MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Vikings-Packer rivalry has a storied history 50 years in the making. It’s not too often the two see eye-to-eye especially on game day.

Green Bay fans are joining the pack of purple who want a new stadium in the Twin Cities.

Both fans have, what you’d call, love for their teams. Spencer Barnum points to his Packers tattoo to prove it.

“She’s a dandy. This is team pride right here,” Barnum said.

Equally as strong is their hate for rivals.

“We don’t like each other,” Barnum said.

It’s a rivalry dating back to 1961. However, there’s one thing they do agree on.

“It’s a nice rivalry. I’d actually like to keep ’em in Minnesota … I mean what’s Sunday without it? That’s what we live for,” Barnum said.

Vikings fans, understandably, agree.

“We have an owner that’s willing to pay for it. We need to come in and make up the difference,” said Vikings fan Peter Krause.

Mandy Berberena brought her 8-month-old son Mason to the game for the first time. Berberena said she hopes this won’t be the first and last game for her little boy.

“I would be crushed to see them leave. We need ’em here. We need a team in Minnesota,” said Berberena.

The issue is that keeping the team could come with a hefty price tag.

“Our taxes. We just don’t want our taxes to go up,” said fan Jennae Mika.

If it does come down to that, Sen. Amy Koch said on WCCO’s Sunday Morning that she supports putting it to a vote.

“If we do the Arden Hills site and the Ramsey County sales tax is imposed, according to current law, they need to have a referendum, and I would support seeing that referendum on the ballot,” said Koch.

Gov. Mark Dayton is calling for the play by Nov. 23. In the meantime, Cheeseheads and Purple People Eaters should relish the fact that for now, they agree on something.

You won’t be surprised to hear several of the hotels surrounding the Metrodome are full and count on this money year to year. They told WCCO they are concerned about a move, even if it’s just to Arden Hills.

Comments (45)
  1. jon says:

    Then tell Ziggy to buy himself a new stadium. The people of MN don’t want to flipo the bill…or care if the Vikings stay.

    1. christian says:

      if the vikings leave then theres nothing left thats worth seeing in minnesota besides one or two things just cause u dont like the vikings doesnt mean that there arnt plenty of die hard fans who are willing to take money they barely have to save a minnesota tradition.

      1. Squirrel says:

        Tell Dayton to have a meeting on lowering my taxes. These able-bodied men can fend for themselves. We’re broke and they’re rich and they want to get us to foot their lavish lifestyles?

        This country used to pride itself on taking care of the elderly and poor, now it steals from these groups to give to folks that already rich. Some bunch of cowards

        1. jackactionhero says:

          You aren’t comprehending the situation. Nobody is going to fund any lifestyles. You are confused.

          There will be a state-of-the-art facility that Minnesota will own and can host events that bring in a lot of money to Minnesota.

      2. Move Zig says:

        Move to LA, You have a very sheltered life if the Vikings are the only think keeping you in Minnesota. Typical Whining Vikings fan

      3. Tom says:

        Dude, you really need to get outside the house more. You must live in a really sad part of the state or you’re just living in a sad state of mind

    2. Scott Funk says:

      Let the Vikings pay for the stadium themselves. They are a private business, remember? And NO TAX BREAKS. We have to pay for the increased utilities (roads, police etc) already.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        Why would the Vikings buy a stadium for the state of Minnesota? That doesn’t even make sense, Scott.

        Put your thinking cap on, sonny.

    3. Tom says:

      I will make no judgment at all about whether the Vikings should stay or leave. However, I will tell you that you are economically ignorant if you think an NFL owner has to pay for his whole stadium. I don’t think the threat is imminent, but some city will eventually pay for a new stadium for him because the NFL is so lucrative and in demand. You can either pay or let them leave, but they will find somewhere new without a new stadium

  2. G says:

    If they build in Arden Hills there is so much land available it could be a huge sports, entertainment, restaurant, hotel area. I would think they could build the stadium just on land sales alone. I know there was plans long ago about a casino there as well. Just think of the money that could be rolling in, in that small part of minnesota. It could be like a Disneyland for adults, yet suitable for kids too. And it would be much better than cramming it into an already crowded city with no expansion capabilities. Build it and they will come…

  3. WHO AGREES NO ME !!! says:


    1. Sillas says:

      this guy has some merit.. but on which part… no new taxes or the fact that they are a loser team, maybe he is right on both parts.

      1. sillas says:

        on a side note, I hope the losers keep losing.. i will make more money in Las Vegas the more they lose. They already blew a perfect loser season. NO MORE WINS PLEASE.. i need more money.

