MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The brother of the late Derek Boogaard has pleaded guilty to gross misdemeanor interference with the scene of the former Minnesota Wild player’s death.

Aaron Boogaard initially faced a number of other charges relating to the hockey player’s death on May 13, but all other charges were recently dropped.

It is believed Derek Boogaard died as a result of a combination of alcohol and the Oxycodone. Hennepin County prosecutors alleged that Aaron Boogaard provided the painkiller to his brother.

Aaron Boogaard’s attorney, John Lundquist, argued his client merely provided safekeeping for the painkillers which had been purchased by Derek Boogaard. Aaron Boogaardkept custody of the drugs in the apartment the two brothers shared because the former Wild player was battling addiction.

Because police believed he flushed painkillers down the toilet to hide them from police, Aaron Boogaard was also charged with gross misdemeanor of interfering at a death scene.

He pleaded guilty to that charge on Thursday.

Aaron Boogaard was sentenced to 178 days in a workhouse, but the sentence was stayed. He will not have to serve so long as he does not commit any similar offenses in the future.

Aaron Boogaard also faces two years probation and 80 hours of community service.

Boogaard’s attorney released this statement Thursday afternoon:

“Aaron has adamantly denied committing any drug offenses. The court agreed and dismissed the drug charge. The state says that it will not appeal, leaving only the gross misdemeanor charge.

“Aaron told the police from the very beginning that he had flushed Derek’s pills down the toilet after he discovered his brother was dead. He acknowledged today that he made an error in judgment in doing so while suffering from extreme shock after coming home and finding that Derek had passed away. Aaron and his family are relieved to have the case behind them. They hope that the State will bring those responsible for Derek’s death to justice.”

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  1. No one to blame but oneself!!!! says:

    Why is it that anytime a drug or alcohol death happens people scream for them to put the “parasites” away. I am sorry but he was an addict he did this to himself no one put the drugs in his mouth and fed them to him he did it to himself. It is sad he had an addiction and ultimately cost him his life but there is no one to blame here except himself. I feel bad for the brother because his own flesh and blood put him in a real hard position of dispensing his drugs for him. What can you say there except he was doing what he thought was best instead of getting help for him. Sad story and I hope I am never put in a position like that.

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