WEST ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – A 48-year-old West St. Paul man is accused of assaulting another man after he told the man not to let his dog mess with his cat, according to charges filed in Dakota County Court Friday.

James Douglas Strobel was charged with one felony count of terroristic threats and one misdemeanor count of fifth-degree assault in connection with the incident.

According to a criminal complaint, West St. Paul Police were called to the area of Bernard Street and MacArthur Street at 12:55 a.m. on Oct. 5 on a report of a disturbance. Two men were apparently yelling at each other and someone had mentioned a gun.

When authorities arrived, nobody was there but another call came in for a nearby address. A man at that address told police he had been assaulted while walking his dog. He told police he was walking his dog near his residence when they came across a cat on the sidewalk.

The complaint states the man stomped on the ground to scare the cat away so the cat and dog wouldn’t have a confrontation. A man later identified as Strobel yelled at the man to not “mess” with his cat. The two exchanged words and Strobel said he would beat him up.

The man ignored him and started walking down the street when Strobel and another younger male attacked the victim from behind, throwing punches and kicking him, the complaint states.

A witness to the assault came out of a nearby house and the attack ended with Strobel and the other male running back to Strobel’s residence.

The victim had dropped the leash for his dog during the attack and was search for the dog, and when he got near Strobel’s home, Strobel yelled at him that he was going to get his gun and shoot the victim and the dog.

Strobel was later arrested at his home and denied to police that he assaulted the man. He said the cat might have distemper.

If convicted, Strobel faces up to more than five years in prison and $11,000 in fines.

Comments (16)
  1. v says:

    If you’re going to let your cat run free…. know where it sits on the food chain, and don’t be alarmed when it doesn’t come home. A cat on the sidewalk in my neighborhood means my dogs eat free. He should pay a fine for the assault, but go to jail for being an imbecile.

  2. Jon Mellberg says:

    Boy these flea partiers are a violent bunch, aren’t they?

  3. Jeff says:

    Have another drink strobel….frickin alky

    1. twofiveone says:

      He probably is a “frickin alky” who else would let their cat go “catting around”!

      1. aaah poop says:

        or letting their mutt chit on others property. just sayin’
        you folks don’t clean up after your pets — things happen. pay heed or bleed as yer mamma said.

  4. v says:

    hey dummy there is a reply option for people comments.

  5. kevinisstupid says:

    Sounds like Kevin is out again.

  6. aaah darn says:

    People do crazy stuff for their animals
    They willing to abandon the kids they create but Gawd forbid one say a thing about about the pets.
    America isn’t just going to the dogs but it is a country that has gone to chit. lol
    Sick place we populate

    1. Kevin says:

      Yes, and it is all because of conservatives. They suk.

  7. Rags says:

    Strobel has distemper.

  8. Okay says:

    he might at that. and the other mutt faced dude has been castrated.
    both had families and both abandoned them for their animals. hmmmm – isn’t there a law against doing the deed with an animal?

  9. Jessica says:

    Well if the cat was loose, that is usually against the cities leash laws.

    for example ‘Dogs and cats are required to be under restraint when off the owner’s property. Leashes are required to be under six feet in length. There are some exceptions to the leash requirement, including an exceptions dogs at a dog park and registered outdoor cats.’ that is for Plymouth

    From the sounds of it the guy with the cat probably didn’t follow anything considering the cat didn’t have up to date vaccinations if it could have had distemper.

    1. @Jessica says:

      Hmmmm Jessica – you live where they got leash laws,,and laws against damn near everything. Here they don’t. And it’s a play game we doing here on the distemper. lol
      Now – I hear you have coon there running around with distemper…that I would be worried about. just sayin’

      1. Jessica says:

        A play game on the distemper? Well in the story the guy said the cat might have distemper. ‘Strobel was later arrested at his home and denied to police that he assaulted the man. He said the cat might have distemper.’

        Where do you live that does not have leash laws?

        I am more worried about a coon with rabies personally. 🙂

        I own dogs and cats. I just meant that if a person owns a pet of any kind and it is unleashed off their property, they are breaking most likely a leash law and they cant get mad at a man walking his dog on public property, which a sidewalk is. Its not like the dog or the man went after the cat to injure it, just stomped his foot to get it off of the public sidewalk.

  10. Mike Jacobson says:

    Wow..an aggressive cat owner? That darn cat must have spread it’s distemper.

  11. Puss & Boots says:

    See what happend when you mess with a mans pu$$y?! Just don’t do it…

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