ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton says within the next two weeks he will unveil a detailed proposal for a publicly subsidized Minnesota Vikings stadium in suburban Ramsey County, including a plan for how to raise a $300 million state share.

Dayton says Wednesday that he’ll then call a special legislative session by the end of November for lawmakers to vote on the plan. The announcement came after three days of meetings between the Democratic governor and numerous stadium stakeholders, including Vikings owner Zygi Wilf.

It was Dayton’s strongest endorsement to date of the Vikings’ preferred stadium site in Arden Hills over one of several possibilities in Minneapolis.

Stadium backers are facing a skeptical audience in Republican legislative leaders. House Majority Leader Matt Dean said Wednesday he doesn’t want a stadium special session.

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Comments (32)
  1. zippy says:

    No welfare for zippy!!!

  2. Jim says:

    Remind me, what has Ziggy Wilf done for the State of Minnesota?

  3. L says:

    there’s bigger issues they should put such hard work into fixing before building a stadium

  4. Notax says:

    Note tp Mark….you were a lousy senator (Time Magazine) and you’re an even worse governor. The state is broke… money… debt. Stop spending money we don’t have.

    1. Matt says:

      state is broke because so many people are out of work.

      1. Snakes says:

        Wrong! State is broke cause of over spending.

        1. urareptile says:

          Nope, state isn’t broke at all, the $ is hoarded away by snakes like zippy who don’t pay much in taxes.

  5. Matt says:

    Have to spend money to make jobs. I am not a football fan and I still see this is a good deal for the north metro. If it was built in Minneapolis it wouldn’t create any new jobs.

    1. Snakes says:

      Okay so lets not only divide the cost of building a stadium, lets also split up the Profit.

      Why not make a deal that will make folks want to have the stadium in their Backyards: Suggestions.
      Preferential treatment for Season Ticket Sales.
      Discounted Tickets for People from Ramsey County.
      Stadium Proceeds pay for a portion of property tax.
      Stadium proceeds pay for additional Police protection in the Area.

    2. gtV says:

      Glad to see I am not alone in how I feel about the stadium. Funny thing is that people are so shortsighted over this stadium issue.

      1] In the end the state of MN will own the stadium venue! Yes, Ziggy will get a couple of tax breaks for his subsidy greenbacks but that’s Business! The state will get their tax revenue shares from the developments that Ziggy wants to construct.

      2] It doesn’t take rocket science to see that the Met Council will have to reorganize itself to a streamline business model to handle the metro sports venues. This in itself will save the taxpayers a bundle of money. This also gets rid of the MTC deadwood/dead-beets.

      3] Since the stadium is owned by the state and MTC-managed income generation from the venue can be realized in the state and local economic coffers. The venue could a great place for concerts etc.

      4] Don’t discount the fact that there will be plenty of parking and tailgating amenities for football games and the like. Ziggy makes his money on game days and so does the state.

      5] Last but not least, look at the mass transit possibilities that developing Arden Hills as a transit hub could do for the North Metro. Arden Hills could be a greater tourist or regional attraction greater than the MOA. Along with these developments are the many jobs created from start to finish. Oops! Almost forgot, there could even be a state-run casino in the area to add revenue as a bonus to the state coffers.

      Build this public works project and they will come. Now maybe the Vikings could now produce a championship team like the big markets.

      1. pat says:

        It will be like the last stadium if it is made, polard bum brothers and their business and banks will own the stadium, and get the largest share of profits.

        Any involvement of the state in sport franchisees is ridiculous, by all means dump any MET council but along with it any government spending with any more stupid.

        People already spend ridiculous amounts on sports, its not like people will get more leisure money to spend because the stadium suddenly becomes bigger, that is a choice on discretionary spending of personal income.

        And if in hypothetical future this makes vikes camps, and? The whole state goes to hell and is underfunded, but the rich get richer, legit business that do give good paying jobs to educated normals who are not the 0.5% or less roid monsters facing higher costs and limited services in one area chose to go to another.

        Let California and Detroit have the ‘best’ teams, and be high tax I rather win where it counts, low taxes and a better state economy, and services, and balanced books.

        1. gtV says:

          What’s in the tea or coffee you have been drinking? If you look at other major stadiums subsidized from the public coffers you will find the government entities that subsidized the stadiums own them!