  4. oNiSaC says:

    Its clear that most folks in Minnesota are not sports fans. And that’s fine. But don’t speak for true Vikings fans. Minnesota needs the revenue and employment the fans create.

    If the Vikings leave it will be almost imposible to get another NFL team to come here simply because several cities realize having an NFL team helps the entire state and area, they want an NFL team. It could easily take 20 years to get another NFL team in Minnesota.

    Keep the Vikings in Minnesota…..

    1. sillas says:

      i am not saying we don’t need a team.. even though they cant win… hell have 3 or 4 for all i care. Just don’t ask the tax payers to pay for their stadium. They want a new home… let them pay for it.. no help from tax payers.

    2. Guy says:

      Get rid of the Vikings – criminals and thugs – and their greedy owner too.

      I don’t care if it is 20 years or 20,000 years to get a NFL team … I don’t care if we never get one before the sun burns out.

      The Vikes are now the the NFL LEADERS … in ARRESTS of players (since 2000).
      That is something we don’t need AT ANY PRICE

    3. No new taxes says:

      If they leave we don’t care if they get another team Move to LA

    4. On being a "true fan" says:

      So we have a “true fan” here. I take that to mean you are a face-painted, sign-toting adult who dons sports jerseys with other mens’ names on your back and who (when “your” team wins) appropriates for yourself the joys of a success you’ve no responsibility for yourself. You’d have that your cheering wills your team to victory, or that your tax dollars facilitate the teams continued existence in the community, or that your merchandise purchases help fund their success, and all of that gives you the right to claim a share of that success. Perhaps. But then yours is a single voice in a cacophony of voices, and your tax dollars and your merchandise purchases are drops in an ocean of tax dollars and merchandise purchases. If you weren’t a fan of the team – in fact had you never been born – “your “ team’s history would have played out the same way. Your deserved share in their success is infinitesimally small indeed.

      Can you deny that? If you can’t deny that, and if you apply in all other areas of your life the “grown up” principle that the pride one takes in a performance ought to be commensurate with the responsibility one has in that performance – if you apply that common sense principle in all other areas of your life, why do you abandon this principle for the sake of your fandom? Why do you preen when “your” team wins and despair when “your” team loses, and why on earth do you imagine that those of us with grown up sensibilities would credit you for this?

      I don’t know whether the economics justify a new stadium or not. As for the “quality of life” component to the debate, my own opinion is that professional sports (and professional football in particular) has a vulgarizing influence on our community. I’m not only referring to the lewd and occasionally criminal escapades professional athletes engage in; I’m also referring to a pastime that glorifies violence and the objectification of women (cheerleaders, anyone?) and drunkenness and a mentality that would appropriate for oneself accolades one’s done nothing to earn.

      I can’t quantify the harms visited upon us by this vulgarizing influence, and I don’t imagine for a moment that the community as a whole would view that influence as offsetting whatever economic benefits and sense of (delusional) pride a team like the Vikings offer. Still, I hope they go away.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        What a waste of a comment. None of what you said is relevant to the discussion. You didn’t sound smart, despite how hard you tried at it.

        1. a large mouth bass says:

          And you are an exceedingly disgusting piece of dung who has to berate everyone you disagree with. You’re a bully in the true sense of the word. The only thing larger than your disgust is your mouth.

          Why don’t you play nicely in the sandbox, make your comment, and move on? We don’t need you to post an addendum to every single post on here.

  5. gavin says:

    well then have the fans pay for it, not me. i live in ramsey and will freaking flip out if my taxes go towards making rich more rich, and the minimum wage junk jobs they creat from it are 1. laughable, and 2. i couldnt care less. my tax money isnt going towards minimum wage jobs at a stadium that only cakes from the suburbs can even afford to attend. either have the owner pay for it in full, or if it is from taxes, then the tax payers of that county get a split of the profits every year. otherwise, go blow.

  6. Start your engines . . says:

    What the hell? Hey,if they wanted the purple around,open your wallets Packers. Or .. . . . . . you could just move to L.A. with them if your going to start weeping if they go. I’m sure they have a playground you could take out permit to play in.Be two more good spots to build NASCAR tracks. No county or state welfare nedded for those teams.The two states could actually MAKE money>

  7. common sense says:

    LOL! Let’s see, they went and questioned people at the Vikings game? Come on, really? What were the Vikings fans going to say? No we really don’t want a new stadium for the Vikings, and I don’t like going to watch football, but I had the tickets so…..

    That’s like going to smoke shop and asking smokers if they like to smoke! Or an liquor store and asking people if they like to drink.

    Come on, what’s the point of this article…to drum up support for an unpopular stadium issue?

