BRAINERD, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Supreme Court is on the road in Brainerd. The justices are hearing a case at the local high school Wednesday.

Chief Justice Lorie Skjerven Gildea says she’s “happy to be in real Minnesota,” meaning outside of the Twin Cities. She says the visit to Brainerd is one of the highlights of the court’s year.

Tuesday night, the justices held a community dinner at Central Lakes College where they dispensed advice to students and emphasized the importance of civility and open-mindedness on the court.

The Brainerd Daily Dispatch says Justice Helen Meyer told students to be respectful of other views, celebrate differences and “spend time with people who don’t think like you do.”

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Comments (8)
  1. curly_racks says:

    Yes the “real” land filled with 1/3 rd of the inhabitants of the state….yes those same locals that rely on the suctioning effect of LGA to fund their pathetic operations……..

  2. drts says:

    If I had a case before the Supreme Court, I would not like it in the control of a woman who would make such an idiotic comment.

  3. Jack says:

    If her point is that the Twin Cities don’t define Minnesota because Minnesota is mostly small towns that have a different lifestyle and feel to them, then I agree with her. The Twin Cities are just a small part of Minnesota. Minnesota is a small town state. Even our “big cities” are small compared to other states, and the politics and lifestyles of those in Minneapolis and St. Paul certainly aren’t suggestive to the way the rest of the state lives. It’s in this regard that I would agree with her — if that’s what she meant.

    1. curly_racks says:

      That must be why about 65% of the residents in the state live in the metro area per the census……….

  4. Kevin says:

    I think what she is saying is….that the twin cities is now over 50% color including somalians, Chicago folks, hmong, mexicans….etc….and recently voted the #1 Gay spot in the US…….so the only REAL minnesota left is out of the tc……I mean some saint paul schools are now 93% color with over 65% not speaking english….Minnesota has become Minnethirdwordsota….

    1. My, my says:

      what an incoherent and poorly thought-out statement.

      If ignorance is bliss, this guy must be one happy feller!!

    2. curly_racks says:

      I love Kevin’s bigoted comments for the day… How did that farmer murder work out for you…isn’t diversity grand. Apparently using the Census results to back up your ignorant claim would be too difficult and prove that the TC is about 75% white still. if diversity is bad

  5. Jake says:

    She didn’t say what the title claims. She likely means they like being outside of the rarefied environment of the Supreme Court’s chambers and the state capitol complex to mingle with citizens not fully engaged in public processes but in regular life. She’d say the same thing in Richfield or New Brighton. Nothing offensive at all.

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