HANOVER, N.H. (AP) — Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota is questioning Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s record on spending. She asks Perry “how can we trust you to not go down the Obama way?”

Perry says he was able to lower Texas’ amount of debt per capita since he became governor.

Bachmann also noted in her question that Perry supported Democrat Al Gore’s presidential campaign in 1988. Perry says he became a Republican at a younger age than President Ronald Reagan did.

The candidates made their comments during the Bloomberg-Washington Post Republican presidential primary debate at Dartmouth College.

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Comments (10)
  1. j speedbag 64 says:

    wake up bachmann obama’s your president,bow down now then get the hell out of town….lol

  2. Richard Stroker says:

    Bachmann has to stay in the light until her book is released for Christmas. Doesn’t she seem like Perry’s sister or something. Both phonies with limited wit and nothing but soundbites?

  3. pib says:

    At least Ms. Bachman has a grasp of economics. You are only attacking her because she has conservative social views, if she were lliberal in her views on abortion or gay marraige you would love her.

    1. Little John says:

      No, she is to stupid for any political party. The GOP has a better chance with her out of the way now. She has no original thought, I would vote for a parrot before I would vote for that nincompoop.

      1. Tom says:

        @ Little John

        The GOP didn’t want neither Palin or Bachmann to get the nomination. In fact if you remember when the GOP won the mid-terms Bachmann wanted to chair one of the committee’s. And where did they put her? In the Intelligence committee. Go figure!

    2. total bullchat says:

      LMFAO — she has NO GRASP of a dam thing other than babble what the TP’ers want to hear.
      She couldn’t get support on a bill if she was the POTUS on a thing….she is a crazed weetch. Charlie Manson’s long MIA sister I hear. No surprise if true….she make him seem sane

    3. Tom says:

      @ pib

      Bachmann doesn’t have a grasp on anything. If she did she wouldn’t wrong all the time. And yes liberals believe that gay couples should be allowed to get married and woman should have the right to choose. But its you conservatives who are the biggest hyprocrits. On one hand you are out their claming that gov’t needs to get out of personal lives and yet you turn around and want gov’t to ban gay marriage and abortion. Why don’t you just say we want gov’t to stay our our business but stick their nose in everybody’s elses business because they don’t follow our morals and values. I hate to break it to you there is no such thing as morals and values anymore!

  4. Canon says:

    She is only sticking around because she invested heavily in a book to be released in November. After that she will disappear. Liberal or conservative, she is a light weight sound bite reader. Go to one of her meetings and you will agree 100%. This one is all about greed. Don’t be niave.

  5. Murph says:

    Hey Ricky, Michele became a fruitcake somewhere close to birth! Does that make her a better candidate than you? Maybe it makes her a better Republican,but first you were a Gore Democrat,then you helped burn Texas to a cinder and now you want to be a GOP POTUS? Leave your fiddle at home Nero’s nephew…yer dun!

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