    WCCO if you want to drum up new support for this stadium do a true and complete finacial analysis of how much this stadium will generate.

  8. tim says:

    Vikings suck go packers

  9. chad says:

    If the Vikings leave then the crime rate in Minnesota will drop, that’s for certain. The Vikings have the highest crime rate of any NFL team. If the fans want a new stadium, by all means pay for it. Nobody is stopping you. NO NEW TAXES for Ziggy and his thugs.

  10. Bill Bobblehead says:

    The packers would miss their neighbor to slap around.

  11. John says:

    Clearly the people here on WCCO comments have spoken, NO STADIUM TAX

    Let the people who pay the taxes decide. I guess no does not mean no anymore.

    1. Seer says:

      Clearly not. There are more supporters of the stadium than not, it’s just that most of the losers who spew the same old garbage of “move to LA” don’t have anything better to do than whine anonymously on comment boards. I support and will gladly help pay for the stadium when I buy stuff in Ramsey county. Get the stadium done.

      1. Ladybug says:

        No, all the polls show opposition to a publically funded stadium. That’s why they fear a referendum. Five years ago, there would be more support. But with the current state of economy we need the essentials. There’s not enough money for roads/plowing/upkeep. If sales taxes are raised, I’d rather see the money go for those essentials that benefit everyone with a pulse.

  12. Jack Maloney says:

    This hack writers and the two political parties who support this monstrosity are the reasons that the Libertarian Party keeps growing and I’m not a Libertarian!

  13. get it done - mean move away says:

    Holy Whiskey_______ you mean fans, sports fans who like football and get all wasted and paint their ugly faces and pizz on the street ___ those folks? they want the Vikes to stay ??????????? Now that is truly something that is newsworthy now isn’t it. Wow
    Pay for your damkit stadium them yourselves and we won’t stand in your way. We just don’t want to pay for it. Think we paying for Cook’s hotel right now at that….lol

  14. Jeff says:

    sorry, but all you mullet sporting “fans” are in the minority. No one wants to spend a dime to keep this trash here. Go away and good riddance.

  15. hire the fox to guard the chickens says:

    Yup, ask the fox if he likes chickens. That’s what WCCO did for this story.

    No public money for Zippy and his band of woman beaters, drunks, and druggies.

  16. Sue J says:

    Wow, nice demographic crowd to take a poll on. Of course they are going to say build, DA reporting!!!

  17. Jon says:

    25% of the taxpayers support any public $ for a stadium for Ziggy the billionaire. I guess they don’t want to get re-elected then if they push any new taxes through. The Twins stadium helped a neighborhood on 82 games being played there a year. 8 Sunday games in Ramsey isn’t going to do squat.

  18. Huh ?? !! says:

    Do the sports teams…read owners…dictate to the people in MN everything, including if they can use a bathroom even ??
    People – if you are against this you need to use a serious show of force or it will become fact.
    I moved here for the schools, the natural beauty amongst other things. Today the roads are a disaster, the schools are falling apart unless one lives in affluent districts, the State Parks are a mess, many things are under-funded to maintain what is here and since I HAVE MOVED HERE – the Gophers have a new stadium, the Twins have a unreal ballpark, improvements have gone into the Wild, The Timberwolf and Lord knows what else — and you are about to toss $600M and likely way more at the Vikings???? What is wrong with this picture?

  19. ziggy says:

    If you build it, they will come

    1. Guy says:

      And if we DON’T build it … they will STILL come … TO THE DOME.

  20. sillas says:

    agreed… but as long as vikings/ziggy pay for it out of their own pockets.

  21. yuil says:

    This is like asking an alcoholic if they want a beer.

  22. jan says:

    It shouldn’t be about what the fans want but what the majority of Minnesotans want and they overwhelmingly do not want a taxpayer funded stadium. Hecetu!

    Why do you say I am posting comments too quickly. I have not posted any comment since yesterday. This is my first one today

  23. Earthman says:

    If Ziggy wants to BORROW money from the taxpayers I’m all for that. Go ahead and tax us now and then when the profits start rolling in just pay the taxpayers back in a lump sum, with interest. There, problem solved, lets get it done.

  24. Bill says:

    Let ’em go. In fact, encourage them to go. Once they leave, it will mean that more Packer games will be broadcast locally. Combine that with no tax increase, and it’s a win/win all around!!!

  25. me says:

    Why don’t we ship the Vikings to China!?!?
    The Shanghai Vikings!!!

  26. just sayin says:

    RACINO, RACINO, RACINO. Let’s get it done. We know people don’t want to pay more taxes and this is a solution. Rally around this idea and let’s get going on it

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