MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 36-year-old Minneapolis man is accused of beating a man in the head with a baseball bat near a light rail station in Minneapolis, according to charges filed in Hennepin County Court on Thursday.

Mohamed Ahmed Abufatima was charged with second-degree assault in connection with the incident.

According to court documents, police responded to a light rail station in Minneapolis on Tuesday on a report of a man being assaulted with a baseball bat. When authorities arrived, they spotted a man later identified as Abufatima grabbing the male victim by the shoulders.

The victim was beating screaming for help and bleeding from his head, according to the complaint. The victim told emergency personnel that Abufatima beat him in the head with a baseball bat as he was riding his bicycle home.

The victim was transported to the hospital and received multiple stitches to the back of his head. Abufatima was arrested and is still in custody and faces up to one year in jail and $14,000 in fines if convicted.

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  1. Uhhh says:

    It doesn’t, and it never will.

    Your point being what, exactly?

    1. Mr D says:

      I thought it was funny.

  2. jan says:

    It says in the article, “if convicted” Does that mean that he possibly won’t be convicted and set free to repeat his rotten deeds?

    1. Well in theory says:

      he’s innocent until proven guilty.

      But I guess we could always give him a fair trial and then hang him.

      1. hard rains says:

        It sound like you mean you’d like a hanging first and a trial second to me.

  3. Ali Akbar Mohammed-Mohammed says:

    That rich,vibrant Somali culture adds so much love to the fabric that is America..I applaud the churches that sponsored this peace loving culture to Minnesota..Multi Culturalism is such a beautiful thing..BTW > have the Seward Market killers been sentenced yet?

    1. Well do you mean says:

      the guys who killed those three Somali men who owned and worked at that convenience store?

      Sentencing any day now. First degree murder. How do you spell life?

    2. markH says:

      The churches should be ashamed of themselves for polluting Minnesota with so much violence and crime all in the name of a mythology. The churches did the same thing after the fall of Saigon. The largest enclaves in the US of Hmong is in St. Paul and Eau Claire-and I don’t have to mention here about the precipitous rise in gangs and crime that resulted from that pious effort. I think the churches should stick to their delusions and stop trying to be so charitable; we could do with a little less hospitality and a lot more door slamming. Peace.

  4. sid says:

    Who did he beat? Is this a hate crime?

  5. kevin says:

    another one who looks like kevin.

    1. Kevin says:

      Thats all you got? No gay bashing? Stop suckin you mommies teet and grow a pair…..come on…compare me to a Gay or Transgender……

  6. stop bullys says:

    I would like to meet up with you mr coward. Can you tell me where you to find you?

    1. Kevin says:

      OnIsaC speaks the truth you violent POS liberal…you want to meet someone come meet me….Im free all weekend….

      1. stop bullys says:

        Kevin, he’s not looking for gay sex.

  7. Jake says:

    Just can’t wait to see the biker and the refugees battling it out in front of the Henn. Co. gov’t center over who has more rights than than who. That should really be some good news coverage.

  8. M says:

    Near a light rail station. How many stations are there? I cannot believe they wouldn’t even say which one.

  9. Mr D says:

    I would rather drop a daisy cutter.

    1. Kevin says:

      Nice….Mr D….I have forgotten the fun of a daisy cutter…..

      1. night shift says:

        Ok guys, break is over. Back on the forklifts or i’ll pull the computer from the break room. You’ll have to pay for your own internet at home or spend more time in the public library.

  10. cco censorship says:

    Comments being deleted big tme today.

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