EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (WCCO) – Donovan McNabb’s stint at quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings appears to have lasted just six games.

Sources are reporting that Vikings coach Leslie Frazier informed McNabb that Christian Ponder will be the starting quarterback on Sunday when the Vikings face the Green Bay Packers. Ponder was the team’s first-round draft choice and No. 12 overall pick in the NFL Draft.

Ponder played the last two series in the Vikings 39-10 loss to the Chicago Bears Sunday night. While he didn’t lead the team to an offensive score, Ponder looked sharp and accurate in the performance Sunday night.

McNabb went 1-5 as a starter for the Vikings, and ironically probably played his best game as a Viking in Sunday night’s loss. He went 19-of-24 passing for 177 yards with no touchdowns and no interceptions. He did take a safety early in the game and fell victim to a couple of receivers dropping passes. In the Vikings’ lone win, Adrian Peterson ran for three touchdowns against the Arizona Cardinals. McNabb was just 10-of-21 passing for 177 yards.

In his two series, Ponder was 9-of-17 passing for 99 yards. He had two passes of 20 yards or more.

The Vikings were off Tuesday and had no official comment on the switch. The announcement is expected to come at the team’s weekly news conference on Wednesday. Tuesday is also the NFL trading deadline, and it’s unlikely that McNabb would be dealt to another team. If he doesn’t want to sit on the sidelines the rest of the season, the Vikings could release him.

Comments (31)
  1. Jack Noff says:

    No welfare for zippy.

  2. brittany says:

    really jack what does that have to do with a QB change? GROW UP!!

    1. brittany says:

      i guess ur immaturiy fits your name 🙂

      1. zippy says:

        Have you been to school anytime lately?

        1. brittany says:

          yes i have and unemployment has nothing to do with them changing a quarterback. have you been to school lately?

  3. Maranda Palacios says:

    Does anyone else see Zygi Wilf as the underlying problem for the Vikings? Smiling and laughing when we are down 20 points in a game…We get a great quarterback (Favre, McNabb), we have the best kicker in the NFL, we have Allen, Williams, Peterson, Harvin, Kleinsasser, Winfield…yet we lose.
    Wilf wants to sell the team and is apparently going to do whatever he wants to make sure we let the team go.

    1. Have you ever liked an owner?? says:

      @Miranda, have you ever had an owner that you have liked? I mean when Red was hear and the Vikes were losing everyone said it was his fault. He sold the team and now they are losing agian and Wilf is the problem. Who do you like as an owner? Just curious. Oh and GO-PACK-GO just a littel dig Vikes fans, all in fun

  4. what!?! says:

    You dont win super bowls with washed up QB’s – You groom your own. This is the best thing these guys have done all year!

  5. To early leave McNabb to take the hits!!! says:

    Yep best thing they could do is throw him in to the wolves against a division opponent and the 6-0 and that is 6-0 defending Super Bowl Champs, the Greenbay Packers…… I am not a Vike fan as you can tell but I am also a big believer that you give the kid some time to learn the NFL. Check the history of the 1st round draft choices and very and I mean very few ever end up being successful if they are thrown out there in their first year. They are 1-5 and no chance to make the playoffs, leave McNabb in there to take the hits and let this kid learn some more. I really like Ponder I followed him in college and I think he can be what the Vikes need as a franchise QB but I think it is too early. Hope it goes good for him he is a humble kid.

    1. Jerry says:

      Nothing to learn from McNabb – should have started Webb last year!

      1. Why??? They aren't going 11-5 with him says:

        Ok then start him and in 2 years all of you Vike fans will be calling for his head because he isn’t wining enough. If I am such a dope then prove me wrong. I bet you can list on 1 hand all the QB’s in the league that have been a hall of fame QB in their career’s after starting out their first year playing. Yes I agree with Jerry he isn’t going to learn a lot from McNabb but what he will learn is the tempo of the game, the plays, all the stuff that isn’t talent related but through watching and learning. Like I said I hope he proves me wrong he is a good kid and has a bright future but what is wrong with waiting a little longer to give him more time to watch. The Vikes are not going to turn the season around and win every game to finish 11-5, let’s be realistic so why not hold him out get another high draft pick and pick up another great player in the draft.

        1. @Why says:

          Wow you have to be a h.o.f. to have a solid career? P. Manning is both, chit for brains they need to start him to see if he has game smarts. You want him to sit on the bench for 2 years watching junk qb’s lose. Burger King should have never let you run the fryer your 1st year but they did you understand?

