Dead Robbery Suspect’s Mom: ‘My Son Was The Victim’

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The mother of a robbery suspect who was shot and killed says her son was the victim.

A witness saw 23-year-old Darren Evanovich committing a robbery in south Minneapolis Thursday night. He chased Evanovich down and, after a confrontation, shot and killed him.

Evanovich’s family said the man who killed Darren was no hero.

“I was so scared,” said Mary Evanovich, the robbery suspect’s mother. “All I wanted was my baby, but I didn’t want it to be true.”

Evanovich is searching for answers as to why her son had to die.

“How can a person play judge, jury and executioner and God, who gave the person the right to be God,” Evanovich said.

Police said they recovered a gun used in the robbery as well as the gun used to kill Evanovich, which the owner had a permit to carry.

Evanovich would not talk about the robbery or what role her son played in it.

“I can’t give no comments on that. I prefer not to actually talk about that part of it, but I know one thing: The man was not a good Samaritan, not when you take someone’s life,” she said.

The man who shot and killed Darren Evanovich was questioned, but never arrested.
Darren Evanovich’s sisters said a vigilante took their brother from them and they want justice.

“What started this situation to what ended it, it’s all wrong, like none of this should have took place,” Olivia Evanovich said .

The case has been turned over to the Hennepin County Attorney. He’ll decide whether to file charges against the man who shot Evanovich.

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  • Chris

    I do feel bad for the family, but people are tired of criminals, period. You don’t want to see your child dead, then teach them not to commit a violent felony. And, to the family, no, your son was not the victim. The victim was the lady your son pistol whipped and robbed.

    • Michael Anderson

      Why do you feel bad about a family of career criminals? If she didn’t want her son to die a violent death. She should have raised him with values and morals. Not robbing and beating older women.

    • hoover

      I totally agree – I feel bad her son is dead, but maybe he’d still be alive if she had raised him right to not rob and pistol whip AN OLD LADY (althought I tend to think that he would have probably just tried to rob someone else). Give me a break lady “my son is a victim” – no wonder he’s a thief and a hoodlum.

    • Jimmy

      EXACTLY ^

    • Shawn Davis

      The mom said: “I can’t give no comments on that. I prefer not to actually talk about that part of it…” That’s too bad. That’s part of the problem and a lesson lost. Pay attention, any siblings of his…
      I can understand that she is grieving. Maybe later on she’ll come to grips with what has truly happened. Maybe, just maybe she had no idea what kind of a man he was. At 23 years old, he’s not a “baby” anymore. He was an armed robber; a felon running loose with a shotgun and capable of doing God-knows-what, as soon as he decided to do it. Only a mother would have the blurred vision to call the shotgun totting robber a victim after a stand-off in which he likely refused to surrender. Give her time to come to her senses, I hope. James 4:14, We are like mist, here for but a little while then gone.
      You never know when God calls, so be ready.

    • TomK

      Agreed, I feel badly for the family. But this is not the first story I have read about a friend or relative saying, “They didn’t deserve to die this way.” Sorry, but who taught them that it was ok to steal? Who taught them it was a cool thing to pistol whip a senior citizen? He died the way he lived……..violently.

      • Torrath

        Well said!


      i agree he almost killed another person for their money or etc. what comes around goes around.

      • Jimmy


    • Matt

      I wish this would happen more often. Criminals get away with it too often and should be shot and killed more regularly, maybe they would think twice about making someone else the victim. How about getting a job criminals? I’d shoot you too if I interrupted something like this. Would relish the opportunity!

  • Walter

    If anyone should be held accountable for murder, it’s the Golden Valley cop who killed the middle-aged woman on 394.

    • Jenny Peterson

      Cops are not psychotherapists and they don’t have ESP. It amazes me that anyone would want to continue in police work with what they have to tolerate. They never have exact, textbook situations and have to respond ASAP to try to protect the public. Then, they have to put up with being second-guessed afterwards. The woman shot by the GV cop drew his attention by her wacky behavior and then pulled over and showed that she was armed. At that point it doesn’t make any difference whether she is mentally ill, high, running after committing a crime. A show of arms draws an armed response. That’s the reality.

    • james

      Walter, probably not a good idea to raise up a gun when a cop tries to stop you. Murder? Gimme a break.

    • Torrath

      Hey Wally. If you think the GV cop was a murderer i want you to try this experiment. Speed through town, drive dangerously and with no regard to public safety, then pull over and rapidly jump out of your vehicle and raise an item resembling a weapon towards your head and see what happens. I bet the cop does not shoot because he is likely not a murderer. Now, point the weapon at an innocent person or the officer and see what happens. Likely you will feel the effects of someone deploying self defense tactics.
      On second thought, don’t do this. Shooting someone is stressful and the officer already has enough stress in his/her life. Just pull your bottom lip up over your head and swallow.

