Man Who Allegedly Exposed Self At Patina Arrested

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police have arrested a man they believe walked into a Patina store and exposed himself last month.

Authorities put out a plea for the public’s help late last week to find the man that, on Sept. 23, walked into the store on the 2300 block of 18th Avenue Northeast.

The man was observed by employees exposing himself. Police said the employees ran out of the store when he began to masturbate in front of them.

He fled the scene in a gold Prius or similar-looking vehicle.

On Tuesday, Minneapolis Police said they arrested a suspect. He was not immediately identified.

  • buggy

    Looks like Denny Hecker

    • red

      good one buggy! Sure does-

    • @jackactionloser

      It’s probably about time for you to get out of those nasty sweats,take a long shower & borrow some change from Mom for bus fare to go out & apply for a few jobs..Something..Anything..Just get out of that back bedroom & get a life.

    • aaaa

      he was one of the wall street protestors

      • laura

        Oh, jesus. Take you all day to come up with that one, idiot?

        • em1022

          hahahaha thanks for the laugh!!

  • Cindy

    Why did it take almost 1 month before this storey and picture were released, that is what I would like to know as a woman living in NE Minneapolis!

    • jackactionhero

      So, if you had this photo and story for a month, what would you have done different “as a woman living in NE Minneapolis?”

      You think you were in danger of him grabbing you or something? LOL

      Come on…

    • duh


    • No More Mr. Nice Guy

      Hey everyone, it’s local idiot “Cindy.” He’s not a rapist, or at least there is nothing of that kind being reported just yet. And if he was a prior offendor then get on your internet and look him and the other offenders up in your neighborhood so you can stay safe “as a woman living in NE Minneapolis.”. Waiting to get the news from the news? Good thing you’re only worried about yourself. You sound like an incompetent burden.

  • Jack Noff

    Nice shirt. He looks like Kevin.

  • duh

    Cindy–This story was reported on right after it happened.

  • Son of a gun Cindy

    The Weinie Man got nailed. Dang it – he was all striped up and ready to roll that day if they nabbed him. Coulda saved a buck on the uniform. lol
    Cindy – if this type of thing comes as a surprise for you living in the NE I suggest you pay some heed as it is not that uncommon. Spend a day around Central Ave and get a wake up call … better yet think of carrying in future if your panties are in a twit

  • mike

    Just what in the f@%* is wrong with people like that? It seems pretty obvious this fruitcake needs some serious counseling before he get’s any worse.

    • jackactionhero

      There is no situation in the English language in which “get’s” is a word.

      • Jack N Hoff

        Pretty ironic that you’re correcting English Mr. actionhero. I’ve read your moronic posts for a while.

  • Cindy

    Wow, nobody makes typing errors and it is not a surprise, idiots.

    • jackactionhero

      Cindy, I have to say that I thought it was really funny that you thought that “as a woman” you were in danger of this exhibitionist finding his way to your backseat to kidnap you and expose himself in your presence.

      I haven’t encountered that level of irrational paranoia in a long time, and it’s always nice to know that lunatics like you are still out there.

      Thanks!!! :)

      • SO SAD

        That’s what I say about guns – irrational paranoia.

        • em1022

          Oh my God….lets not open that debate…guns are to protect yourself against idiots and the ever increasing drug addicts that are wiling to do anything to get money to either pay back their dealer or to get more drugs.

  • Lester D McDonald

    It get’s me how “OFFTEN” people make mistakes. Or is it of ten?

    • em1022

      WOW!!! It’s “OFTEN”….way to go Lester!! lol

  • Jake

    I hope he’s out on bail soon. I mean, he has to meet with legislative leaders and the Vikings to get the stadium deal done soon! Wait. That IS Governor Dayton, isn’t it?

  • Denny Hecker


  • Guy

    They need to charge TWO counts of obscenity – one for showing his wiener & one for wearing that UGLY shirt

  • Sue Velure


  • jan

    I got arrested once for “decent” exposure, so there!

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