Panel Clears Obstacle For Vikings Stadium Project

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A Ramsey County panel on Tuesday decided not to call a countywide referendum next year on a proposed half-cent sales tax hike to help build a new Minnesota Vikings stadium, eliminating an obstacle that team officials said would have delayed the project and added to its cost.

Just six members of the county’s Charter Commission supported the tax referendum, with 10 opposing it. That went against the wishes of county residents who testified by about a 2-to-1 margin against the tax hike at a public hearing preceding the decision.

The Ramsey County tax hike, one piece of a proposed three-way deal between the county, the state of Minnesota and the Vikings, is still far from a done deal. The team continues to look for support for its plan at the State Capitol, and a state report due to be released Wednesday indicates the Arden Hills plan has the potential to drain county resources and that a 2015 opening date is unrealistic.

But the Vikings clearly hoped to avoid a referendum on the tax, pointing out the Twins got money from a Hennepin County sales tax to help build Target Field without a referendum. Team vice president Lester Bagley blasted the referendum proposal earlier Tuesday in a letter to the Charter Commission chairman, saying a countywide vote that had been proposed for November 2012 would push stadium construction to 2013 and inflate current costs by at least $110 million.

“Neither the taxpayers nor the team can afford such a major delay caused by adding this referendum provision,” Bagley wrote.

The Charter Commission is a 17-member panel appointed by members of the county judiciary to oversee and make changes to the Ramsey County Charter, a sort of county constitution. Charter Commission members who voted against calling the referendum said it would have been an overreach by members of a non-elected board, usurping the elected members of the Ramsey County Board.

“I do not believe that an appointed group such as ours should be circumventing or challenging the representatives we elected to make these decisions,” Chairman Richard Sonterre said. He said if the county board hikes the tax against voters’ wishes, those voters will get their recourse at the ballot box.

Most at the public hearing left little doubt that’s what they’d do.

“People don’t understand this,” said St. Paul resident Kathleen Stack. “Why would we do this when there are so many public needs in the county to address?”

A handful of union tradesmen from Ramsey County testified in favor of the project, saying it would mean construction jobs. “It would be a great opportunity for a lot of people,” said Stan Tice of Roseville, a plumber and president of St. Paul Building Trades.

The proposed 0.5 percent sales tax hike would raise the county’s proposed $350 million share of construction on the $1.1 billion stadium proposal. The state would contribute $300 million through a package of sales taxes on sports memorabilia and other, mostly game-related spending. The team would contribute the rest, an unspecified amount likely to exceed $400 million.

The Charter Commission’s decision does not totally preclude a referendum on the tax hike at some point. The Ramsey County Board must still vote for the tax increase; if they do, Ramsey County citizens could still petition to put the matter on the ballot — unless state lawmakers override that provision.

That’s less than certain. Influential state lawmakers including House Speaker Kurt Zellers and Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch have said they favor a Ramsey County vote on any tax hike.

The Vikings have sought a replacement for the Metrodome for a number of years, calling the 30-year-old venue no longer sufficiently profitable to the team. The team’s lease in that Minneapolis stadium ends after the current season, raising fears for the team’s future in Minnesota as Los Angeles business leaders aggressively pursue a new NFL franchise.

On Wednesday, the Metropolitan Council is releasing a report requested by Gov. Mark Dayton on the feasibility of building in Arden Hills, on the heavily contaminated site of a former Army munitions plant. The report, details of which were first reported Tuesday night by Minnesota Public Radio News and confirmed by a Met Council spokeswoman, does not advise against proceeding with the project but suggests it would compromise Ramsey County and the region’s ability to finance other major projects.

The report also calls a proposed 2015 opening date for the stadium “an aggressive schedule that is unrealistic,” Met Council spokeswoman Meredith Salsbery said.

Dayton, a stadium supporter, has suggested he could still call a special session on the stadium this year if a deal comes together. But without broad consensus from all partners, the issue could end up waiting until the next regular session, which convenes at the end of January.

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  • Maddog

    They should get to vote. They are the ones who will have to pay the tax. I say send the Vikings to LA. Like AP said the NFL is modern day slavery. Why should we support slavery?. That’s why we whipped the south in the war.

    • Mike

      You voted for that council, so you must live with their decision. Heck, I don’t get to vote on all of Obama’s crud that never benefit me, but I deal with it, because we elect those officials to make decisions for us. It is what it is, get over it, build it, so all those people looking for handouts and jealous of millionaires can whine some more.

