Talks Set To Resume Between Sugar Company, Workers

FARGO, N.D. (AP) — Negotiations between American Crystal Sugar Co. and its union workers are scheduled to resume later this month.

A federal mediation service in Minneapolis announced Friday that talks have been scheduled for Oct. 24. The time and place was not disclosed.

About 1,300 union workers have been locked out since Aug. 1 at five sugar processing plants in Minnesota, North Dakota and Iowa.

American Crystal’s last offer was a 17 percent pay increase over five years, but workers rejected it over job security provisions, health care costs and language in the contract they say will hurt workers in future years.

It would be the second time the two sides have met since the impasse.

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  • WhatBS

    Now that they rejected the 17% over 3 years, I wonder how they are going to like the new offer 7% over 5 years. (If I was American Crystal Sugar that would be my final offer)

    • th

      It is not always about money. It is about being treated with respect.

      • Jimmy Hoffa

        Sure it is. Respect is earned. And it’s a 2 way street. The union is ticked because their members are being asked to contribute more for their insurance coverage. Welcom to the real world. How respectful is it to demand your employer pay all or most of your health care coverage? Here’s a wake up call, they don’t have to provide benefits PERIOD.

        And to turn down a 17% raise over 5 years? What, you’re too good for that kind of chump change? Get real! The industry average increase in the private sector is 1% to 2.5% per year.12.5% over 5 years at best!

  • Joe


  • Guy

    The new offer is “0% over 0 years” (aka “your FIRED”)

    I would LOVE to have a guarenteed 17% raise.

  • poor dummies

    The uneducated were just educated in risk adjustment. They will get nothing new if that much.

  • corporate greed

    meanwhile the corporate thieves will take even more from the labor of the workers. Nothing new here.

    • Jimmy Hoffa

      Another Lemming…

      It’s call being profitable. If the company isn’t profitable, it ceases to exist. Then no one has a job. Why is that so hard to understand for some people?

      • GOP = chumps

        Another stooge…

        It’s called being responsible. If the company isn’t responsible, it ceases to exist. Then no one has a job. Why is that so hard to understand for some stooges?

        • Jimmy Hoffa

          @GOP =Chumps DFL=Schmucks.

          Being responsible? Surely you jest. You can be as responsible as can be, but if you don’t make money, you’re Done, Finished, Kaput, No Mas! Comprende?

          You can’t pay a salary on good intentions. Try sending an envelope of good intentions and resposibility to the power company and let me know how that all works out. There are many irresponsible companies that turn healthy profits. Remember BP? Very irresponsible, plenty of Moola. Gonna be around a long time.

          • Hoffa is 6 feet under.

            Is it possible to reason with dirty republican filth? I guess not.

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