OLIVIA, Minn. (AP) — A woman who was publicly calling for the suspension of the Danube police chief for alleged wrongdoing was at the same time using her position as a City Council member to steal rent checks written to the city.

The West Central Tribune reports 59-year-old Sharon Lothert pleaded guilty to felony theft and misconduct by a public official on Friday.

The criminal complaint alleges that while Lothert was on the council and was president of the city economic development agency, she deposited some checks to the city into her personal account.

City officials estimate about $20,000 was taken from August 2009 to December 2010.

Earlier this year, Lothert resigned from the City Council and moved out of the community. The allegations that the police chief misused funds were eventually dismissed.

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  1. Murph says:

    Soooo the pot does call the kettle black,the GOP cannot win without redneck poor and middle class votes.Votes that they have no intention to reward and no promises solidly on the table to indicate that either! SO this lady is no better or worse than any of them! Being that the world ends in 2012, according to the long gone Maya and long gone Nostradamus.It makes some small bit of sense to not vote for a man whose name is Cain and” whose number is 666″ written upsidedown and has begunto be the foretold black prince of the hated mega rich war mongering party.HMMM,if you vote him in,don’t bother to buy life insurance,there will be nobody left to collect it!

    1. Joe says:

      Would you like a cookie, cause being that high you must be hungry. Don’t forget your tin foil hat when you leave the hosue

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