NRA To Wis. AG: Concealed Carry Flap Not Over

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The National Rifle Association says its fight with Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen over concealed carry regulations isn’t over.

The NRA has objected to a number of mandates in the state Justice Department’s rules implementing concealed carry, including a minimum of four hours of firearms training and completion certificates signed by instructors.

Van Hollen, a Republican, sent the NRA a lengthy letter Thursday explaining his legal rationale. He said he’s interpreting the law as it’s written.

NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam said Friday the association still believes Van Hollen is wrong. Arulanandam says the association is considering a variety of options, but declined to elaborate beyond saying the dispute was definitely not over.

DOJ spokeswoman Dana Brueck says Van Hollen’s letter was straightforward and the agency doesn’t need to comment further.

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  • Murph

    Dear GOP, OK ,sooo you let us buy the glock pistol on the condition that we “off” less than two or perhaps three people at a time.Would you still vote for us and our reason for existance?Or would you swing left and say that “normal” people and politicians would be a bit more cautious in the realization that less weapons out there means less shootings everywhere ? An alliance with the NRA does not,by the way, give you free reign to subjugate the American people! ..Great, now what about those 50 caliber sniper rifles sold at nearly every weapons event in America? Is that still ok with the Party of NO? If not,there could be consequences ,so far unforeseen,but never the less visable to those who can see! into the future! The future FARRRRRR beyond 2012.You do understand that as expert marksmen and outdoorsmen,we are not to be messed with or fooled by faux news ,faux promises and faux hopes! YOU DO ! understand this much,as so far presented.DON”T YOU! Because if you don’t and you decide to f— us,the favor will be returned! You see ,the problem is not in placating your enemies but not arousing the the anger of your friends! Signed ;expert marksman,sportsman,hunter..seeking true friends!

    • Sue J

      HEY MURPH! Time to put on your Aluminum hat LOL

  • Tom

    I have no problem with law abiding citizens having guns for hunting purposes or if they are gun collectors. But when the NRA has this nutty belief that everybody is entitled to have a gun even if they have a criminal record or have mental problems that is a problem. And of course I really don’t understand gun owners thinkin that they need to carry their gun with them when they are not at home Especially when anywhere they take their gun they have to leave it in the car. Unless they are trying to impress people by showing them they are packing heat.

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