          Cleveland is a good example where the Browns, Cavaliers, and Indians stadiums/venues are owned by the city/county taxpayers. The stadiums are managed by the teams with the city/county having rights to book the venues for other purposes as needed or available. Due to legal treatises or contracts the teams can’t leave town without paying back their financial obligations, agreements, subsidizes, en total, including the team names, logos, and some propriety naming rights belong to the City of Cleveland. In other words, the teams could become under ad hoc ownership with the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County [Ohio]. As you can see someone in Minnesota hasn’t done their financial homework. It would be costly for any Cleveland pro team to split town!

          Ziggy would had pressed to skip town if the state of MN and the Met Council had such agreements in force. Also, Cleveland and the surrounding metroplex may be hurting in this recession but the teams are breaking even financially and keeping to their civic legal agreements win-or-lose!

  6. Chuck F says:

    Build it !!!

    Don’t like it, move to North Dakota..

    1. Not says:

      Better yet – have the Purple move there and you can go see them.
      I’ll spend my money on something I enjoy. 😉
      Even a street ho at $20 brings me more joy. lol

      Mark – you lost many votes here. C-ya dude

      1. Snakes says:

        He can count on ACORN to print up some ballots to get him in to office.

        Dayton is Super Rich, how did people think that he could accurately govern a people he doesn’t understand.

    2. Nike J says:

      Thanks Chuck Foreman

  7. Mike J says:

    Mark, I want my vote back, you sold us out!!!!!

    1. Matt says:

      You don’t get to vote on everything that comes up. These people are elected to do the work of the people and it would be a waste of tax payer money to vote on every little thing

  8. G Dog says:

    The country has sold its soul to big business and the power of money. Get used to it. Middle class earnings have declined. The Conservative agenda to continue to empower the rich and create Third World salaries for Americans is coming true. So build the stadium as a monument to capitalism over democracy. And above all, keep voting Republican.

    Dayton? If he opposed it, Tony Sutton would rip him a new one for not investing in jobs, jobs, jobs, The Guv is damned if he does and damned if he don’t.

    1. JMJ says:

      Quit blaming conservatives for everything. Dayton is not one, he is a big boy so he can take the responsability for his own actions.

  9. Jim says:

    I will ask again, what has Ziggy Wilf done for Minnesota?

    1. jackactionhero says:

      That is not the debate here. Try to stay on topic.

      1. me says:

        Yes the topic of the day is

        “Does Jack’s IQ manage to reach UP to the Vikes win record”

  10. not freaking out says:

    You freaks are forgetting that if they move, the state would increase taxes anyways. The vikings contribute a lot of money to the state each year. I am not talking about playing football, I am talking about tax dollars. This needs to get done. You complain about roads and schools now, just wait until they leave or if it gets delayed. the longer we wait the more expensive it gets. All they are asking is a small increase. I bet if they increased taxes without making it public nobody would have noticed.
    I would rather have my tax $$ go to a stadium than a “Green” Parking ramp downtown St. Paul (which was just built btw) where it has stalls available for all of our electric cars.

  11. Walter says:

    Public money for a stadium results in a net LOSS of jobs. The money is extracted from other sectors of the economy and those jobs, good jobs, are lost.

    Only a politician would tell you this is good for you while he takes your money. Come on people, get a clue.

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      Walter what’s the kool-aid you have been drinking? Where are your facts?

  12. TW says:

    If it were my call the Vikes would be playing at the Dome or headed west. But Dayton and the money lords will shove the publicly supported new stadium upon the people no matter what. The best suggestion I have heard is to make sure Dayton the the other political leaders recognize their support for this will cost them your vote.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      So it’s your opinion that the vast majority of Minnesota’s registered voters do not want to have an NFL franchise in their state?

      You are very wrong on that.

      1. me says:

        Then put it to a VOTE and find out.

        Put your ballot where your mouth is.

      2. JMJ says:


        I am with TW. Vikes can get lost. If our government thought that they would put it up for a public vote. But they blocked that, so I would say it is safe to assume that even our politicians know that Minnesotans are fed up.

      3. jack the jock supporter says:

        Jack is all BS and no fact. Plus he posts about a dozen times on every topic on this site. I wish the boy would get a job other than posting here. That or he could move with the Vikings and be a full time “professional Viking jockstrap” … er, ah … supporter.

  13. Willow says:

    I wouldn’t mind the stadium in a suburb. No more having to fight downtown traffic to go to a game or having to pay an arm and a leg for parking would be awesome.

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