ALEXANDRIA (WCCO) — A moment of road rage backfired on a western Minnesota man when he allegedly directed his anger at two off-duty sheriff’s deputies.

“Dumb” and “dangerous” is how Sgt. Brad Brejcha of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department summed up what happened on Highway 27 Saturday afternoon.

According to Brejcha, Scott Tarczon, 37, of Villard turned onto the highway at around 4:30 p.m. While driving west towards Alexandria, he was passed by another car and — for some reason — lost his temper. According to Brejcha, he started swerving and tailgating the other car, and he then took his rage a step further.

“All of the sudden, he displayed a hand gun that they could clearly see,” said Brejcha.

What Tarczon apparently didn’t know is that the men he was waving his gun at were off-duty sheriff’s deputies. After about a minute, he turned off on County Road 17, which is when the deputies turned around and began following him.

The deputies got his license plate number, called it into dispatch and on-duty deputies showed up at Tarczon’s house a short time later. They arrested him and also found drugs in his car.

“It sounds like to me that he wasn’t the most cooperative person in the world,” said Brejcha.

Tarczon now faces five criminal charges, four of them felonies for second-degree assault and terroristic threats — all for a minute of alleged road rage.

Authorities say it’s a reminder to play it cool, because you never know who’s in the other car.

“You also don’t know what that other person is going to do. So, you may be the one that’s gonna carry out the road rage, and it could get turned back on you just as fast,” said Brejcha. “The other person — maybe the person that has the firearm — maybe is the person that doesn’t have the patience to put up with you.”

Tarczon is in the Douglas County Jail.

Brejcha said it did not appear he was drinking or on drugs.

The investigation is on-going, but Brejcha said the deputies did the right thing in this case: they called on-duty deputies, which is his advice to anyone who may be the target of a road rage incident.

Comments (43)
  1. Jake says:

    I’ll be the first white guy to call this idiot a stupid cracka, and if he has any notable past criminal history, he should be locked up for a good long time.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      He hasn’t even been convicted of anything at this point,so all of this conclusion-drawing is very premature..Let the justice system run it’s course & relax.

  2. Serpico says:

    The same thing happened in reverse when an undercover Robbinsdale detective got road rage and pulled his gun on a man and his wife.

    The man had a permit and a pistol and shot the detective.

  3. mannix says:

    The deputies did the right thing by not engaging the suspect themselves. We’ve seen too many cases of off-duty yahoo cops who get into trouble sticking their noses were they don’t belong. A few cases have ended with unarmed citizens shot and killed.

    1. MN Cop says:

      Really? Their nose didn’t belong there when they were threatened with a gun? An off-duty cop is still a cop. Sometimes better to be a good witness, but sometimes there is a need to get involved.

      1. You know the says:

        You know they did something to provoke him, probably pulled out in front of him, but they will not say that.

        1. guy says:

          They passed him….just after he pulled onto the roadway. So it looks like he pulled out in front of them. And either way, a reason to pull a gun? NO

  4. Kate says:

    What a piece of ****. Glad he’s off the streets! Imagine if he would have done this to someone that wasn’t an undercover officer or worse yet if he would have eventually shot someone in a road rage incident. I’d be willing to bet this isn’t the first time he’s done this and it probably wouldn’t be the last if he was still on the streets tonight. Have fun cozying up to bubba big shot!!

  5. karmah says:

    Yeah, he looks like an idiot, too.

  6. king says:

    I can bet you he has done alot of worst things then this, his luck just ran out.

  7. As jack said... says:

    Why did the off duty deputies turn around and follow him after he turned off the same road they were both on? He was no longer a threat to them. This is just another example of the law harassing people. They did something AFTER the threat occurred. Makes me wonder if there was a threat at all to the deputies.

    1. What a joke says:

      Wow you sir are an idiot!

    2. wow says:

      So long as he didnt’ actually shoot anyone it shouldn’t be a problem? The man is a threat to others if he goes around waving his gun at people. I bet he is a bully and tries to intimidate others for the slightest perceived wrong.

    3. aranma says:

      Thank you. I totally agree. I’ve been stopped by police in a road rage incident and they were the ones mad. When I appeared in court and explained the situation everyone got a good laugh and the charges were dropped. This guy didn’t hurt anyone and to call him an idiot maybe one should look in the mirror before just throwing it out there. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not condoning his actions by any stretch but diffusing a situation is a lot better then escalating it. This guy should get a public defender or a good lawyer for illegal search and seizure and all charges should be dropped. Hey I’m entitled to an opinion just like the rest of you.
      That’s one thing that’s wrong with this country everyone is so quick to condemn someone without the whole story.

      1. Chris says:

        We can’t believe that you actually said that… or were you sarcastic?

        Just could not tell, but want to be sure that you understand that this was handled perfectly and that guy is a danger to us all… so stop with the liberal whining!

