International Space Station Will Be Visible

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Mike Lynch said that the International Space Station will pass overhead this evening from 7:30 p.m. to 7:36 p.m. It’ll look just like a super bright star moving from the western horizon to the eastern horizon (moving eastward). At about 7:33 p.m. it’ll be nearly overhead over the Twin Cities. Don’t miss it.

Also the Orionid Meteor Shower peaks out early Thursday morning, best seen from 3 a.m. to morning twilight — especially away from heavy city lighting you may see over 20 meteors or “shooting stars” an hour. Just lie back in a chair and roll your eyes all around the sky. Have Fun!

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  • Oranzovy

    Vary cool! Thanks for the heads up.
    At 7:30 I made my way up to my normally pain in the butt flat roof, though thankfully not to patch it this time, and you were right on, i could pick out the super bright shine of the ISS right away, it even stuck out amongst all the airplanes and stars.
    The ISS really zipped across the sky, but actually given it’s going 17kmph. i thought it would go by faster.
    Just after the ISS had passed overhead it suddenly disappeared, I thought what the heck? and then realized, ah the Earth just got in the way of the sun.
    That was fun, Thanks again.

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