NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A group calling itself the Redneck Party is planning to protest a speech by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Walker is set to speak Tuesday evening in Franklin at the Williamson County Republican Party’s annual Reagan Day Dinner. The protesters are expected to include members of the Redneck Party and workers’ advocates with cowbells and whistles, The Tennessean reported.

The group claims on its Facebook page the noisemakers are a reference to protests earlier this year in Madison, Wis., over a law pushed by Walker to strip public employees of union rights.

As of midday Friday, nine self-described rednecks had pledged on Facebook to attend the rally.

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Comments (13)
  1. Kevin says:

    Hey I want to be in the Redneck Party! “MORE COWBELL”…..

    1. Mike says:

      That would mean you couldn’t wear your purple, French silk scarf……………..

  2. angus says:

    Rednecks picketing the Gov? See, there is some good in everyone!

  3. Bryson Powers says:

    I still can’t believe there were enough idiots in Wisconsin to elect Scott Walker.

    1. Scott Alan says:

      These characters are not rednecks. Thank you Bryson for your remarkable commentary on those that disagree with you. Stooping down to hurl a child like insult is the reason I am no longer a Democrat. Keep up the insults. Am I a poopy head? My way or the highway is your downfall as a pseudo intellectual. Your words are one of the reasons Governor Walker was elected. Keep it up! Why the hate?

      1. Paul Solinger says:

        Scott, your arguments would carry more weight if we didn’t see the same child-like insults hurled from Republicans on a daily basis.

  4. Randall says:

    This is a disgrace! Any true self respecting redneck would rally in faver of Gov. Walker. How dare them call themselves rednecks!!!

    1. Mary Jo says:

      The United Mine Workers of America (UMW) and rival miners’ unions appropriated both the term redneck and its literal manifestation, the red bandana, in order to build multiracial unions of white, black, and immigrant miners in the strike-ridden coalfields of northern and central Appalachia between 1912 and 1936. The origin of redneck to mean “a union man” or “a striker” remains uncertain, but according to linguist David W. Maurer, the former definition of the word probably dates at least to the 1910s, if not earlier. The use of redneck to designate “a union member” was especially popular during the 1920s and 1930s in the coal-producing regions of southern West Virginia, eastern Kentucky, and western Pennsylvania, where the word came to be specifically applied to a miner who belonged to a union.

      1. interesting says:

        Cool info.

  5. Murph says:

    Rednecks come in all sizes and flavors! It’s just that the GOP rednecks want to rule the world.The rest would just like to rule their own lives and live with peace and a little spending cash.Unfortunately that little bit of money is too much for the GOP rednecks! So their plan is to take whats on your table as well as what they get under the corporate boardroom tables! Scott Walker is an obvious moron and crook.His eyes have no passion and his gift to gab is really a gift to grab.If he ever has an effect on me personally,I will take it that way.Just as teachers and other public employees have.GOP’ers are so money hungry,they don’t even know how incredibly piggish it makes them look…. to normal people! Get up and vote them out in 2012.They owe you nothing and that’s what they all intend to give you!

  6. tan pup says:

    What exactly had Gov Walker done to actually help anyone who would actually consider themselves a redneck? Has your taxes gone down? How are those roads in WI. Notice the hunting & fishing license fees increased? Isn’t interesting that 1 in 3 people who live in WI are on medicare/aid which would represent those who do not either have jobs, old, or unemployed or employed with few benefits. That’s 1/3 the population! Where are the jobs he promised? I know even rednecks like a steady income. I guess the new modern redneck is the ruling elite – right.

    1. Murph says:

      You hit the nail on the head.The Gop, thru Murdochs Faux News would like you to believe the GOP is on your side.However,if anyone has been really paying attention.They have ONLY offered help to millionaires.Everyone else is beneath them.GO back…. and have you really ever heard them offer you anything? Of course not,that way they figure you won’t have a leg to stand on! The Canucks revisited for the third time will read in their headlines “How Could So Many be so Dumb”.I can’t fathom how any ordinary struggling citizen paying what we pay for food and fuel could be so naive as to believe there is a GOP savior out there.Certainly not someone named Cain ,whose number is 666 upside down! Pick your devil’s wisely people!

  7. Walter says:

    Oh puh-lease!

    These are obviously a bunch of liberals trying to get attention and mock the Tea Party.

    Is the media clueless or are they deliberately playing along?

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