EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (WCCO) — Jailed Minnesota Vikings cornerback Chris Cook may have to spend another night behind bars.

After being arrested for alleged domestic assault, including a possible felony charge for strangulation, Cook was due in court Monday. However, that court appearance, previously scheduled for 8:15 a.m., appears to have been canceled.

Cook was arrested early Saturday morning — on the eve of the border battle between the Vikings and their biggest rival, the Green Bay Packers.

Police were called to Cook’s Eden Prairie townhouse on the 6400 block of Regency Lane just before 2 a.m. Police said a neighbor called 911 after hearing yelling and screaming coming from Cook’s home.

Police later arrested Cook on suspicion of domestic assault.

The victim was allegedly Cook’s girlfriend. But a man who answered the door at his townhouse and identified himself as Cook’s best friend said the incident was a misunderstanding and will be cleared up soon. He also said Cook’s girlfriend does not want to press charges.

Cook could face charges of domestic assault by strangulation, which is a felony, and fifth-degree domestic assault.

The Vikings had no comment on the incident, but released a statement on Saturday saying, “The Minnesota Vikings are aware of the incident involving Chris Cook. We take this matter very seriously and are still gathering all the details about the incident.”

Cook is in his second year with the Vikings, but Saturday’s incident is his third recorded run-in with the law. In 2008, he was charged with possession of marijuana. And on March 13, he was arrested and charged after an altercation with a neighbor, but was later cleared of any wrong-doing.

Cook, the team’s best player in pass coverage, was certainly missed on Sunday as the team fell to the undefeated Packers, 33-27.

Cook remains in custody.

Comments (30)
  1. Mike Lynn says:

    Another one of Rick Spielman’s wasted draft picks!

  2. Maddog says:

    I hope he’ll be in the line up for the next game. We could have used him against the Packers. Pro athletes should not have to obey any laws. They are better then us and make our team better. So what if they drive drunk, kill people or beat the wives. Just look at OJ and Koby.

    1. what????? says:

      sarcasm…I am hoping??

  3. John Frykman says:

    Gee. I’m 69 years old and haven’t ever been arrested for anything. What’s wrong with me? I must not live right.

  4. Disgusted says:

    Yup, just anotherr upstanding citizen. Maybe we should buy him a new playground (stadium) and give him a few more million dollars maybe that would take away his frustrations so he wouldnt have to beat the girlfriend.
    Put the POS out on the street and let him live the life he was meant to. I can’t believe anyone would want someone like this represent our State and the people who live here.

    1. Brandon says:

      What I don’t understand is the judgement before the hearing. How the hell can so many people put an opinion out before the court even has an opinion? If he’s guilty, fine, rag on him all you want. Unless you were there, who is to say that anything really did happen? Give the dude his sixth amendment, for Christ’s sake.

      1. @Brandon says:

        I suppose the individuals/neighbors that called that “were hearing yelling and screaming” really didn’t hear anything?

        Also, it doesn’t take rocket science to look at his picture…he appears to be high on whatever (but we’ll see what the court records reveal)…plus his track record from 2008. He obviously has issues…

        I would agree with you, if this was his first stint with the law, but it isn’t! Also when you are in a position such as his…making the BIG dough…it is far from uncommon to be held to a higher standard.

        Wonder if he’ll even end up with a charge. Sounds like the girlfriend is already backing down from pressing charges…which is real sad, as he needs some help!

      2. LindaLu says:

        Really, are you serious? Take a close look at this thug and you tell me if he isn’t guilty as hell…….wake up. If there wasn’t a problem, why were the police called and he was arrested? You were probably right there with him when it all went down. Hopefully the other party is ok…..

        1. Jim says:

          Oh yeah, just look at him! He’s obviously a criminal!


          Thank goodness you people aren’t in charge of anything important.

      3. Disgusted says:

        The charges state he’s being held for STRANGULATION, that means there were visible marks on her neck. The Police can not charge him with domestic abuse without any evidence. Not all that hard to understnad Brandon.

        1. Jim says:

          Innocent until proven guilty = not all that hard to understand, Disgusted. In fact, it’s the basis for our entire legal system. Look into it.

  5. Smooth_Move says:

    What the heck is he doing having people over and partying until 2;00am??? Every hear of of good meal and bed early to get ready for a big game????
    Party in the off season…right now you got a job that demands better choices.
    Maybe he needs a few weeks in a treatment center?

    1. totally agree! says:

      I agree with you smooth_move! I would much prefer to see him get his anger and addiction under control, than incarcerating him on our dime.

      With his history he obviously needs intervention at some level…hope he gets help!

    2. @smoothmoveExlax says:

      This wasn’t the night before the game simpleton, learn to read.

  6. rml says:

    Why are criminals and thugs allowed to play in the NFL?!

  7. Big Bill says:

    Why go there? Not intelligent enough to express your thoughts and feelings without discrimination and put downs that have nothing to do with this incident?

    1. Right on!! says:

      Nicely said Bill…

    2. konjokris says:

      Here Here Bill!!

  8. TL the alligator says:

    just because someone is paid obscene amounts of money DOES NOT make them repectable or honorable……this guy is a POS, just one look at him and you know what he is about. If anything he deserves to be looked upon like the degenerate and complete idiot that he obviously is and has shown himself to be….its embarrasing to have to admit that he is on our team.

  9. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    Maybe they need to modify the design of the new stadium to include a couple of holding cells.

    1. suez says:

      I actually did L.O.L. at your comment! Good one. :o)

  10. worryfree says:

    So far the only thing he has been convicted of is possession of marijuana. His appearance should not be a factor. However some professional athletes do seem to have a problem keeping the violence required in their sport on the field and out of their personnael lives…

  11. zippy w says:


    1. red says:

      For these losers? No thanks!

  12. richsr says:

    It’s bush’s fault

  13. konjokris says:

    Looks like drinking may have been the reason for violence. It’s to bad, I hope these two can get it under control before someones ends up dead. Women remember we cannot beat up on men, and I know nothing was mentioned in this piece about the vic and assult. They can over power us and kill us. Who knows what happened at his house. If they were both drinking then both are at fault. Been there done that, not arrested thank god. Now that I know strangulation is a felony I’ll keep my hands off my ex- SOB. LOL

    1. marge says:

      If this happened the way it appears to have happened, Chris Cook was the “reason for violence.” If they were both drinking, he is still solely at fault. Nobody forces a 6 foot 2, 200 lb man to beat a woman.

  14. Bill says:

    Nice townhouse Mr. Cook lol!

  15. icky says:

    Jailed and Minnesota Viking do not belong in the same sentence. What is going on in this world????

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