MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO)— There’s a group of women in the Twin Cities focused on changing the fashion world. To them, there’s no link between how old you are and what you can and can’t wear.

They call themselves “Aging But Dangerous” — better known as the women who take part in the annual Martini Skydive Jump. Instead of a parachute, they’re now relying on the runway to get their message across.

“(Women) deserve to feel sexy if they want to feel sexy,” says 63-year-old C. Suzanne Bates, from the group.

During an interview with WCCO-TV, Bates was wearing a skirt cut above the knee, see-through leggings and high heels.

“I feel like I’m 35,” she said about her outfit. “You read so many articles that say that if you’re over a certain age you shouldn’t wear leggings or a short skirt.”

The group of women — all over age 50 — have thrown out the fashion rules when it comes to age.

The group is putting on a fashion show to prove it. The oldest model in the show is 83.

“That’s what we’re trying to show women 50 and over — that they can have their attitude,” said Jean Ketcham, from Aging But Dangerous. “This fashion show is like a rock concert.”

“I think a lot of women (our age) wouldn’t wear jeans and boots,” said Ketcham.

Armed with a new attitude, they hope to spark a movement.

Bates said, “We are changing the way that society and retailers perceive women our age by changing the way we perceive ourselves.”

The fashion show is Thursday at Nicollet Island Pavilion. It starts at 6:30 p.m. and the proceeds will go towards Dress For Success, a national program that provides business suits for low-income women who are headed out on job interviews or starting new jobs.

Tickets are $35 in advance and $40 at the door.

The outfits being featured Thursday are from five shops in the Twin Cities: Larue’s, Key North Boutique, Drama Boutique, C’est Chic, and Allee Metro Chic.

Comments (8)
  1. So tired says:

    So many double standards. If a man ever accepted a used suite from another man he’d be ridiculed for not being able to “earn” it on his own. No one cares about your insecurities in wearing a skirt if you’re 67 years old or whatever. Wish this phony empowerment would go away and these people would focus on real issues like single mothers and domestic violence. I guess those topics arent sexy though.

    1. Grammar Police says:

      That’s “used suit” FWIW

  2. Vanna says:

    There should be limits out of decency and respect on what people wear, even young people. No one wants to see your butt hanging out or it sticking out of spandex (Spandex are NOT pants). And if you are a bigger woman, or man, dress appropriately. There are plenty of gorgeous women and men that aren’t “larger” and the reason they are? They dress right. They look proper and clean cut. That’s how all should dress at any age.

  3. My own grammar correction says:

    *are larger

  4. Uncle Rico says:

    They look ridiculous. I believe the term “grow up” is appropriate here.

  5. jan says:

    I’m 81 and I know I’d really look ridiculous if I tried to look sexy. I’m not trying to attract a man anyway and I wear clothes that I like. I’d never wear high heels, they are way uncomfortable, I usually wear jeans, loafers and a nice shirt and no curly perms for me either. Just give me a really good haircut and comfortable clothes.

  6. Amethyst singer says:

    I will soon be 56, and have never conformed with what folks expected me to wear. I am a designer, and love to create beautiful ensembles. I still dress provocatively when I am on stage singing. I can pull it off, it’s expected when you are a performer. I’ve always thought folks should assume you’re in the band by what you wear. I have long hair, which my age-peers think is too young. I, however, disagree.

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