    • BlueCollarBill

      I’m ok with stadium – JUST DONT DO IT WITH MY MONEY.

      DUMP COMMISIONER TONY BENNETT for even bringiing this up

    • Z.Wilf

      Vikings fans are basically drunken ,blue collar shirtless Rednecks with painted faces..They still wear the Mullet (jared allen) and love chubby bleach blond Camaro drivin women & shop at Walmart..

      • Little John

        Whats wrong wit dat?

    • Dave

      I dont think it is slavery if they get to choose to play or not. There are many football players who want his spot on the Vikings team so bad. Also, is it really slavery if he’s getting paid over $10 million to do it?

  • agree maddog or

    Why don’t the players pay for it. They make so damn much money anyway…

    Or if we as tax payers have to pay for it, then we sure as heck should get royalties from it in the future. (somehow)

    • bigbad401

      Do you pay for the place that you work?? What a stupid comment. Granted the Vikings owners should pay more and there should be a state wide alcohol tax, but don’t ask the employees to pay for a place to work.

      • JMJ


        Well if that is your attitude, I want to start a business and i want the taxpayers to pay for it. Hey i would be creating jobs right………..Really BigBad get a clue!

        • bigbad401

          The players are not the owners!!! The owners should pay and they are. The employees at Best Buy do not pay for the building that they work at, do they? NO. Employees at Target do not pay for the building that they work at? NO. That is what I am saying. Players pay taxes, but they do not need to pay for their place of employment.

          Plus, taxpayers do pay a lot for start up businesses, so get a clue.

    • TL

      they get taxed and so do the players they play when they come to town…so yeah, they’ll be paying for it too.


  • Viking9384

    Maddog you are an IDIOT!!! Keep the Vikings and send you to L.A. Minnesoya should have done this stadium deal years ago. It is time!!

    • Big Bill

      Viking…If the Vikings leave it will give you the excuse you need to become a Packer fan and, finally,become a real man….or woman depending on your gender.

    • Maddog

      Hey stupid you must not live in Ramsey county. Why don’t you send Ziggy a big donation of your own to keep the Viqueens here if you want them so much?

      • Viking9384

        You are right. I do not Live in Ramsey County. I am one of the Dedicated fans who travels ove 180 miles to see the Vikes in person. I spend lots of $ to see them play. I do this because I love the Vikings. My family loves the Vikings. Someday when I have Grand Children, I hope they have the opportunity to love the Vikings. LETS Make the Stadium happen. If they leave, the whole state will suffer and one things for sure. I will never spend 1 dime of my money in Ramsey County since you can’t do something for the good of all Minnesotans.

        • bigbad401

          I tip my hat to you. I don’t live in Ramsey County, but I do work in Ramsey County and spend money there. Build the stadium and build it fast!!

        • naaaa

          keep sending in yer checks chump – I do live here and want ZERO part of funding a non-essential service. PERIOD

          • jackactionhero

            You already fund “non-essential services” with your tax dollars and apparently you don’t even know it.

            Ignorance is bliss.

            Build the stadium.

        • ez

          If you want them so bad, why don’t you pay for it? Send them some of your money every week until they get their stadium.

          • bigbad401

            ez, what do you think he does by going to the games, spending money at the stadium, spending money at near by restaurants and shops. ez, you are a moron.

        • markH

          ” I am one of the Dedicated fans who travels ove 180 miles to see the Vikes in person. I spend lots of $ to see them play. I do this because I love the Vikings. My family loves the Vikings.”

          But the Vikings do NOT love you back. They don’t even know you exist. The only thing they do care about is your wallet and your willingness to spend obscene amounts of money on tickets and merchandise. I love football like a lot of people, but I do NOT make it into some religion; where I will unquestioningly devote myself and my resources to an organization that couldn’t care less about me personally. I think you need to get yourself de-orogrammed and re-evaluate your priorities in life.

          • taxed enough already

            Amen to that! People have had enough of their livelihoods sucked out of them involuntarily, now again for the Vikes stadium? It’s almost like a group of children having a hissy fit if they don’t get their way. Keep listening for that sucking sound people, at some point you have to question if it is worth it.

            • jackactionhero

              Wait. You think your livlihood is going to be sucked out of you if the Vikings get a stadium?

              I think we’ve identified the problem here…

        • Spend your own money, not mine

          You are a very sick person. Seek help!