      2. MN Cop says:

        So the Deputies should have just dropped it? Not “escalate” the situation by calling it in and getting uniforms there? Scott is the one that escalated the situation by flashing his gun. Sorry, but when that happens we bring it….

      3. em1022 says:

        Are you kidding?! lol wow…you are what is wrong with this country!! He is clearly a dangerous individual and I can guarantee you the illegal search and seizure will not be dropped, they had probable cause when he waived the weapon….do your research before flapping your jaw. I love how quick criminals and supporters of criminal activity are so quick to use the constitution and to scream that their rights are being violated….you’re a criminal, to me that means your rights are suspended until you can act right!

        1. em1022 says:

          This was directed at aranma…..

    4. MN Cop says:

      Let’s use your logic for a moment…If a person were to assault you. Hold a gun to your head for no particular reason than you did something that he didn’t like. After he walks away no harm, no foul? So it’s just OK to waive a gun around? As long as YOU were no longer being threatened it would be harassment for you to call the cops. I bet the 911 dispatcher would have a hard time understanding you as you screamed and cried into the phone. Sure, if the deputies had just continued on their day this maniac would not have been a direct threat to them. But he sure as hell was a threat to others on the roadway! If they had let it go and an innocent civilian was killed by this guy they would have to live with that the rest of their lives. This is what we do. We are out there every day protecting the public from guys like this. We have a duty to take appropriate action in times like this. We can’t turn a blind eye to a FELONY assault!

      Sorry if there is a similar response…I tried once and it didn’t appear to go through.

  8. Scott is a girly boy says:

    Looks like the kinda’ d0uche I enjoy beating down – friggin’ moron. D@mn lucky that wasn’t me you were following, Scott. Point a handgun at me, I’ll draw and blow your F’ing brains out before you even have a chance to think about it.

    1. snowman says:

      You sound like a typical Minnesota hillbilly!

    2. M. Hack says:

      It’s okay, you don’t have to prove to us you’re secure & don’t live your life in fear. Big tough guy….

    3. Boy George says:

      Yeah right, internet tough guy. In reality when someone is following you and showing a gun you will pee in your pants.

    4. Scott/Girly Boy says:

      You’d probably hit em with your purse & run away!

    5. jackactionhero says:

      I doubt you could kick the turd out of your own pants that would result when someone such as this pulled a gun on you. It’s funny to imagine though. Thanks for the laugh, tuff guy. LOL

    6. Bend over and grab your ankles girls says:

      Looks like you got all of Scott’s little butt-buddies all upset over your post – good job!

      A bunch of limp-wrist weaklings that could never survive on their own.

  9. morning says:

    Hey ,, many men that slam women, directing anger at them where it doesn’t belong, usually are those that are angry they can’t come out of the closet. No, the man is a messed up male, probably in a Hurry for his beer. Your mentality’s sound very similiar.

    1. D says:

      Wow where did that come from? You may have issues.

  10. just sayin says:

    Look it’s ZZtop wanna be!!!!!!! Except with no money.. and probably no women either!

  11. mike says:

    Can we say “”Meth mouth””?!?! As the first poster said… looks like a stupid crackaaaaa to me. Strung out, white trash pile of trash.

  12. B says:

    I agree completely that it was the wrong thing to do. Drugs can do stupid things to good people.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      The cops said he wasn’t on drugs, so what are you talking about?

      1. jack needs to read before commenting says:

        drugs were found in the car so he is either dealing or using. Either way, it makes people do stupid things and damages brain cells. And what makes you think I’m talking about you?

        1. jackactionhero says:

          I never thought you were talking about me.

          It was stated that “drugs can do stupid things to good people” which I disagree with right from the getgo. Drugs don’t make good people bad. They make the bad come out of good people or they’re bad people to begin with, but the drugs don’t change that.

          The article stated the cops found drugs but the man didn’t appear to be on anything. Maybe it’s YOU who needs to read before commenting, eh? LOL

      2. B says:

        Trust me, I know what I”m talking about. I don’t mean that in the wrong way, but I know the situation.

  13. Kevin says:

    A typical tea party member.

  14. Rags says:

    You Jane, me Tarczon.

    1. jackactionhero says:


      Soon to be:

      You John, me walk funny.

  15. no way says:

    looks like a good welfare recipient of a citizen…..wait he’s white?…move on people nothing to see here, must be a mistake.

  16. 8892 says:

    We obviously aren’t hearing the truthful side of the man’s story but he was still wrong to rage on them.

  17. Big Jim says:

    He looks like the guy I teabagged a week ago. He must have been upset, because all his “friends” saw me do it to him. Hey, I was just loosening him up for jail – you can thank me later…

    1. Jerry in Mpls. says:

      God, no kidding, Big Jim?! He does look quite gay, so this doesn’t surprise me. Bet he’ll be wide enough to take two lane semi traffic up that keister in a week or so.

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