MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Jerry Kill says turning around Minnesota’s woeful football program is going to be a bigger job than he first thought. That doesn’t shake his confidence that he will get the job done.

Kill has had to stay on his players about going to class, help them learn the fundamentals on the field and assure them that the revolving door of coaches and support staff has finally stopped at Minnesota.

His biggest immediate task is keeping his players from giving up. The Gophers have been outscored 103-17 in two straight losses before the bye last week. The beatings have taken their toll on the mental state of the team, and the games don’t get any easier.

Nebraska comes to town this week followed by games against Iowa, Michigan State and Wisconsin.

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  1. Erik says:

    Yup, Jerry, it all the poor program you inherited and the players. Right !!!

    Your right it is going to take loger than you tthought. Like long enough to find a coach maybe ???

  2. Gordon Doose says:

    Kill keep your head high and don’t let these people that don’t know anything about foot ball bother you. When they say that you don’t know how to coach. Don’t let the media bother you either because all they know is how to criticize. Hang in there–the time will come when we will win. Gordon Doose cheryladoose@hotmail.com

  3. Ali says:

    Since Heath failed to iomtnen anything about the state hockey tournament,all tournament and all state teams for high school hockey this year I now will be covering this issue. Both situations have their flaws, in a perfect non-title IX era the girls would be in Fargo every year and the boys would be in Grand Forks. The state tournament became a joke when the 3rd place game was moved to Purpur Arena. Bismarck and Minot do not have the facilities or support to host the state tournament. The day a state tournament is played on the western half of the state is the day boys high school hockey isn’t sanctioned any longer. In the end I don’t see the NDHSAA giving Fargo State Hockey, the attendance will be down and by down I mean lower than the disappointing 3-4,000 we have seen in the past couple years in Grand Forks. Once Davies gets in the picture we will be lucky to see a Fargo school in the state tournament. Central, Red River, and Grafton will all be locks year in and year out. That means there is only one spot left for South, North, Davies, West, and Devils Lake. Furthermore if we see a Red River-Central championship game or worse yet Red River-(insert west school here) championship there will be less Grand Forks supporters making the trip. To me that sounds like 1000-1500 for the title game which is a recipe for disaster.To sum it all up, Boy’s state hockey needs to stay in Grand Forks. I’m not too worried about whether 55 girls hockey parents are watching their daughter play at Engelstad or the UP. Looking at the big picture it makes the most sense from an logical and economical stand point to keep the boys tournament at Engelstad.

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