          • brittany

            viking9384- i dont think your sick! its true my family and i love the vikings and my two yr old loves them. i think they should stay they bring revenue to this state. and i would be happy if the state spread the tax through out the whole state. you honeslty arent going to notice a difference when your paying for things. people need to stop complaining. you all paid for the twins stadium why not the vikings?

            • Snowlocker

              To Viking9384 and brittany… Thumbs up to you. Some sane comments. Keep the Vikes in Minnesota. Get the stadium done. I do spend money in Ramsey County and I’ll happily give the extra couple dollars a year to support my team. All you bandwagon jumpers and Green Bay lovers commenting on here can go to L.A. and we won’t be missing you.

    • Bob

      Minnesoya? I know its just a typo but the PC police will rip you and sway away from your comment, GO Vikes!

      • Guy

        Yep – “Go Vikes” … go AWAY … go FAR FAR AWAY… enough already

  • Me

    What’s wrong with the current stadium? The game is still played, fans can still show up painted Purple and the scores still count so what is it? Not cool enough?? This is simply fundamental welfare. The only net gain will be to the Vikings and more specifically Ziggy’s bank account. The state will loose, the county and the residents loose. If he can afford it he should buy and bulid it. I live in the house I can afford but would like a bigger one. Why have I not moved? I can’t afford it and I’m not going to beg to my neighbors to fund it for me. This whole thing is so stupid when unemployment is what it is and when there are people living on the streets and going hungry right this minutes. Talk about jacked up priorities.

    • jackactionhero

      “What’s wrong with the current stadium?”

      It is not on par with any other facility in the country. It is not upgradeable to be a facility that is.

      This question has been answered ad nauseum. The question is Where have you been?

      • Guy

        “It is not on par with any other facility in the country”

        they should have thought of THAT before the signed up to play there.

        Poor planning on your (their) part does NOT constitute an emergency on MY part.

        • jackactionhero

          You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.

          All facilities become outdated and obsolete. The Metrodome is one of the only facilities in the country that has not been replaced in over 30 years, sir.

          Let me just repeat: You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.

          • Guy

            And which just got a multi-million dollar “makeover” … new roof … new field…

          • Steph

            There’s plenty of sports facilities that haven’t been recently replaced. Look at Lambeau.

    • Brandon

      Well, I hate to do this, but on average it will cost each family in Ramsey County about $12. I assume that some Vikings players live in Ramsey County and will then pay taxes to that state through their property; they will pay taxes on the money they make in the state. Jobs that will be created for the people that can use them, and that too will create tax revenue. Finally, think of the area surrounding Target Field; those businesses are doing fantastic. Small to big business owners around the area will greatly benefit from this. Also creating revenue for the county and state. Much more than if we “sent them packing” like we did with the Lakers, the Stars, etc. We’ll then pay even more to get an expansion team years later, if one is even available, with less talent and the hardships of starting a team over completely. People should not think just short term. See the bigger picture and how this affects and benefits us all.

    • Oops, forgot something

      I’m your neighbor and you overlooked one little item: I’m NOT going to help you pay for either your existing home or the new home you want. Same should be true for the new stadium Zygi wants.

  • Drew

    Umm, people from OTHER counties who shop in Ramsey would have to pay the tax. No way should the vote on the sales tax, and the fate of the team, be left to the whim of the voters in Ramsey county. If there is a referendum, it should be STATE wide.

    • Me

      Then so should be the tax. Call Dayton and tell him you want a 1/2 cent tax added to your daily bill.

      • Drew

        Hey the Hennepin county tax should have been state wide as well. Get over it.
        No. The vote should be state wide. I’ll even make a point to shop in Ramsey County. For the record, there should BE no vote. The legislature made the rule on referenda, and they have the power – technically they reserved it actually – to grant exemptions from that rule. Have a nice day!

        • Barry Sanders

          Minnesota Statute 297a.99 sub.3 says that there has to be a vote with the local population before the government can impose a new local tax…so it’s going to happen.

          That being said, I would happily pay the taxes to keep the vikings here just as I happily pay taxes to pay for Target Field.

  • Brains 101

    Q. Who decides which doctor or dentist you go to? Who decides which church you go to? Who decides which college you go to? Who decides what your career will be or where you will work? Who decides where you live? Who decides where you vacation? Would you let the fox guard the chicken coop?

    A. You decide all of these things and, no, you wouldn’t let the fox guard the chicken coop.

    So why can’t you decide if you want to pay for a new stadium or not? Would you rather let Zygi mark the ballot for you ___ Zygi pays or _X_ You pay.

  • Jake

    Everybody I know wants a new Vikings stadium, and I know several people.