    • John Doe

      And that woman probably should not have raised a gun to a police officer, or maybe you think the police shouldn’t go home to their families at night? Or are you one of those people who believe police have some special power of reading people’s minds and they should have known that the woman pointing a gun at them really didn’t want to kill them.

    • Mplsdude

      Although I feel sorry that she had to lose her life, if you followed that story more closely, that lady was suicidal, it was suicide by cop. She did seek therapy and even had herself admitted, but they let her out, maybe next time they will evaluate someone more closely.

  • stupid

    maybe if you would raise your kids right from the start he wouldn’t be dead.

    Your mad because he dead committing a crime???

  • Michele

    I’m sorry for the mom’s pain. I really am. But he was no victim.

    Still, it would have been better if the police had dealt with this, not some random person carrying a gun.

    It’s just very sad.

    • bob

      If the police deal with it, what actually happens is Perp gets away with crime, perp spends old lady’s money, perp sells old lady’s identity, perp robs three or four more people that night, perp actually kills one or two of those, police never make arrest because they don’t actually investigate “petty” crimes.

      How it happened; Perp smacks old lady with gun. Good guy shows up and tries to ID perp for cops, perp pulls gun, Good Guy ilves in a free state, and has been granted State permission to exercise his Constitutionally enumerated, Creator given right to self defense ends perp’s miserable life.

      Mother may not realize it yet, but her life has also been made easier. She no longer has to go throught life wondering who her son will kill, if she’ll have to bail him out, wondering if he’ll steal from her again, or dealing with the drama his presense on this earth causes to those around him. She should thank the Good Guy. He did her a favor.

      And if we’re all lucky, this miscreant hasn’t reproduced, and there’s no spawn of his floating around to continue the obvious family tradition.

    • Taylor J

      I feel for the mom pain as well.

      But having the police deal with it, well the police can’t be every.
      When you say “random person” carrying a gun, are you talking about the hero, or the zero? I’m sure the hero was no random guy. He was licensed to carry a gun unlike our zero here, who had no business to carry a gun. The law only makes us law biding citizens life more complicated, compared to criminals. Do criminal get a full background check each time they purhcased a gun from someone on the streets? Do they abid by signs posted at the enterance of each establaishment “banned gun in this establisments” or they just walk in to a bank (for example) and still robs the place? I don’t think i’ve ever seen a person who planned on robbing a bank/store, and sees the signs , walks back into their car and puts the gun back underneath their seat, then walks into the store empty handed and tries to rob it.

    • f u

      The difference between a police officer and a random person carrying a gun is about a week and a half of training and 50k+ a year salary. Oh, and the increasingly severe narcissism and god complex that comes with being a cop.

    • Earnan

      Mom’s a criminal too. A knowing participant in Darren’s crimes.

      She should be mourning him from prison.

  • Jeff

    Chris I totally agree with you. If her son wouldn’t have pistol whipped the lady he would still be alive. Please accept that your sons actions got him killed he is responsible for his own death. I am sorry for your loss but enough is enough.

  • george

    I don’t feel sorry for criminals killed commiting crimes, good riddance.

  • No Pity Here

    I like how she “Don’t want to talk about that” about the poor woman her son was savagely beating. Too bad the lady victim didn’t put a .357 right through her poor baby’s skull. Sorry no pity here.

  • sadnews

    You can use a gun to defend yourself or someone else but you can NOT chase someone down after the threat is gone and murder them in retaliation.

    I’m not saying that is what happened, we need more facts before we can judge.

    • Chow

      sadnews you have obviously read or been lectured on the MN carry laws. Permit holders do not have extra rights to enforce the law and become vigilantes. At least that is what I was taught when I took my permit to carry course. The situation where the permit holder shot in self defense would never have happened if he had not chased the criminal, which you are taught to never do.

      Don’t get me wrong, I think that justice was served in this situation and absolutely do not agree that this gentleman was in anyway a “victim” but we don’t need situations like this to be used in the future by activists/lawmakers as reasons to take away our right to carry by making us all out to be trigger happy vigilante lawman.

      • Earnan

        You speak like a cringing coward.

        Whatever happened to the civic DUTY to be a good citizen and DEFEND your fellow citizens?

        You would rather cower in fear and expect someone else to do the work.

        You don’t need a carry permit or a gun. Nor do you need a vote. You’re a coward who shirks their responsibilities.

    • Randall

      you apparently missed the fact that the criminal had a gun and the man fired at him in self defense. you don’t have to wait for them to put a bullet in you to fire your weapon if you feel threatened.