          1. Actually Dairy Queen says:

            Actually it was Dairy Queen, it doesn’t matter who you have at QB you still have not 1 Super Bowl win chit for brains.

        2. jackactionhero says:

          Marino, Elway, Aikman, Manning (easy 1st ballot HOF), Namath, Griese, Johnny Unitas, Fran Tarkenton, Bob Waterfield…

          None of those names ring a bell, eh?

    2. TL says:

      you sound like a fudge packer backer who thinks because his team won a SB last season he knows what it takes to build a winner now. i tell ya, the vikes are just the type of team that will probably win against your 6-0 soon to be 6-1 fudge packers Sunday….for starters.

      For another…all teams go through their peaks and valleys…Vikes reached theirs in 2009 while the fudge packers watched at home. Now its its switched. I wouldnt be surprised if the Lions took care of GB in the playoffs…theyre about due themselves. In fact they waaaay over due.

      So it isnt rocket science….next season the Fudge Packer’s will be back in the middle of the pack standings wise and they’ll be a forgotten anamoly…again…when free agency opens up (they lost two from last season…apparently mo’ money trumps a shot at a SB ring….imagine that).

      1. Vikes 0-4 and Packers 4-1 in Super Bowls says:

        So susseful the Vikes are huh? Boy and in 2009 you reached the Super Bowl to huh???? Anymore good ones to come at me with??? Hmmm Vikes 0-4 in Super Bowls, Greenbay 4-1….. Enough said

      2. Doug T says:

        Oh ya… that’s right. Your high was an almost … And the Packers won another Super Bowl

        Bring it Vikings – and good luck.

    3. Dah says:

      Earth to you GB is solid but their Defense sucks, so do the math.

      1. Here is some math for you 6-0 and 1-5 says:

        Why is it that Vikes fans just can’t admit they aren’t that good right now. I mean if GB was 1-5 I would be the first to say, yeah they don’t looks so good but hopefully they can build on it. I mean come on is that all you can think of to diss a 6-0 team is the defense sucks? They must be doing something right, yeah they aren’t what they were last year but they also wern’t that good early in the year either as far as defense. It wasn’t until towards the end of the year they got better. So you do the math, my math says 6-0 and your math says 1-5.

        1. jackactionhero says:

          Why do you both take rivalry into cheap insults and stupid name calling and tacky jeering?

          Grow up already.

  6. j speedbag 64 says:

    when we get a solid head coach and a real vp then we will win games,i doubt these guys can win with the patriots offense,prevent defense in the 2nd quarter,les is not a standard nfl coach,fire him he’s a punchline…..

    1. @speedF-ag says:

      Well you’re not a high school graduate so go figure, be silent lifetime d-bag!

  7. blue skies says:

    Oh yeah, Ponder can learn all sorts of things from sitting on the bench watching McNab. Like how to lie down and give the other team a safety. It’s time they give Ponder a chance – he can’t do any worse!

  8. SeeYaInLA says:

    Looking forward to them going to LA……..just LEAVE. no one cares

    1. zippy says:

      Well, a few care, but they are all d heads.

  9. Jason Jurgens says:

    I am personally happy about this. Ponder is very aware and knows where to move in the pocket when the pressure comes. His eyes are down field looking for an open receiver. He will not win every game from here on out but he might teach mcnabb something new.

  10. Josh says:

    The number one reason a move like this is made is for fan base. You think fans are going to let McNabb keep throwing into the dirt? Not so much… It’s a good idea to get him in there and take reps. Game time experience is always better than watching a veteran. You don’t have to deal with the “on the field” factors like noise, and there’s no better way to teach a QB to scramble than to throw him in there and let him get hit. So, the rest of the season is all about 2012. McNabb isn’t going to teach him much, so he’ll have to teach himself. It may not improve our chances to be better in 2012, but it sure as hell won’t hurt. We don’t need a HOF QB, we just need one with a 70% completion rate/ 100+ passer rating. Not to mention one that can actually scramble and get away from a guy with a bum knee…

  11. This will be a good decision for the Vikings in the long run. It is intriguing that Ponder gets his first start against the Super Bowl Champion, undefeated Packers. Kind of like teaching a kid to swim by throwing him in the deep end on the first day of swimming lessons! It will be interesting to see what happens, but it seems that Ponder is a very confident, hard-working and committed QB, one that you could see being successful at this level. Only time will tell.

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