    • Here's a thought

      Well why don’t you and both of the people you know pitch in and you three and Zygi can buy your own stadium?

      I know several people who don’t want a new Vikings stadium and neither of us will stop you and your peeps from paying for it. Knock yourselves out as “they” say.

      • Tailgunner

        Why don’t you go clean the trailer park you live in….

    • Guy

      Obviously you don’t know ME. If Ziggy wants a stadium he can have one … as long as he pays for it HIMSELF. “Just say NO to corporate welfare!”

  • boo boo

    Let the taxpayers make that decision, BUT if some of you are able to think and figure what you would pay out in taxes it is next to nothing compared to what you will get in return. Just how destitute are some of you? Are you that poor? How embarrassing it must to be you. You all FAIL.


    • Guy

      “GO VIKES!” – GO AWAY!

  • NO STADIUM!!!!!! GO TO L.A.


    • Tom

      Stop typing in all caps it makes you look like you are a 12 year old

    • Viking9384

      Ever heard of L.A. Collisium. Uneducated Fool. L. A. Raiders, L.A. Rams. Where do you think they played? That would be just as good as the dome is until their new stadium is built. Unlike MN, LA has already approved the building of a new stadium and California is in no better financial status the us.

      • He has the brains of a large gnat

        How wonderful! Then the Vikings should be elated to move there. Let California give them welfare, not Minnesota.

        Here’s a thought … do you suppose for Halloween the tailgaters put on their Viking costumes, paint themselves purple, and pass out beers to all the kids?

        Yuk, yuk, yuk … dufus.

  • Little John

    Wow people are so upset about this. Are people really that poor in Ramsey county?

    I bet I have more loose change in my sofa cushions than I would pay in these taxes. Weird. The stadium would bring lots to Ramsey county.

    • Big Bill

      Little John…I’d much rather keep my spare change than give it to Zygi the piggy.

      • jackactionhero

        It will not be Zygi’s stadium.

        Did you miss that fact?

        It will belong to the state of Minnesota.

        Wise up, Bill. You’re looking silly again and again and again and for what?

    • Hello!

      Agree!!!! I love how people say, “the players should pay for it!” Do you pay for the building you are employed in?? NO, well why should the players do so? Players make so much because people by products with the Vikings name on it and they go to the games! If that money didn’t go the players, the money would go to the owners so don’t do a whole lot. This will pass. It will be too big of a loss to lose the team to another state. Minnesota bars and restaurants would also lose a ton of money. People are greedy, they want everything but no one wants to pay for it. If we build a nice stadium we may even see the Super Bowl in MN. Its a long shot, but with the dome there is no shot at all for that to happen!

  • jan

    I live in Ramsey County and have absoluely no interest in pro sports. What would it mean if you bought a new car in Ramsey County? An extra $100! Would anybody buy a car in Ramsey County with the proposed tax? This goes for any major purchase. To save money, just cross the river and buy in Hennepin County. This tax would hurt business in Ramsey County, jobs would be lost too. For once I wish the pols would just say no to taxpayer financed pro sports. Hecetu!

    • Wall street banker

      By the time You drive to a different county and back, you will ave spent the extra 100 in gas…by the way, Hennepin cty has the twins tax…you cannot escape taxes

      • jan

        I live less than a mile from Minneapolis and maybe 3 miles from Dakota County and even if I spent more for gas, which I won’t have to, I’d do it anyway just out of spite and Hennepin County’s tax is way less than the proposed Ramsey County tax.

        • jackactionhero

          In other words, you’d be willing to spend the same money to make sure there is no stadium and no NFL team as you would to keep them.


          • Guy

            Because we are tired of having Ziggy & friends try to CRAM this down our throats.

            I would be willing to spend TEN TIMES AS MUCH to STOP this as it would to fund it – just because they have me P-Oed.

            • jackactionhero

              Nobody cares that you’re PO’d, and nobody is going to change a half billion dollar stadium because of it either.

              Zygi isn’t cramming anything down your throat, sir. Once again, you have proven you really don’t have the slightest clue about that which you speak.

              Zygi Wilf won’t get a stadium. The state of MN will.

              Do you think cities around the country line up to get a professional sports franchies just to tick off the loud mouthed jerks who don’t like sports?

              Get a grip on reality and start looking forward to the new stadium, because it IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

              • Guy

                Get enough of us who are POed and who WILL remember this at election time &
                it WON’T happen. Politicians tend to see which way the wind blows & right now it’s 2-1 AGAINST !ANY! money for a stadium.

