drink heavilly’ so it is also a verb

        • Jim

          “correcting” is a typical conservative, passing off misinformation as fact.

    • Mark Spanky

      So what is he the only one that made a bad choice that night. Wonder who gave out the info I don’t see the hundred other drunk drivers on TV arrested that night. What a joke just because he is a cop. I am sure all here have him guilty without his day in court. The media just loves this stuff stir the pot.

    • you

      whatever happened to this guy?

  • Bullwinkle

    Yup, it can happen to anyone. It’s going to difficult for him to do his job if he has to blow into a mandatory alcohol interlock system every time he needs to go on a call.

    I hope he gets the help he needs with his alcohol problem

    • RAMed

      Exactly right. He should have to blow into the ignition lock each and every time he drives a car – Any car, just as a normal citizen who got snapped up in this money maker. He won’t have to because he will be given special treatment as are his other brothers in blue

      • Twins FAN

        so as long as we are humored, how about the squad having the whiskey plates? Bummer for the officer driving after the shift of this guy…..

      • jackactionhero

        What “special treatment” do you anticipate him receiving? Please be specific.

  • Jeffrey V

    I know that guy. He always tried to come accross as better than everyone else at work. What an embarrasment to the State Patrol.

    • Adam

      If you really did know him you wouldn’t be saying that.

  • Al

    Stressful job. Alchohol though is never the answer. Hopefully the patrol will work with him.

  • Jim Beam

    Big hypocrite..Law breaker..Drunk driver..I hope the Stae Patrol fires him.

  • Justice

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!

  • V_for_Vendetta1

    What a hypocrite. Do as I say, not as I do. This does not surprise me: I was a young cop in Saint Paul and was asked to drink while in uniform and on the clock. Luckily I didn’t and I no longer work there anymore. This is why no one trusts the Police. If this would have happened in Orono they would have driven him home. I give the cop in Shorewood credit for doing the right thing. I remember one night trying to help a Trooper on 94 who had uncooperative people and I was told my by FTO not to help the State Patrol because one of their Troopers had arrested a Saint Paul cop. I hope this guy is fired, but with how Law Enforcement usually works he will be promoted.

    • Agree With V

      Agree. I worked for a sheriff’s office in the 1980’s. Cops (and associated personnel) could do almost anything. I was in early 20’s at the time and we sat in many bars until 5 or 6 in the morning. You made sure your badge was noticed if pulled over, etc.

      Police rule themselves. For the majority of cops the rules that apply to others do not apply to them.

      After working for law enforcement, I would not call the police unless someone is in the house threatening me. If I am robbed, call insurance agent and then police to try to get someone to take the report. It was amazing how cops talked about the calls they took and what they thought of the general public.

      • Thomas Keim

        i guess all the police are like air plane attentents they all fly free

      • TL

        You need to get out of the ’80s and into the 21st century – I can tell you by and large, that is no longer the case. Quite the opposite in fact.

        And yes, cops do still talk about the calls and what they think of the general public – thats true in any government agency that deals heavily with the public. Simple solution — dont do stupid things that require the police to be called to clean up the aftermath. If you worked in a Sheriff’s office once upon a time – you would know this already.

        • TL is an idiot who can't stop writing trash that he alone believes

          Uh huh. Let’s have a look at the resent story where 400+ officers illegally used the DVS system to look at some babe, or whatever it was…

          Shaddup already ya DA.

  • Justice

    Maybe that’s why they jut their chests out and tilt their hats down, so you can’t see their sloshed eyed!

  • whygod

    Nice to see the trooper who drank and drive was released early at 5 AM this morning….I wonder who else they released at 5 AM …..? WAIT NOBODY!!

    Still seeking special privileges Officer BammberT?

    What do you expect? You chose to be the solider for a government bureaucracy

    • TL

      he posted bond, moron…as is the norm for any dui contestant.

      • anti bachmann

        your the moron you cant post bond until your sober idiot
        just goes to show ya how much are stupid cops get away with

        • jackactionhero

          False. As soon as the bond is posted, hammered or otherwise, he is released. His car is still impounded, so it’s not like he can drive himself away after writing a personal check for the signature bond.

          A little critical thinking might go a long way for you.

          • Not so fast smarty

            You have to see a Judge for a hearing that sets bail amount and conditions before a release order is issued. How did he get to see a judge between 11:38pm and 5:00am?

    • @whygod

      yo whygod ….. maybe ya need a God to make your life less pathetic and miserable? I assure you it cannot hurt someone like you . lol

  • deejay

    There’s only one above the law! there’s only one who is perfect! there is only
    one who can judge! I hope he gets the help he needs alchohol can be an illness one never knows ones stressors!

    • jackactionhero

      “alchohol can be an illness”

      No. Humans suffer frequently from a lack of self control. The alcohol doesn’t jump up and pour itself down anybody’s throat.

  • KegHead

    Just another drunk.

  • Ellen

    Just another blemish on law enforcement, and it is sad. Drunk driving is a serious offense, no matter who does it. They are just human beings, but I expect them to
    follow the law even more than a common citizen. Thankfully he didn’t cause a crash
    that killed someone like so often happens.

