MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police are looking for a man they say walked into a Minneapolis Patina location and exposed himself to employees.

The incident happened Sept. 23 at the store on the 2300 block of 18th Avenue Northeast.

Witnesses said a Caucasian male in his 50s standing just under 5-and-a-half feet tall walked into the store, exposed himself and began to masturbate.

Police said the employees ran from the store. The suspect, who was otherwise wearing a striped sweater and shorts, fled in a gold Toyota Prius or similar-looking vehicle.

Anyone with any information that can help police find and prosecute the suspect is asked to contact the Minneapolis Police Department’s sex crimes unit at 612-673-2881.

Comments (14)
  1. busted busted busted says:

    aaaah Marcus…you in doo-doo on this one and busted. What’s this gonna do for Michelle’s chances at the BigHouse? You one foolish dude – but I guess if I had to look at her 24×7 I’d be looking for a thrill too. lol

    1. Jake says:

      Marcus is too tall. And Michelle would never allow him to drive a Prius.

  2. chuck in st paul says:

    That was a great headline… “touched himself” WTF? I just HAD to see why touching oneself was a criminal event. ha ha ha Well done.

  3. kevinisstupid says:

    I wish Kevin would just stay home.

  4. Jeff says:

    Look at his pic on kmsp.com, looks just like Denny Hecker

    1. Escapee ?????? says:

      Damkit – he does! DId Denny escape on now on the loose???? lol
      I still attending to his mate and she’s locked up in the back. Ooops – she just called for lunch…later

  5. Denny Hecker says:

    I touch myself all the time but that was not me in he picture. I am stuck here being touched by Bubba right now and I am not liking it

  6. Don_J says:

    …and this happened on September 23rd… what the hell, are we in a time warp or something?

    1. Ralph says:

      Slow news day I guess

  7. JamieinMN says:

    Really?!!?!? Almost a month later and it’s NOW being reported……..Yea, good luck catching the perv!

  8. M. Stein says:

    I don’t know what this guy was thinking. I mean, there are WAY hotter chicks at Bibelot. . . I have to admit, when I “wash the dog”, I can’t help but fantasize about handmade paper cards and little rock paper weights engraved with words like “love” and “serenety.” MMMMMMMMM. . . . gotta go now.

  9. Rags says:

    Did they capture some DNA? CSI Minneapolis.

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