                NO Stadium. No matter how you try to sugar coat it. We can’t afford it & don’t need it.

                Just because other cities around the country are full of brain-dead jocks doesn’t mean we need to follow their examples

      • Guy

        You must get REALLy sucky gas milage. I can drive to IOWA on 1 tankful … which is less than $30.

  • Tom

    Like someone said in a radio interview we should issue a state wide 2 cent drink tax then everyone can contribute to the team staying. Poeple who say that the team should move to LA are being so closed minded on this issue.

    • Me

      You are 100% correct! The tax is nothing compared to what would happen to our state if we lost the team! Businesses would close, people would lose jobs, and we would not have a team!

  • Jean

    Don’ buy the cr in Hennepin County. You’ll be paying more in taxes because we’re forced to pay for the Twins Stadium. The one I have never been to nor will ever go because I don’t like baseball. I don’t like football either. I think the people who like the sports and want to go should pay for what they want. Don’t make those that don’t care about sports pay for them!

    • jackactionhero

      You not liking sports has no bearing on what the state of MN will do when it comes to hosting professional sports franchises.

      Basically not many people at all share your opinion.

      Regardless, the state and its citizens stand to make a ton of money off a new stadium, so who gives a rat’s a55 if you like sports or not, Jean? NOBODY CARES.

  • Jean

    That’s car…not cr. WCCO has an incredibly s-l-o-w way to leave comments. If you can at all type…one is bound to make an error on this site.

  • Johnny Rain Cloud

    A 1/2 cent tax increase would be $4 per month for 30 years. If Ramsey county doesn’t want the stadium I know a piece of property just off of Lexington Ave and 109th St. in Blaine. Put it there. In fact, I will pay $10 per month for 30 years to have the stadium in Anoka County. It’s only beneficial for the county it’s built in. More people in on the weekends of games and other events to spend money. Absolutely!

    • zippy the leach

      Evidence that any of what you spew is true, or even likely?

  • Commonsense

    There are alot of things taxpayers have to pay for that they don’t want and don’t use – how about we put everything up to a referendum – then we won’t need those clowns that sit at the capital. Obviously we’ve learned nothing from loosing the Minnesota North Stars or the Mpls Lakers because it just cost us more money to buy another team – build the stadium already and I’m not even a vikings fan

    • Jake

      Oh, do you mean things like the guthrie, just about the most UGLIEST building EVER CONCEIVED, at least from the OUTSIDE?? How about the stupid ‘water fountains’, the twinkies stadium, STUPID BIKE TRAILS, etc.? What is ‘art’ to some is useless GARBAGE to another. “Art”, is NOT a NEED. It’s a stupid slush fund that needs to be cut off at the knees.

      • jackactionhero

        Actually, scientific studies on the benefits of arts education and refined culture activities prove you wrong, Jake.

        But don’t let that stop you from barfing your ridiculous lies all over the internet, buddy. LOL

  • angus

    The neerve of some people! In a Democracry wanting to vote on a project costing billions! They should just bow to the rich white folk who want a new stadium for their toys, which includes the players. The people daring to question the wisdom of the rich people and the fanatics should all be sent out of state! They have no reason to live here other than spending their money for the establishment.
    Oh by way, why not give a little money to help the unfortunate???



  • Cindy

    Wow, I blast the Vikings for being so SELFISH! Pay for your own stadium Ziggy and team. Not like you are good and deserve a new playground, what a joke – GO AWAY!

    • jackactionhero

      Zygi doesn’t stand to get his own stadium no matter what the decision is.

      Are you just uninformed?

  • Minnesota taxpayer

    The Vikings are a privaly held company, not a public corporation. Why do prosports feel the taxpayers are obligated to fork over hard earned money in a depressed ecomnomy. How does keeping the Vikes help an unemployeed worker from Bemidji? We already pay for prosports whether you like it or not in higher sponser cost which in turns goes to the over paid athelet. Not only the cost for a new stadium but than add in the inferstructure the added congestion and who pays for all this? When less than 1% of high school athlites move on to college and less than a half of a precent of college go pro we are not talking about helping a large margin of tax payers. But the bottom line is the Vikings are privatly held and in order to use tax payers money it must be put to a vote. The Vikes know it will never pass therefore majority wins and that is what America is all about.

