Occupy Wall Streeet Ad

The Occupy Wall Street people have put out an ad.  Notice how clean cut everyone looks.

Click here to see ad.

Click here to see a video from the other side.  How they depict the protesters.

  • Phid

    “Click here to see a video from the other side. How they depict the protesters.”

    Let’s see – the commercial is set up. The interview is not. Which one do you think is more true to the nature of these “Occupy” protests?

  • Rani Bondhus

    What a clueless,unfocused,unmotivated,unaware,directionless,inarticulate group of uneducated unemployable slackers…free college huh? What a joke these people are!

    • Me

      Media is not showing the people who actually have direction. The main goal is to stop government from bailing out wallstreet and big companies. They are not unmotivated. They are fighting hard for this. Media is picking out the crazies in the group to get people like you believe that this is a joke.

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