Truck Stolen From Family Of 2-Year-Old With Brain Cancer

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As if a 2-year-old son undergoing chemo therapy for a rare type of brain cancer isn’t enough for a North Dakota family to go through, now they are recovering from someone stealing their truck.

A thief their black 2005 model Dodge truck from the Ronald McDonald House parking lot in Minneapolis. In addition to hundreds of dollars in valuables, one thing the thief took can’t be replaced: a book holding all the child’s medical documents.

Mark Asmundson, the boy’s father, said the book contained his son’s chemo schedule, records and his doctors’ phone numbers.

“All the important stuff,” he said.

The family got into the cities from North Dakota Sunday night and woke up Monday morning to find their truck missing.

Asmundson’s son was diagnosed with brain cancer less than three months ago.

“[Doctors] found a 5-centimeter by 5-centimeter tumor,” Asmundson said.

Since then the boy has stayed at the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital for all but 10 days.

“Four of those days we were on the road, but even on the road, knowing you’re going home is just about as good,” Asmundson said.

The family came back to the Twin Cities for his son’s third round of chemo on Sunday night. When they came out in the morning, there was no car.

“It was quite a shock to see a different vehicle there,” Asmundson said. “But then your brain goes into the mode: I still have a kid to get to chemo in 15 minutes.”

Asmundson said it shocked him to find his car stolen, but he said it was minor compared to the other unexpected turns life has thrown at him this year.

“It’s disappointing to get your car stolen, but it’s hard to be that negative when you’re surrounded by this many good people,” Asmundson said.

Asmundson filed a police report with the Minneapolis Police Department, but nothing has yet turned up.

The Ronald McDonald House said this is the first car theft on their property in the 32 years they’ve been there.

Asmundson’s insurance company said that in the event the truck doesn’t turn up, his policy will replace the value of the truck. However, it won’t replace any of the other stolen items.


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