    • MJ

      sadnews, your response is sad. So, continue to let the assailant run down the street with a weapon and commit MORE crime? Absolutely not, the buck stops here, if you have the means to put him down, you do so, so that he doesn’t commit further crime/death.

    • u r an idiot

      so if u see a crime you shouldnt help catch the criminal????? or if that criminal fires a bullet at you, and you happen to have gun as well, you wouldnt fire back. Thugs arent good shots…..some one that owns a gun (legally) usually practices at it. This gentleman obviously knows how to use his. Anyone who pistol whips someone, is ALWAYS a threat!!!

  • pat

    the man should not have been committing a robbery in the first place the man who shot him had every right to chase after him to inform the police on his whereabouts, the facts in the matter are probably as follows when the man who was killed realized that he was bein chased he probably turned and pointed the gun at the man chasing him and the man chasing him felt threatened with deadly harm drew his weapon and fired i would have done the same thing. to be quite honest the man family is crying foul but they should be thankful that the person that he robbed was not killed how would they have felt about that. the family although i feel for their loss are just lashing out at a situation that their family member created. shame on them for thinking that the was the victim the real victim is the people that he robbed how many other people has he robbed in the past what a loser

  • Nice job mom

    Funny mom did not give the standard speech. “He was just turning his life around” He was a good father to his 6 children” etc.

    • Matt

      i loved how the one girl said “He is a good person” Sorry girl good people don’t go around robbing people with guns.

      • My Kids are good Kids

        oh come on . he was “good” – by their standards. he never killed or wanted to kill anyone, he just would rob and beat people, well, old ladies anyway. real brave dude he was huh. if the man wasn’t always keeping him down, he could have a good job, but he can’t get a job so he has to rob old ladies.

  • Eric

    I wasn’t there but the robber had a gun and the guy who got involved put his life on the line to do something about a violent crime committed and the person just running away. That person is responsible for what happened, nobody else. Well, maybe the parents. They still don’t get it. Sorry for my frankness.

  • Pavel

    One can have sympathy for the family, but the guy was a criminal and criminals need to learn the consequences of their actions Keep your nose clean and you won’t have problems.. Just like so many others where they look for excuses and try to place the blame on others or social ills. There are no excuses for armed robbery and criminal activity.

  • james

    Well said!!!

  • DeepDiveGuy

    You are a rock star Michael Anderson!

  • ron

    We need more people like Michael Anderson fighting back. He got what he deserved …

  • Melissa

    What a shocked looked it up also and this was not his first offense! If the information is correct he was still on probation for a felony robbery in 09 also! Yet, he is the victim? Give me a break. He just happened to not be so lucky the second time around. He is the one that started it all! Heck, I think we should loosen the permit to carry rules a bit! if someone is causing harm like that they should have the right to take the person out! Might start making the criminals think twice about there actions. I understand parents can only do so much raising their kids. The rest is up to the child. However, in this case she is brushing his crime under the rug! Not good parenting skills. I have sympathy that she lost her son. However, he is not the victim in this case! His actions started it all!

  • Pat

    Never mind that your kid just pistol whipped an elderly person for their money. Never mind that your kid just aimed a weapon at somebody else which gave the person who shot him every RIGHT to defend himself.

  • j speedbag 64

    ”thug life’eh,sorry not today, you probably got away with this kinda stuff dozens of times, looks to me in a level playing field you were way over matched………

  • Mike

    This case will be heading to a grand jury. An armed citizen can not be permitted to chase down an assailant and grant the death penalty. The shooters responsibility in this case went beyond the scope of a permit to carry a gun. The law clearly states his rights and he should have called the police. He was not defending himself when he chased, shot and killed the assailant. He was acting as a sworn officer, which he was not and he broke the law going beyond his legal rights.

    • Dudley

      mikey, mikey, mikey……everything’s black and white until its yours being assaulted and robbed.

      Plus….how do you know if the “armed citizen” was just in persuit not even knowing the assilant was armed, then ONLY drew and fired his weapon when he reacted when Evanovich became a deadly threat?

    • Randall

      mike you seem to forget the fact that the criminal had a gun. if he raised it threateningly the man had a right to shoot him. any citizen has a right to pursue a criminal they witness committing a crime as long as they commit no crimes themselves, and if their life comes under threat then they have the right to defend themselves.