  • yeppo

    3rd Degree DWI? So, he either has a prior DWI (unlikely), or he was over .20 (likely). Either way, he is a hypocrite and deserves to be severely punished. He is quite the arrogant ^^^^^ so this really comes as no surprise.

  • fred

    lol…..what goes around, comes around……don`t drop the soap, troop

    • drifter

      Watch a little too much of the movies have ya?

  • Taylor J

    I’m surprised how WCCO is covering up his BAL. If it was anyone else, it would say .10 and not “at or above 0.08”. He deserve to get punish for his crime, regardless if he’s a cop or not.

    • Tony

      Actually they are saying ‘at or above .08…’ because that is what is on the ticket dip$h!t. That is how you are written up and that is what WCCO has to go off of. Nothing is being covered up because nothing has been released. Before you make a quick judgement, try to find out some facts. As someone who has one DUI (not DWI, that acronym no longer is used by professionals), and as someone who will never allow himself to be in that situation again, I know what I (and WCCO) am talking about. The officer made a mistake. He will pay for it, just like everyone else. By the way, ‘He deserveS to get punishED for his crime…”

      • MN Cop

        I am a professional. I am a cop. I use DWI…or Driving While Impaired…and so do all of my partners across MN. I have been in the business for almost 10 years now and it has been DWI that whole time. Good job on that one…and if you want to check it out, here is the link to the MN statute on DWI. Thanks. https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/?id=169A

        • Tony

          Well I stand corrected then. I got mine in 2005 and I was told that it is/was DUI. It is my hope that Trooper Brammert is tried fairly and within the limits of the law, by that I mean that I hope he isn’t made an example of and punished more harshly than others. I understand that all law enforcement officials are supposed to set an example but they are human, and humans are allowed to make bad choices like everyone else.

  • Drew

    In addition to being on the path to losing his Peace Officer’s License, hopefully he’ll have to put Whisky Plates on his cruiser…

    • Kent


  • Erik

    Does not surprise me at all. Cops are human and subject to the same character defects and poor judgement as everyone else.
    Does surprise me though that the arresting officer actually arrested a fellow officer. Not how it usually works where I have lived.
    Will be very interesting to see how this plays out before it is done. Hard to say what the final outcome will be given what lawyers and courts can do sometimes.
    Getting initially charged for DWI does not mean that ultimately there will be a conviction for DWII. How often do we see plea bargains, reduced charges, some procedure error and cases get thrown out, etc.

    • TL

      Not as surprising as one might think….attitudes have changed recently over the last few years about cops arresting cops for this type of thing.

      And…this was 3rd degree…hard to turn the other cheek on this one anyways even if the arresting officer wanted to.

  • WeKnowThem

    Not to worry, he can go to Rochester MN and get a job as a fireman. They are know for hiring drunk cops, they even hire ones who have killed people driving drunk and other horriable crimes. If you live in Roch MN do not teach your kids to trust firemen!

  • justsayiin

    he better not give anyone a DWI ticket again mann- hypocrite

  • sure

    how come all us drunks can’t go and give everyone else tixs when we all fricked up? sheesh – I mean I can write one out to. and maybe even do some acid and a brew and do two

  • NO STADIUM!!!!!! GO TO L.A.


  • 651er

    Oh my! The media is a bunch of drama driven piles of trash. Everyone makes a mistake and many likely did over the weekend, why are they hanging this guy out to dry? Why because he is a cop. Its not like he was driving the squad to f sakes.

    • gwheelock

      It doesn’t matter WHAT kind of car he was driving. Do you think the “cherries” on a squad will provide enough cushion to save your a$$ if he were to hit you with the squad instead of his own car?

      • 651er

        Now please tell me you have never had a snoot full and hopped behind the wheel of a car. Right and if you did should we post your mug shot on the news and cause you extreme embarrasment? What he did was wrong but it is no different than anyone else who got a DWI over the weekend and their photo wasnt plastered all over.

        Lets take a look at Hennepin Counties jail records from Friday to Sunday. Did anyone else arrested have their mugshot put on WCCO. NOPE!


        • gwheelock

          No; I never have driven after drinking – EVER. It’s very simple – DON’T DRINK. PERIOD. If you want to drink; arrange for a designated driver (usually ME for my friends – who drinks COLA)

        • mrsG

          I agree.

          What he did was wrong and he should be punished, as equally as we all would.

          And to assume that the other police officers would look away, is an uneducated, bitter comment based on your own hurt feelings for being caught doing something wrong yourself. A childish example of saying “na,na….”

          Seriously people….use your powers for good.

  • 651er

    Another thought… I wonder if anyone writing this story had a couple pulls of the bottle this weekend and got behind the wheel? Did anyone at WCCO, hell no they didnt right? Thats just wrong right?

    • Getit

      A couple pulls on the bottle? he was charged with 3rd degree which mostly like means over .20

      • Tony

        There are other factors which contribute to getting a 3rd degree besides having over a .2 BAC. Just so you all know.

        • @Tony

          Yes like having a prior, highly unlikly, having a child in the car also unlikly, so you get it, Tony we get it u got 1 dwi we’re all impressed…. Please don’t act like an expert.

  • Joe Walsh

    Geez. Wondering if he might be getting hit because of slow reaction time…

  • Yep...

    Typical cop.

    • 651er

      Typical criminal response!

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