St. Paul Police Chase Drunk Driver

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — St. Paul Police chased a man who wouldn’t pull over, and later found out he was driving drunk.

The incident happened around midnight at Dale and University. Traffic management cameras show the chase continuing to Interstate 94 at Dale.

Officers used stop sticks to blow out the tires of the vehicle.

Police blew out three of the driver’s four tires and he was finally stopped near Aurora and Arundal, near University and Western.

The driver was arrested and faces possible felony DUI charges, as well as charges for fleeing police.

Officials say he was a previous DUI offender, who was also driving without a valid license.

  • ted

    Wanna bet it was a duece?

  • KegHead

    California penal code for a drunk “deuce”.
    (Correct spelling”.

    • Patricia

      Very nice collection of twins pooths fan-atics are everywhere! For some people, team spirit is like a hobby. For others, it’s a life.But professional sports is a business without sentimentality. For years now, I have not seen any reason to cheer for a home team when most of the players are not from that home and would go to another home for an extra $1.50 and if, for any reason, the home team does not live up to the financial expectations of the corporate owners, the home team will move to another city as fast as you can say Kirby Puckett !Sorry for the rant. But I think I’m right. At the same time, if people get a kick out of cheering on the home team, that’s fine with me.

  • Kevin

    good work coppers, endanger innocent lives.

    • jackactionhero

      You have the stupidest comments of anybody who posts here, and it’s because you’re an insufferable troll, Kevin.

  • Andy Keller

    Darn he didn’t get it away

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