    • Michael Anderson

      What Hallucinogenic drugs are you using? It’s called making a citizens arrest. This cowardly thug finally got what was coming to him. I think the law about carrying a firearm needs to be relaxed. The cops keep getting less money, fewer cops etc. And yet there are more criminals committing crimes. Way to go Politicians. Disband the Gang Task Force because they were using the proceeds from the busts to track down more criminals. Politicians didn’t get a cut of the money. I’m tired of listening to brain dead people complain about guns. The gun is an IN-ANIMATE object. Let’s take away the vehicle keys from people who drink and drive and kill. How is it ok for someone to kill someone using a vehicle? And most times only get a traffic citation for improper lane usage? People need to start using the contents of the skull for thinking. Lets make the jails and prisons less like a resort. No radio, no TV, no books, no athletic activities, no college education. Put them in a 6X6X6 cell and let them stay there. No fear of rioting if they never get out. No fear of them overpowering the guards because they only have time to spend working out. It’s time to make the criminals pay. No more excuses about being beaten or not talked nicely to.

    • Jimmy

      I would like to sit on that Jury.

    • kid was breaking the Law

      you must be a defence lawyer…….the kid did not have the right to do what he did, the police are busy and need help when we can give it. If more people carried and took action against crime it would slow a little. Put it on a level playing field. You have gun, I have gun, you act nice, I act nice, you don’t act nice, I don’t act nice, if you get shot while comitting a crime, well you do, end of story

      • Torrath

        Nah, he’s not a defense lawyer. He’s more likely a fat lazy liberal suckling from the Govt teat while at home studying for his “law degree” by watching Law and Order SVU marathons and possibly a few CSI’s to round it out. He likely is an anti-gunner and if he has a gun it’s likely only a hunting rifle passed down to him by his granpappy.
        Mike, you can’t pick and choose what parts of the Bill of Rights and other law publications you want to be in effect. It all applies. And in there is the right to effect a citizens arrest. This guy was in his rights to chase him down but the criminal was not acting withing his rights when he a) was a felon in possession of a firearm, and b) turned to threaten the pursuer. The pursuer did not fire rounds into the thugs back to stop him, he responded when the thug turned around and became the aggressor. I feel sorry for the shooter because of the mental torment ending someones life can cause and for the loss of the price of the bullet. He should sue the thugs mom to recover that loss. And don’t forget the robbery victim. Pray for her safe and speedy recovery.

    • Matt

      even if charges are file i do not see a jury finding him guilty.

    • Earnan

      Mike, you are a disgusting example of what is wrong with this country.

      I know if’s wrong to hope you will be victimized by someone like Darren Evanovich some day. But I think I can live myself for it.

  • 70 year old lady

    If I saw a person get pistol whipped and robbed and I had a gun I would track down the robber and shot to kill. Why is it okay for your son to harm an old lady or anyone for that matter. He got what he deserved.

  • Corky

    Thank you sir for getting this vermin off our streets.

  • Sam I am

    Seems that people forget that Mr. Evanovich was armed. He pistol whipped someone then pointed it at someone during a confrontation.

    Lady your son was a gang banging thug. Had you raised him with respect and morals he might be alive today. You are partially at fault and I feel no sympathy at all.

  • ron

    Should be greatful in my society we would hold the whole family responsible, your statement boils it down to what I consider societies bigggest pitfall. Lack of responsibility. The guy in Illinois that came out and said hey I slapped devin hester in the back of the head and I was wrong, I was shocked he owned up. You need to own up, your son died a thug.

  • Victim??

    very well said Michael. If mom had been “mother of the year” maybe the child would have been working and not robbing…..mother maybe needs to get to work too and show her children how it is done. Victim?? we need to look at that word real hard here, the woman was a victim, the boy was a criminal

  • snowman

    What a bunch of Minnesota hillbilly gun nuts!

    • Michael Anderson

      Spoken like a true gang banger. Don’t want people with guns because you are afraid they will defend themselves.

    • Jenny Peterson

      My family came into Minnesota as pioneers just after Minnesota became a state. Everybody carried guns. The women included. They used them to hunt for food and for protection. The fact that everyone was armed went a long way toward keeping everyone honest. Periodically, because of the isolation, someone would come into the area, thinking that they could rob others and create fear. That’s when they would be welcomed to Minnesota with some prairie justice. Welcome to Minnesota Darren Evanovich.

      We could not care less, Mr Snowman, what you call us—We just don’t want to be called unprepared.

    • Torrath

      Would you be happier if we threw spears? Isn’t that a tad racist? Snowjob, you are about as enlightened as an abandoned coal mine. Go away.

    • redneck purist

      Hillbilly or not, I want to go to the range with that dude and get some pointers from him. Multiple hits in a panic situation is not luck. It’s skill. Most people would be lucky to get one hit. I wonder if he’d autograph my .357 mag. Maybe he’d do a speaking engagement at my church. He’s a hillbilly hero!

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