Indy driver Dan Wheldon crashed yesterday in the Las Vegas Indy 300 race.   It was a tragedy for Indy racers.

Click here to read the story and see the video.

  1. Jake says:

    Can’t believe all of the IGNORANT, HATEFUL, and IDIOTIC comments that have posted on blogs all over the internet on this incident. Everything from “I don’t understand why they burn gas going in circles” HINT: these cars don’t burn ‘gas’, they burn ETHANOL, something that I thought you stupid greenies would LOVE, to “burnt white cracker”, to “It’s not a sport”.

    America has become so clueless. Much of the technology that auto racing has developed, especially in the area of SAFETY, has contributed immensely into our passenger cars. Aerodynamics, efficiency, reliability, etc. have mostly been developed in racing and migrated into passenger cars. Todays cars and trucks are MILES ahead of vehicles made only 20 years ago. Dan Wheldon continued to play a part in improving the safety aspect of racing cars, even up until his death. Dale Earnhardt, as great of a driver as he was, ignored proven safety devices, like a full faced helmet and the HANS device, because he was allowed to and he thought he would never die in such a crash. No driver in NASCAR can do that any longer, nor should they even want to.

    As to the racist comments, they are inexcusable. Dan was truly a champion of a sport that he loved and had a great passion for. He was well liked, he had a wife and two young children, and he was noticably successful. I never heard of him ever utter a racist remark. Those who find satisfaction in his death are truly sick individuals.

    As to the opinion that such racing is NOT a sport, I challenge any of you who think that way to even TRY to perform that well while enduring high temperatures, sustaining high g-forces, and staying focused enough for such a length of time that you don’t crash on your own. There is an infinite amount of engineering knowledge and experience that goes into building and racing these top-tiered cars. As you all can now clearly see, it is not a risk-free SPORT either. The stakes, the downfalls, and the rewards are very high. Most of these people put their whole life into this SPORT, so they can give us some high quality entertainment. So….if you can’t understand what it is that they do, if you are too DUMB to appreciate it, if you can’t say something positive, understanding, or thoughtful about an incident like this, shut the hell up. There is no hope for you.

    I will say something about the “Indycar crowd” though, that is not so flattering. They do tend to think that their ‘league’ is above just about everybody else’s, and I disagree. Whether it’s NASCAR, drag racing, endurance racing, Formula 1, or Indycar, all of these leagues are unique in a certain way, and appeal to certain fan base. I don’t consider Indycar fans to be any better than the fans or other motorsports. They should take that big chip off of their shoulder.

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