    • john Q. taxpayer

      can an unemployed worker put back to work generate the same amount of jobs and income a 1.1 billion dollar stadium can?? people (even in a depressed economy) will pay for their sports and entertainment. creating 1000’s of jobs dozens of businesses and an unknown amount of tax money in the next 30 years. how much tax money will the person from bemidji pay over the next 30 years and how many additional jobs will that person create?

  • follow the sheep

    Oh that’s rich. Before the commission has even hinted that they may allow the taxpayers to vote on a tax increase, the Vikings are “blasting” a referendum?

    Talk about Zygi and company having no shame!!! So the Vikings won’t be happy unless they can shove a $650++ million bill down the taxpayers’ throats?

    I was in favor of a new stadium …. but surely not by forcing people to pay for it.

    After seeing how the Vikings are posturing prior to the commission even voting, I no longer support a new stadium. If the Vikings can’t get it with either a fair vote by the public or by paying for it with their own multi-million dollar incomes, then I’ll help them pack their bags!

    Zygi, you are a disgusting person and should be ashamed of yourself and how your team spokespersons are handling this matter.

    • jackactionhero

      Why are you blaming Zygi Wilf? That doesn’t even make sense.

      I’m calling you out as the disgusting one who should be ashamed of yourself.

  • vikings guy

    I dont have kids, why should i pay for all of your kids to go to school. I dont go to artsy fartsy places like the guthrie, but I had to “help” pay for that. The bottom line is, if you choose to live in a place like the twin cities, you should expect some of this. Its for the greater good and lifestyles of everyone. whether its education, or entertainment, it benefits all of us. The Vikings are like every other sports team, they want assistance, and while this is not the way things every should be, every other team does this, why shouldnt they have a piece of it? I think they did up what they are going to contribute as well right? Get it done and move on.

    • bigbad401

      right on!!!!

  • G Dog

    So if you are against a Vikings stadium, how do you propose to make up for the loss of economic impact of the team?

    The Vikes pay a heck of a lot in income taxes. Are you willing to increase your taxes to make up the difference? The Vikes bring in a lot of out of town business to hotels, restaurants and stores. Will you spend an equivalent amount to support businesses? The Vikings practice facility pays a chunk of change to Eden Prairie and Hennepin county. Will you make up the difference? There are a lot of Minnesotans who make their living supplying the Vikings with everything from food service to security. Will you hire these people to continue their employment? Will you make up for the charitable contributions the Vikes make to the community, from volunteers at the concession stands to the work that they do at hospitals and community events?

    Maybe it is time to consider the whole rather than one’s selfish interests. By the way, I’m not a Vikings fan. But it seems to me that if one so so adamant against a new stadium, you should at least have a plan for the replacement of the loss of revenue, exposure and entertainment.

    • oh really

      OMG dude, you must be living in a cave. Don’t you read any other news? The Vikings don’t bring big buckeroonies to MN that wouldn’t be here anyway. The very simple question to ask yourself is this: If owning a stadium is such an economic boom … for anyone … why doesn’t Zygi want own this himself instead of trying to force the taxpayers to pay for the lion’s share of it?

      Sheesh. Go take a third grade arithmetic class.

      • jackactionhero

        Take an economics course or 20 in college like I did and you will know that the stadium plan is a no-brainer. Or maybe you have an economics degree too and I owe you an apology?

        Do you think cities jump in line to get Pro sports teams because they can’t wait to lose money? LOL

        GET A CLUE

      • vikings guy

        really man? I wouldnt want to pay if I didnt have to either!!!! get a clue, and go back to school!

    • frozenrunner

      The owner lives out of state, the money gets spent there. Many of the players don’t live here the whole year, that money gets spent elsewhere. The fans are mostly local, if they were not then the Vikings would be playing up the 100000 people they bring in every year. If the people did not spend their money on the Vikings, they would spend it somewhere else. Service jobs lost would be created elsewhere. The Cato institute could find no proof that a stadium brings in more money than cost. One could argue that it adds to the quality of life or provides a distraction for those who have a miserable life.

      • MARINE VET

        You do know that out of state players pay taxes here too right? To the tune of 12-20 million a year in tax revenue, but it doesn’t matter anymore.

  • Cindy

    G Dog, the dome is paid for, where is the State of Minnesota reaping benefits at the current time from this sports establishiment and how do you figure we will in the future, if the ching is not there now, how will it be with a fancy stadium at the tax payers expense?

    • Wall street CPA

      8%income tax on every player that plays a game in MN…that is big revenue for the state

  • just me

    Build the stadium. Get the Superbowl here: +500 million in economic benefits!! Problem solved……

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